Exposed my GF to the hotel room service!

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thanks for the comment and suggestion. this towel falling thing suited our fantasy better. we already did it ! she dropped her towel as per the plan we had made. and in the process of picking up the towel, she turned around and bent down in front of the waiter, giving him a nice view of her lovely ass and her full back-porch as well. i had my eyes partially opened, so i could make out that what that guy had just seen. I have got the video made of this event secretly. and though she picked up the towel, she never actually wrapped it around, but just kept it on chair and said SORRY to the guy with a smile …

and dear, she got so excited that, we made love like animals in the open balcony that night !

and now we are planning some more daring and going for Public nudity. at the beach, when we come out of water. and she wants to change. she wraps the towel around her and removes her bikini , and suddenly a strong gust of wind blows her towel away, leaving her Stark naked in front of all people… i know its really daring but lets see, if we can make guts to do it …

keep in touch, common guys and girls keep this site posted of ur fun filled fantasies.

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  1. ALRISNo Gravatar said:

    Nice to read and so very erotic story of life stories to be honest. You are great Anne! Thank you.

  2. grimm25No Gravatar
    grimm25No Gravatar said:

    Grimm’s GF again. My bf was really turned on by the thought of me being seen naked by another man. I felt that at home was a bit too risky, but when we were away for a weekend at a hotel after a few drinks we started to talk about it and decided to go for it.

    We went back to our room and I rang for room service. The ‘plan’ was that bf would stay in bathroom out of sight and I would answer the door in a towel as if I had just got out of the shower, let room service in (hoping it would be a guy!). Then, as I was signing for drinks my towell would slip letting him see my body.

    Well – in the 10-15 minutes after ringing I was so nervous. The bell rang and I checked through the peephole to see this handsome young man

    I opened the door and he brought the drinks in and put them down. As he turned round and handed me the pen and asked me to sign my towel ‘accidentally’ slipped to the floor. I just said ‘oops’ and started to sign the bill. He went to pick up the towel but I said that it was ok. I deliberately took my time whilst he looked me up and down. I then handed the pen and paper back to him and walked naked with him to the door and opened it door for him. He made sure he had one last look

    I must admit it was a real turn on and we are planning on doing something similar next time we are away.

  3. candy crush saga cheatsNo Gravatar
    candy crush saga cheatsNo Gravatar said:

    I don’t drop a ton of remarks, but I did some searching and wound up here Exposed my GF to the hotel room service. And I actually do have a question for you if it’s all right.

    If you are writing for different websites, I would like to follow everything old and new you have to publish. What are they if any? Could you list also all of your social pages you use?

  4. Christine from AUNo Gravatar
    Christine from AUNo Gravatar said:

    I am a devotee. I don’t just want to feel as if I was exposed I want to be exposed to sense it all in real. Do others feel that way? Christine

  5. StrippednakedmaleNo Gravatar
    StrippednakedmaleNo Gravatar said:

    Christine from AU, I agree with you fully. I think the best way to achieve this feeling would be to completely lose your close so there is no way to cover up or to back out if you change your mind. I always have a sort of back up plan to cover up if I need to but have also tried to leave my clothes where they will hopefully be taken by someone. So far I’ve never had it happen but had some close calls. My fantasy is to watch helplessly as my clothes are taken or destroyed by a group of girls at the beach leaving me naked with no chance of finding any way to cover up. I did ask a friend to do this for me and she said she would love to but has never gone through with it. She did suggest that I could find a towel or clothes at the beach anyways but said she would tie my hands behind my back so if I did find clothes I would have no way to put them on. I wish she would do it.

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