5 Uses of Golf Towels 

We’ll discuss the benefits of having golf towels attached to your bag and even provide you with a selection of our best picks. Now let’s get going!

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1. Cleaning Your Clubs and Golf Balls of Dirt

You’ll score less if you use a golf towel. Your golf balls and clubs perform differently if they have dirt or mud on them. Your ball can twist uncontrollably in any direction if it has even a tiny bit of mud on it. You may hear the PGA Tour players lament “mud balls” following a bad shot if you watch them on television. You are permitted to clean your ball on the fairway, but they are not.

Your clubs’ face grooves are intended to assist you in controlling and spinning the ball, but they will be rendered ineffective if they become clogged with dirt. Even if you hit a beautiful iron shot, if the grooves are full of muck or sand, the ball will bounce over the green. It is that easy: golf shots are made with cleaner clubs.

2. Blotting Perspiration

Everyone enjoys playing golf on a hot summer afternoon, but perspiration might hinder your game. Sweat getting into your eyes or streaming down your face makes it difficult to focus. Do you ever feel sweaty on the backs of your hands and arms?

The answer is a golf towel. Maintain a dry face, hands, arms, and golf grips. It makes no difference if you are nervous about your side bet with your friend or if you are perspiring due to the heat. In any case, the issue can be resolved with your golf towel.

3. When it’s raining, drying your equipment

Umbrellas for golf are useful. Although jackets and rain trousers will keep your body dry, a dry golf towel is the true “hero” in the rain. If you are unable to hold on to your clubs, you cannot play. During a brief back-to-back shower, your grips might become wet, ruining your day.

What is the purpose of golf towels? When the weather turns bad, they can keep your group cohesive. Before leaving your house, always check the weather forecast. If there is a risk of rain, pack a few golf towels on the course. One can be hung on your backpack, while the other should be kept dry in your clothing pocket.

4. Cleaning Your Shoes and Golf Bag

Right after they become soiled is the ideal moment to clean your golf shoes and bag. Don’t wait for the muck to settle. This is an additional justification for using a golf towel while playing. Even if you don’t play well, you will still look fantastic if you quickly clean your equipment.

5. Maintaining Your Additional Golf Accessories

Which pieces of golf equipment are your favorites? Gloves, tees, and divot tools are among the standard equipment that golfers use, but what about sunglasses or a water bottle to stay hydrated? No matter how much golf gear you own, they all share two characteristics. They enhance your experience on the course and require periodic cleaning. If only there was a method to maintain their fresh appearance. Yes, a golf towel does the trick!

The Top 5 Golf Towels Available

You know why you need a golf towel, but you may need some assistance selecting the ideal one. Fear not—we are here to assist. Our selection of stylish golf towels is provided below for your consideration.

1. Golf Towels for Sunday

Sunday Golf’s collection of golf towels flawlessly blends style and utility. They can swiftly clean your golf balls, clubs, and equipment because they are made of microfiber. The towel’s center slit facilitates hanging on any club, and you can easily retrieve it for all of your cleaning requirements.

Although they are excellent golf towels, their style is what sets them apart from the competition. There are so many chic options that will help you stand out, whether you’re driving or first teeing it up. If you just want to be patriotic or are proud of your part of the country, they have options. The “Miami Vice” golf towel is something you have to see. This is the only golf towel that will keep your belongings tidy and give you a stylish appearance!

magnetic golf towel

2. Magnetic golf Towel Stickit

It’s just obvious from the name. The STICK IT microfiber golf towel features an innovative attachment system. Yes, that’s right—a powerful magnet. It will adhere to any metal surface, even golf carts and your equipment. Do you enjoy wiping your ball on the green with your golf towel before you put? This product streamlines that procedure.

3. Golf Towel by Under Armour

If you are a fan of Jordan Speith, you are most likely aware of the Under Armour golf merchandise range. The fact that this golf towel gives you access to multiple surface types to use while out on the course makes it special. There are three sections: a rough portion for cleaning loose dirt or mud, a plush section for polishing or absorbing water and scrubbing patches for stubborn, dried-on grime. The Under Armour golf towel is still something you should think about, even though it attaches to your bag with a metal hook—our least preferred way.

4. Tri-Fold Towel from Callaway

For all of your golf course cleaning requirements, the Callaway Tri-Fold golf towel is an easy yet efficient option. This product isn’t fancy, but it does the job. Its construction has multiple textures to facilitate handling various materials such as dirt, sand, and mud. We like a slit, but the snap attachment functions fine as well.

5. Towel Titleist: StaDry

The Titleist StaDry is a high-end golf towel that is worth checking into. Although it costs a little more than some of the other items on our list, it is made to support you in handling any situations you may run into while playing. Its multi-material structure lets you keep some parts of it dry and some parts wet. A patch on the inside cleans the grooves on your clubs. Titleist, a well-known company in the golf industry, produces equipment for players who play competitively.

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