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Hi Anne!

I’m Logan…
it was a great feeling when I came across your website and found people that enjoy similar activities. I downloaded your photos, and you are stunningly great, keep it up!

From my end, I’m a bit scared from sharing publicly on the internet. However I’ve sent you 2 photos of appreciation, without showing my face πŸ˜‰ Wanted to show myself to a stranger πŸ˜›

I usually like showing myself naked by accident… but it’s been a very long time since I’ve done one. My girlfriend on the other hand enjoys a different kind of exposure of me.

My last “accidental” show happened when I slept at my cousin’s house (she’s a girl). I slept in a room of my own. However in the morning I woke up a bit early. I decided to take off my briefs, and lay naked in bed, with the sheets only barely covering my crotch. To my luck and content, when she woke up, she came knocking on my door. I pretended to be still sleeping. After three knocks, she opened the door slowly and walked in. I had my eyes slightly open, unnoticeable, and I saw here look at me and get out of the room again. But after a few seconds she walked in again, walking cautiously making sure I don’t wake up. She stood right in front of me and I had to keep my eyes shut as she was too close. Then after a while, I felt the sheets moving… she was pulling them off! Uncovering my bare body! The sensation was incredible, and I was hard. I lay there in bed fully naked with a hard-on and she just stood there looking at me! It was great and I really wish I have another similar opportunity.

My girlfriend likes watching me masturbate, and I like masturbating with a girl watching as well, so it works out great. When we’re away from each other because of work, or other matters, I masturbate for her on Skype with a video call.

Any ways, I hope you enjoyed my story. I would enjoy having a small reply πŸ™‚

As for the story you can publish on your blog (with my first name only ‘Logan’), but kindly do not publish the photos! Those are for you only, for sharing yours.

And one more thing!… is this thing we have a fetish and called Autagonistophilia?

Thanks and happy towel falls!

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  1. AnneNo Gravatar
    AnneNo Gravatar said:

    Hello Logan

    Yes it can be also Autagonistophilia, beautiful, although by autagonistophilia definition the activity relates more to performing on stage or in front of a camera and it’s also described as perversion. The ‘perversion’ word may sound also harsh if used not gently.

    It is though performing and exciting and very energizing. With sexual arousal aspects present.

    Ah, you had a real nice experience. Your cousin doesn’t just talk about things as it seems “… she does them …” I’ve never had it that way, when I would be further uncovered, but I wish I did.

    I however exposed myself fully or partially naked faking sleeping. A few times in bed or fold-able bed at home with headphones on acting not being aware someone is around. And was observed, it’s nice.

    While you were pretending sleeping did your heart bounce? Or can you relax it? Most of times my hart beats too much as it’s getting very close to those moments. This is why I then completely close my eyes.

    But to be masturbating for someone watching me is definitely the icing on a cake for me. Especially when that person feels lucky and happy about it.

    Thank you for your decent photographs, nice light on them too. Who wouldn’t want to be so heaps-lucky to see you on bed like that?!

    Will you write me another story when you experience somethings new???


  2. PetraNo Gravatar
    PetraNo Gravatar said:

    A guy who could discuss exactly these topics with me, who would support me in doing this and even suggested a new idea or more, would be “way more attractive” to me regardless of his physical appearance or age than some rich or masculine men.

  3. LoganNo Gravatar
    LoganNo Gravatar said:

    Thanks Anne and Petra

    well about that incident…
    The first time she walked in the room my heart raced a bit but I could control it. But when she walked in the second time, my heart was beating really fast! It felt like it was coming out of my chest and I could hear d beating in my ears!!

    Then when she pulled the sheets, the rapid beating continued and I felt my throat dry… needed to swallow really bad. But I did not cause I was afraid she will realise I’m awake.Β It made me feel even more excited.

    Having someone secretly uncovering more of you, is a sensation far better than just watching you πŸ˜‰

  4. MangoNo Gravatar
    MangoNo Gravatar said:

    That’s a great story. I would love to walk in on a girl like that. I’d like to be caught out by them waking and if they weren’t alarmed, I’d sit down and chat gently while they woke properly, admiring their pussy. I’d stroke and open their pussy and suck their breasts too, and if OK, I’d like to masturbate them to a climax. Great way to greet the day!

  5. UnknownNo Gravatar
    UnknownNo Gravatar said:

    Please send of your naked pics logan just like anne please i want the link of some naked pics of your please

    and please

    1 will be with full clothes
    2 with less clothes than 1
    3 with more less clothe than 2
    4. with more less clothes even than 4
    5. just in your panties
    6. Fully Naked and Horny Face


  6. Ian -No Gravatar
    Ian -No Gravatar said:

    Hi Anne.
    I like others, stumbled across you’re website whiles searching net. I’m happy to find you! I thought I was alone with theses feelings.
    I am male and married to a lovely woman, and we have a regular sexy life. When on holiday we have sex outside often, but I like to be fully naked. But also love masturbating alone. I have found a few quite spots to enjoy a quick strip and wank out in open. But I’m careful, as I wouldn’t like to force my hobby on others, but if a stranger could enjoy watching it would be fantastic!

    I had a couple of nice experiences being naked when others see me, and maybe I’ll share with you once I’ve made contact with you.

    Love reading your experiences, keep up the good work!

  7. RockyNo Gravatar
    RockyNo Gravatar said:

    Hi by reading your girly stories my junior began to wake up fast. Your pics were awesome. You are so and so hot. Please post more when you can.

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