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Lovely video – she got naked for the delivery guy.

Wonderful video, she dropped her towel off absolutely perfectly. She and her girl friend they both were completely “ECSTATIC” after the encounter ended. Prior to her towel falling off surprise, she even pushed the door wide open with her back while moving there completely naked for the delivery guy. In my opinion it was very well done. The delivery man actually behaved quite happy as it looked on the video. When you think about it, with an experience or at least some practicing on your own, variety of things could be applied to be able to stand there nude showing him your complete naked body for much longer. If he was asked; it’s very possible that he would likely agree with an arrangement (for the next time he delivers) for you’d be already naked when opening the door. And even some extra stuff can be added -in a later date. How I try to achieve those I wrote in my article <-- please read the full story. AWARDS : 7.5 Oskars

( 1.5 camera, 1.5 confidence in posing naked, 2 showing adrenalin before & excitement after, 1 storyline idea, 1.5 final satisfaction )

Completely naked after her towel fall off – video #2

Brave girl. Very nice atmosphere. Elegant video, even though she grabbed and put her fallen off towel back on her body a bit too quickly, still really nice. Wouldn’t she look interesting if she walked around totally naked like that as she was, but for a bit more longer. Hypothetically speaking, if she had the money in her hand already when opening the door; maybe she could have given him the money while she was still exposed (she would have to walk bare-naked towards him as she was) and then turn back to pick her towel up and wrap it back around her body? I know, in such situations it is not always that easy when you have to do it but it’s always easy to say anything. Repetition and later performance analysis makes it perfect πŸ™‚ Always from small things a bigger things can grow.

AWARDS : 6.5 Oskars

( 1.5 camera, 1.5 confidence in posing naked, 1 showing adrenalin before & excitement after, 1 storyline idea, 1.5 final satisfaction )

Teasing a door pizza delivery man – video #3

Shame that this was just teasing, but the video can be seen from two angles perspective as it was made. Interesting would be to see this girl fully naked there in that corridor. The delay-s at the beginnings of each part in recording suggest she could have filmed it on her own (notice that she picked up coins for giving change from the floor.) Well, now may had been that time when she could tell this person “I will be naked next time if you would like to see me?” I reckon this young man would say yes to the offer. The annoying door again, makes it a lot more difficult when you cannot move completely freely. He held it at one stage, she asked him to (still good for starting up a short conversation.) A simple kicking in a door stop wedge is easy to implement πŸ™‚ and instead you can look at him whether he watches your naked body, or not.

AWARDS : 5 Oskars

( 2 camera, 0.5 confidence in posing naked, 0.5 showing adrenalin before & excitement after, 1.5 storyline idea, 0.5 final satisfaction )

Door delivery – fully naked girl – short video #4

Well done too, that girl is soooo good! Wonderful, maybe she turned the camera on by herself. Notice the door again, could be that it was probably limiting her movements throughout the whole time (as I see it, body with mind are always cautious whatever we do – an extra duty to do can interrupt the theater.) What suits me, when there is more space around me it feels more liberating and I perform much-much better. All looked good because she begun to feel confident even to leave her towel completely away off her nude body standing in the door naked and talking to him. It’s as if she hesitated to throw the delivered item-s in the bag and also her towel onto the floor, she did it! Then she stud there for a while without any covering. Hard to say what she was telling him at that stage when he got that irritated! She was saying something she could do fine without all the way till the end … was it something about her parents that she said? The guy mentions that she enquired about something “yesterday” and that is why he came to her. Can you hear their conversation more clearly than me? May you please comment about that here below by writing the words you picked up; any the text that you could hear or understand!

AWARDS : 7 Oskars

( 1.5 camera, 1.5 confidence in posing naked, 1 showing adrenalin before & excitement after, 1.5 storyline idea, 1.5 final satisfaction )

Women opens her door already naked – video #5

Interrupted shower. This is a classic, she opened the door while being ALREADY completely naked. Both of them they mainly talk about the pizza business for what he came or knocked on theirs door. She opens, asks how much for the meal and then they are discussing the price which was taking ages. I feel very tempted right now. I should order one pizza myself, it’s not too late. I hop into shower again and try something new.

AWARDS : 6 Oskars

( 1 camera, 2 confidence in posing naked, 1 showingadrenalin before & excitement after, 1 storyline idea, 1 final satisfaction )

Naked lady – her towel fell off – topless – video #6

Nice warm light in her room when she dropped her towel off for the man. Well planed too, even though if it’s for a short time it might give her and to her partner that proper kick.

AWARDS : 3 Oskars

( 1 camera, 1 confidence in posing naked, 0 showing adrenalin before & excitement after, 0.5 storyline idea, 0.5 final satisfaction )

Other erotic naked delivery videos

You have got to see these videos, all of them are well researched.

Naked in front of pizza delivery man

Desperate Begining? Practice makes better!

Attraction guide, flow chart, opposite genders.
  1. AnneNo Gravatar
    AnneNo Gravatar said:

    I awarded each of these movies with Oskar awards (with letter ‘k’). Markings from .5 to 2 points as explained below. If anyone sends in a video of this kind it’ll get awards too (so happy script writing and filming to everyone.)

    camera – placement, light, distance and overall interesting and easy viewing

    confidence in posing naked – length of time of being able to stay bare naked and the way of exposing (towards, angle, full front with all details)

    showing adrenalin before & excitement after – the TRUE feeling second/s before the action and after

    storyline idea – overall how interesting or different the video is

    final satisfaction – from both the naked person who is on the video or viewers perspective

    *** Appart the Oskars the winner will receive also some nice present but at this point I have no idea what it will be.

  2. hunk48No Gravatar
    hunk48No Gravatar said:

    wonderful videos.. i wud be posting one of my gf soon , so wait guys and she is hot !

  3. AnneNo Gravatar
    AnneNo Gravatar said:

    Hello Hunk, thank you, you are absolutely welcome to post your video. We totally cannot wait to see it (but still, take your time, make the video when both you and your girlfriend feel relaxed (I hope you enjoy it.))

  4. DonNo Gravatar
    DonNo Gravatar said:

    Have seen these videos before (and others similar). Really hot! If I was the guy at the door and you said you’re sorry, I’d be like I’m sorry too….sorry you put your towel back on so quickly! I’ve been caught a couple times accidentally naked (totally unplanned) and it was such a rush. But I think being the looker instead of the lookee is better.

  5. SashaNo Gravatar
    SashaNo Gravatar said:

    There is something captivating on these videos. Maybe it’s the door indoor outdoor line mixed with nakedness plus the delivery person on the other side. I am tempted to create a similar video. If it comes to it I will post a version of it to you to include among these others.

  6. CraigNo Gravatar
    CraigNo Gravatar said:

    hey Anne, i would love it if you msg me and tell me where you’re from etc, i just stumbled upon this site as i was searching for more pizza flash vids. I get sooooo excited by them that it makes me shake lol. Thanks. Craig.

  7. AnneNo Gravatar
    AnneNo Gravatar said:

    Hi Craig, thanks for visiting/enjoying my website and for leaving your comments.

    I am located on the other hemisphere πŸ™ in Queensland Au. Otherwise it would be nice to be friends who can actually see each other πŸ™‚ You’ve mentioned you are in England. I hope someone closer from you will react to your offer so together you could plan for and practice fun things together.

    Someone already commented about adding a matchmaking pages. Like a friend finding system capable of allowing to discuss all things first to know each other better. Maybe I should research how that can be done technically as it could be quite practical (to sort of advertise your focus, a location, and so on, to find the right match.)

    Guys and Girls what is on your mind, what do you think? Any ideas for such web pages you could come up with, features, reasons, logistics … ?

  8. likes towel fall offNo Gravatar
    likes towel fall offNo Gravatar said:

    Hi Anne, i absolutely, absolutely and absolutely love your posts. I have always fantasized about going over to someones house and seeing a naked girl! even if nothing else happens, it’s such a turn on….. and Anne, i am in Brisbane, Au! ….so we could be friends!…. This is getting me excited beyond words!….. hope to hear soon…..

  9. likes towel fall offNo Gravatar
    likes towel fall offNo Gravatar said:

    i am also in accidental flashing and have tried the towel thing, when i used to live in an appartment and one day, when a girl came up in the opposite balcony (which was really close to mine), i saw that from my appt, immediately stripped and wrapped a towel around me…very loose of course. And went to the balcony to “get my clothes”…i acted as if i haven’t noticed her, and when i was sideways, with my left hand (which was away from her), i triggered my towel which came straight to the floor! i was soo excited that i was semi-erect, i quickly turned around, then bent and grabbed my towel and then went back in ….. no points for guessing what i did after going back in πŸ™‚
    But i was very nervous and didn’t get a chance to see her reaction, also i didn’t want to scare or offend her, so i didn’t do it again….
    and seldom does a girl turn up for delivery, so its hard for me to do it at the door….
    you girls may get away with it but i think guys have to be more careful else i will get in trouble….just wish i knew someone who wouldn’t mind me naked and doing it….
    i have read all your posts Anne and i just start imagining them….:)

  10. AnneNo Gravatar
    AnneNo Gravatar said:

    Hey LTFO, I have sent you email. Thank you for your nice words…

  11. likestowelfalloffNo Gravatar
    likestowelfalloffNo Gravatar said:

    hi Anne, i hv replied πŸ™‚ awaiting yours…

  12. GrimmNo Gravatar
    GrimmNo Gravatar said:

    Anne ur soon to become my female idol. not only coz ur pretty but mainly bcoz the way u express. me and my gf love to read ur articles. thank u for giving life another beautiful meaning. will stay in touch.

  13. AnneNo Gravatar
    AnneNo Gravatar said:

    Hi Grimm, thank you so much. Oh no, I cannot be an idol, not me, are you sure, there are many better women out there. I am glad that you and your girlfriend enjoy the articles. How about you both, are you up to something together? Have you got any interesting stories to tell? There are many people here thirsty for more useful ideas or news.

  14. SammyNo Gravatar
    SammyNo Gravatar said:

    I can’t watch them, they have been taken off πŸ™ i love fun things like these.

  15. Attracting girls for this.No Gravatar
    Attracting girls for this.No Gravatar said:

    I’ve seen once a naked girl’s towel falling off while I was staying in their place. Don’t know if it’s a coincidence or perhaps that must have been the reason why I am so attracted to this now. I am trying to find a friend, a relationship with a girl who wold be interested to do this naked girl dressed guy time of activities with me. For other guys. I’ve been trying to meat a girl for this.

    I can take control at work, at home, but I’m not successful with meeting women. More and more I have problems with the macho personality types men. They come off as being much more alpha and more attractive.

    Secondly – girls I know or knew often mistake my kindness for a weakness. This must be true.

    Guys who live just for themselves selfishly and act like they don’t give a dam crap come off as being way more confident, slash successful, with women and thus they are more attractive to majority of girls.

    I need to have more of an edge in this aspect of life to be able to be attracting variety of chicks only by myself and stay with the one FOR THIS.

    I must attract them first! Here I see my biggest problem. I should do things in the opposite way to what I am like. I can surely be nice as in my true nature, still – but that’s later on in that relationship that begins – a m e n.


  16. da telefonNo Gravatar
    da telefonNo Gravatar said:

    Hi! I’ve been reading pages on your website for some time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from here in Porter TX country! Just wanted to say, keep up the great work! Very ecstatic.

  17. amateurs naked picsNo Gravatar
    amateurs naked picsNo Gravatar said:

    I honestly welcome and appreciate everything what you share and your technique of writing is really so stimulating and wonderful.

  18. MangoNo Gravatar
    MangoNo Gravatar said:

    These are fantastic videos. I’d really like to experience this – its so arousing. If anyone wants to practice – let me be your guinea pig. I am a mature man, with a high drive and very much enjoy women. If anything like the towel drop happened to me – I hope I would be able to control my adrenalin, and keep my presence of mind in the face of such delightful titillation. If I was ever lucky enough to be invited around I would wear my jogging shorts, which are loose and very short. I’d love to be invited in for a cup of coffee or tea, and try to chat as naturally as I could about whatever was in the room, or perhaps the girl. I’d tell her how lovely she looked, and if she seemed to also be relaxed, I’d compliment her on specific body parts, like her nipples – I love everything about breasts and especially fleshy, sensuous areola or erect, hard nipples. I’d try to keep smiling but also allow myself enough cheekiness to enjoy looking at her body as we spoke – and let her see what I was doing. I’d joke about getting caught catching more than glimpses, and keep my legs open so that she could see any hint of erection, and I hope she would also see this as an invitation to open her legs and allow me to enjoy an unhurried look at her pussy. I’d want to talk about her pussy as I looked, describing its shape and how lovely it looked and comment on whether I could see it opening slightly as we chatted. I would hope to be courageous enough to ask her directly about her masturbation preferences; like whether she uses toys (or fruit – I love slide banana or other food inside and eat it with coated in pussy juice), how often, whether she uses mirrors, whether clitoral or deeper, and eventually get around to whether she likes to have someone watch. Of course I’d be hoping she would take the opportunity to collaborate so we could both masturbate and watch each other. At this point I’d allow my penis to slip out from the edge of my shorts – not too much to be presumptuous but enough to see if she enjoyed looking at it. I’d be trying desperately to keep relaxed and chatting and encourage her to touch herself – breasts, pussy and wherever she wanted. I’d offer to help put used cups etc. back in kitchen, so I could see her moving around and give her opportunities to change her posture so that I could enjoy her body from different angles. I’d leave my penis sticking out as we did this too, letting it flop around. I really love to watch a woman climax, and would continue with our little adventure until she came. Where it went from there would be her call – but I guarantee I’d be totally helpful and do everything to enjoy a long and pleasurable experience together. So … I’d love to do some coaching and experimenting. I’m in Brisbane (Australia), and inspired by Anne and everyone else who is as fascinated with this as I am. Please write me.

  19. FarrahaNo Gravatar
    FarrahaNo Gravatar said:

    Thanks very interesting activity!

  20. this skillNo Gravatar
    this skillNo Gravatar said:

    Hi Anne,

    I too love to show myself naked to some girls near me. There are few girls which stay in apartment. I can see their balcony from my window. Those are bachelor girls. I usually see there inners on the rope. I like them alot.

    One day I saw a girl talking over phone and wearing very short dress and touching her own body. I was immediately full ON.

    Ur blog just reminded me of all those stuffs. Thanks for posting.
    Can I hear from you. Awaiting… πŸ™‚

  21. DougieNo Gravatar
    DougieNo Gravatar said:

    Great naked delivery videos, so funny seeing how the guys act, good on the girls for being beautiful, exhibitionists and a good fun too πŸ™‚

  22. MikeNo Gravatar
    MikeNo Gravatar said:

    I love your beautiful web site! You are a fabulous woman. It is hard to get a girl like you.

  23. RichNo Gravatar
    RichNo Gravatar said:

    I love these videos especially the “Naked in front of pizza delivery man” that chick is so gorgeous. Does she have any other videos? Anything else? I basically wanna marry her.

  24. HoneyNo Gravatar
    HoneyNo Gravatar said:

    Hi Anne,

    it’s great to follow your exhibitionism ideas. Very exciting indeed. I would like to contact you Anne. Kindly email me so that I can reply in private. Looking forward for your email.

  25. BrodieNo Gravatar
    BrodieNo Gravatar said:

    Π† admire the manner in which you express your ideas. Very tempting indeed. This makes me think of my new hobby, but much more imρortantly it makes me feel it already and I love being naked and watched all the way.

  26. FrobrNo Gravatar
    FrobrNo Gravatar said:

    Hey Anne, found ur blog very cool and also entertaining u know. The best towel drop was when the blond dropped for a FEMALE driver. Can NOT find any ‘same sex’ drops, any hints?

  27. WheelzNo Gravatar
    WheelzNo Gravatar said:

    Love the clips, extremely hot. I’m in a wheelchair and I got to answer the door nude one time. It was a lady and she was a religious persons that comes door to door handing out flyers trying to spread the word of god. Well I saw her at my neighbors house across the street, so I figured I’d give her the surprise of her day. When I oped the door you should have seen the look on her face, it was priceless. She told me how rude I was and how bad I needed The Lord in my life, tossed a flyer at me and stormed off. After it was all said and done, it was kind of a rush doing it. Granted she was an older woman and I felt a little guilty for doing it, but they haven’t been back yet.

  28. Ashamed in SpokaneNo Gravatar
    Ashamed in SpokaneNo Gravatar said:

    Hi Anne πŸ™‚
    Just wanted to say You Rock and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

    The reason I chose the nickname I did was because of a petition that’s going around thanks to the prudes union. Hopefully it goes nowhere.
    Here is the LINK of the story.

    Hope you have a great 2014

  29. voyruer guyNo Gravatar
    voyruer guyNo Gravatar said:

    We need more pizza delivery girls ……. I love being seen, especially when I am naked. It’s Nice when they like to see me too.

  30. CodedudeNo Gravatar
    CodedudeNo Gravatar said:

    Hi Anne,

    Awesome blog!

    Re: Video #4. I think you are confusing the audio from the tv in the background with the delivery guy’s response. I don’t think he was “irritated” at all. I think that was just the audio from the tv.

    But speaking of videos, I think you should shoot a video of you getting a pizza delivery. I know we would all love to see your expertise in action and what better way to show us. Better yet, get a fully-dressed male friend to shoot the video from the delivery guy’s perspective. Have him start the video and come to your door delivering a pizza (could even be an empty pizza box). You answer the door in the towel and do your whole show. You would get the benefit of dropping your towel and being naked in front of the cameraman/pizza delivery actor, and we would all get the benefit of actually “being” the pizza delivery guy to experience your awesome assets first hand! I know I would never forget the experience.

    What do you say?

  31. CodedudeNo Gravatar
    CodedudeNo Gravatar said:

    Hi Anne,

    Re: Video #4. I think you are confusing the audio from the TV in the background with the delivery guy’s response. I don’t think he was “irritated” at all. I think that was just the audio coming from the TV.

    But speaking of videos, I think you should shoot a video of you getting a pizza delivery. I think we would love to see your expertise in action and what better way to show us. Better yet, get a fully-dressed male friend to shoot the video from the delivery guy’s perspective. Have him start the video and come to your door delivering a pizza (could even be an empty pizza box). You answer the door in the towel and do your whole show. You would get the benefit of dropping your towel and being naked in front of the cameraman/pizza delivery actor, and we would all get the benefit of actually “being” the pizza delivery guy to experience your awesome assets first hand! I know I would never forget the experience.

    What do you say?

  32. The nervous oneNo Gravatar
    The nervous oneNo Gravatar said:

    Anne. I’m a guy and I need your help for something. Plz mail me if possible. I seriously need your advice. Thank you.

  33. JimNo Gravatar
    JimNo Gravatar said:

    I got used to =being nude, and in front of people a long time a go. But, it’d take an explanation that’s way off track; I was at the doctors office for a full exam, which meant removal of every stitch of clothing, but a robe wasn’t left for me. So there I was, but naked, and the doctors assistant walked in. I automatically get an erection, and am twice-beet red from humiliation. She calmed me down with “I’ve seen plenty of naked men. About 10,000.” I was calming down, and she said she’d be back w/ my robe. I never understood the reason for hospital/doctors gowns since they fall off of each patient.

  34. piethiefNo Gravatar
    piethiefNo Gravatar said:

    Got any other types of towel fell videos that are more explicit?

  35. piethiefNo Gravatar
    piethiefNo Gravatar said:

    Anne, I love these types of videos because I’m somewhat of an exhibitionist. I have two female neighbors that walk past my door every day around 6pm. I always have it open and I’m always nude. When Im outside and see them, I’m guaranteed a 15-20 minute conversation with either one of them about anything, but not about seeing me nude lol! They’re in their late 40s to early 50s.

  36. craigNo Gravatar
    craigNo Gravatar said:

    Absolutely beautiful would love to see a naked down blouse tease if you would be so kind.

  37. KenNo Gravatar
    KenNo Gravatar said:

    Well anything in everyday life even those most secretive and erotic true experiences might be accomplished if a person puts adequate effort into it.

  38. LeoNo Gravatar
    LeoNo Gravatar said:

    They stopped screening these particular videos. Shame, pity!!! Why people upload these types of videos to you tube, they delete nude videos, they are a lots of web pages to upload them to, idiots!!!

  39. pity guyNo Gravatar
    pity guyNo Gravatar said:

    I cannot watch all the video.. mybe bcause my country banned that videos.. naked videos not allowed in my country.. I realy hope can watch that video πŸ™

  40. RyanNo Gravatar
    RyanNo Gravatar said:

    Hi Anne, these videos dont work anymore, can you post new links?

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