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Hey thanks for the idea guys! But that won’t look erotic as well. Because me and my GF, we both are into exhibitionism, we are thinking about a way in which the Room service guy gets a nice nude view of my GF in front of her while she is awake. What i’m thinking of is that – She would open the door keeping the towel wrapped around her and holding by one of her hands. Probably we would have asked for something brought in a tray (lets say some eatable). While the Guy is kneeing the tray down, my girlfriend would extend her hands to take it from her and in doing so obviously her towel is gonna get loose and fall down leaving her fully exposed and bare naked with her boobs and pussy in front of his eyes. To make the matter interesting, she would turn around as if she was feeling embarrassed and ask the room service guy to pick up her towel and wrap it again around her. And I will be the one pretending and sleeping on bed. … Visit part 1thinking about how to do it

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  1. MattNo Gravatar
    MattNo Gravatar said:

    Hi Hunk48. Fascinating! How did you go with your girlfriend, done anything with this guys??? Actually we’ve been interested in the same. Always planning a new things. My partner enjoys it a big time so I am very lucky. Cheers to All from us.

  2. hunk48No Gravatar
    hunk48No Gravatar said:

    Hi Matt ! Yes I did it on this Valentines Day ! we had gone to a beach resort and at afternoon she ordered some sandwiches to be delivered in our room which was on 3rd floor. All this while she had been siting in the Balcony of our room which opens in the garden wearing only this small towel. She has really become a true exhibitionist. The bell rang at our door and the waiter was here outside the door. I jumped to bed, pulled on my blanket, she made her face, hairs, shoulders and legs wet so that it seems as if she has just come out of shower. She had this towel which barely covers her ass and shows off almost all her boobs. As planned , she held the towel only by her sides and opened the door! and God this Gal ! she opened the door all the way. she gave a smile to the waiter , said thanks and took out her hand to hold the sandwich tray. and her towel dropped! WOW , there she was showing her bottom and pussy to the waiter and anyone who wud have passed the alleyway !
    i have made a video of that . but that’s our private, can’t share !
    we are looking for more daring adventure now

    have fun

  3. MattNo Gravatar
    MattNo Gravatar said:

    Yes WOW sounds wonderful so congratulations on the great results!! Glad to hear both of you liked it. How about the waiter? I can imagine the expression on his face. Give your girlfriend our best.

    How do you mean when you say she held the towel only by her sides? Did she have her back side fully open/ uncovered sort of thing without being entirely wrapped all around, only her front was covered by the towel held under her arms?

    We haven’t been anywhere out yet. A couple of holiday resorts are planned for this summer weekends, and to be honest, I cannot wait. But we have done a lot of naked stuff at home for our neighbor who can see almost perfectly into our living area through our 2 windows. My wife is having so much fun showing herself to him that I couldn’t be anymore happier. Sometimes she lets him wait for two or more days and then walks around only for a quick moment .The next day she stays naked full on for the whole evening and more often so when I am not around. understandably she wants to be sure that he is sitting at his window watching her so I turn the light on in our bathroom ,then I go to the corridor to find out from the window in the dark. I can clearly see him up there and man he really can sit there behind his window and watch for ours. And I can only agree with him. He is though a very nice bloke and an excellent neighbor. We think that he definitely does not have a clue about us knowing what’s going on because when she goes to our main bedroom and stays there for a while he automatically turns off his lights everywhere and waits. We get thrilled a big time from anything new we do about this and even more when we meet and speak with him outside. Or when she meets him on the bus stop; apparently it’s the most mind blowing rush of flooding emotions you will ever get from the pleasure of all erotic pleasures. I had a thought he might enjoy to see my wife on the Wii game balancing board so we bought one a fortnight ago. It was a very good purchase I must say. She is showing herself on it from every angle moving or still and enjoys it a lot herself as well as I do!. All this is going on for months so, I do not know how but I reckon, now is the time to ask him to come in. We are contemplating when I speak with him in the garden I also bring him in. My wife will be cooking completely naked with a towel wrapped only around her head so he could see her like that. to me it sounds like a good plan. What do you think, any ideas?

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