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How to show yourself naked to someone? Suppose you know somebody worthy of seeing you completely naked. This idea automatically achieves for you to be in those positions for a longer while after your towel falls off you down. For a time much longer than that with exposing completely naked at a delivery to your door. In case you wonder, it can be done also prearranged, that means that both parties could know that this/something at some stage may be happening. The reading below becomes hotter more and more.

Ask your guy to fix a laptop etc. at your place in private. Like as a small favor. Doing a maintenance on your computer is very suitable and very easy task. Also installing a spy program, or later updating a virus definition is an very quick thing to do. There are several free versions out there available for download (this way I had the “SpyBot” program installed and reinstalled.) You might also consider before to somehow find out that this person did the job before, otherwise he could sit behind it forever.

When you talk about it ask him whether you could watch how it’s being done so you can do it yourself next time, “… would be great if I could see how it’s done, if I had to do it myself in a future …”. He’ll be glad to show you. Mention also a cup of tea or coffee as this will be needed for your smooth success!

You will need to know an approximate time of his arrival to your place. If both of you go out together later on it’s great. Tell him you’ll be at home for sure as you’ve got something to do. Then there is no need to pick up your phone in case he rang.

It’s important because if he came shortly after you can later say you had been in the shower. You will need to watch for him so you can be ready for when he knocks on the door. It is best to be wrapped in a towel already when you open the door. Unless he asks, ignore the fact that it could be all right to mention you had a shower. You don’t need to, there will be drops of water visible on your skin. Instead say quietly that you feel just a little nervous, honesty always pays well.

Sat him down on a sofa or behind a table so he is facing the way to the kitchen. Leave on the table some small item for him to look at, not TV remote or magazine! Start to boil hot water for a cup of tea/coffee and talk about anything in general about the day, work, weekend you name it.

Get for a sec back to where he sits, mention that the tea is being done by saying “sorry for waiting the tea is on it’s way … will be served shortly” while putting some biscuits in front of him and, at first, briefly but better showing yourself wrapped up in the towel. His eyes get better used to you and the view.

While background communicating, adjust well your easy release trigger on the towel, place full hot mugs with tea spoons on two saucers. He will hear you doing that; grab these and talk about something to make sure you have full attention as you carry both of the saucers towards him.

Slowly cause it’s difficult with the 2 hot mugs on the plates each in one hand. One arm slightly away from your body, the other still holds the towel release trigger.

Now it comes, what you practiced before; the minor difficulty with the one mug – elbow moves consequently up – and the trigger takes all the care for the towel to perfectly fall off. Nothing can be done about.

I drop my towel when I’m still far from the place where he sits. Meaning, I want this person to watch me naked as long as possible. Fully exposed; I face a long time and a long way to get to him as I need to walk in the same slow way because of the mugs.

There are two ways to send the towel down:

One – if you are coming in from another room release the towel just as you pass a corner after which you’re appearing in THE spotlight. You will become naked two or more steps further away from this corner when the towel gets below your knees. It is late to turn back with the hot beverage.

Two – as you walk towards him it’s very easy to lift both elbows by slightly stretching arms forward as to hold the tea higher in front of you (don’t forget it’s the magic towel knot or just a false fold under your arm! It goes down right away).

*** An idea for boys and men – try it now to see how easy it will work for you; wrap a towel around your waist semi tight. In the center in front of you (under your belly button) flip portion of the outside end corner in between your skin and the wrap, push your belly against it (to effectively hold it in place.) Now, what is the very easy trigger to send your only covering down? Well, it can be loosen simply by pulling your abdominals in and it falls down she will not believe how. All it takes is to paying attention to these two drinks you carry, pulling in your belly (it stands out very naturally, people normally pull in bellies while carrying items, not to mention a fragile or hot liquid items) and you are naked in front of her fast. If you find yourself exposed, in a mid way towards her, you’ll have to continue walking to her, completely naked for her 🙂 accompanied by swear words of a practical nature or not.
Now this is important, not to destruct her only focus on the two cups you hold, and finish the serving. Obviously both of you experiencing the point of no return … only you are naked and having fun … only she is fully dressed and having her fun, even-dough she doesn’t show it she still thinks our usual “oh … oh my goodness … lucky me !” while touching her chest. Guessing how will that be stuck in her head?! Unforgettable experience.

Guys would be nice if you feedback, thank you:

  1. Have I described it well enough for you in a technical language blokes use?!
  2. Have you tested it with the fold?!
  3. Any ideas what she could come to your place for to do or to help you with?!
  4. Any plans for getting naked or already going for it?!


OK continuing … I pause for a moment looking at the towel as it is falling down. Then while saying “Ooooh noooo” I blink at him only to see what he is looking at. I pronounce any oh no [and alike] very quietly not to interrupt him.

At this short moment I move one leg to a side touching the towel slightly with my toes, move as if in some desperate hope to return my towel back up. I keep eyes back again on the mugs in my hands as I would do anyway. You are naked so by not having your eyes directly on him he can be a lot more relaxed for scanning you much more freely.

He will notice your thrill BUT in a sense that you are shaking from the incident. You don’t need to play anything anymore.

For me the best part about being finally naked is that I do not need that careful acting any more. No need for a pedantic acting. I could cry or laugh. There’s nothing you can do except to bring the tea, he does everything himself. I’m blank from the total heavenly bliss I go through, so satisfied. I feel it on my skin and in the whole body (almost passing out:), and if too strong; then simply the scene definitely looks like as if I was in a state of shock.

I can imagine what the view at me is like from a distance. The nicest part about it again, from then on anything I do looks natural!!! Prior to this stage most of the moves need at least some practicing and control. But now as if for a gift -> bare-naked for him, I only perceive the reality of how I must look.

When my wobbly knees bring me closer I bend in slow motion towards him to place both saucers on the table. He might even help you if he was a gentleman. Don’t forget to apologize before running away. Still there comes to show him your naked back. That evokes plus a bit extra bonus. Grab the towel and disappear to dress up.

The mental image is gonna be stuck in a head!!!

Other reasons for having bath towel on

** If you happened to come to your place with your man: Try to find an obvious reason or a need for taking the shower. A very logical reason it must be. Such as wanting to change clothes after a hot day or you need to wash before together going somewhere out. Make sure to behave one hundred percent friendly (100%) and normal as always at least until your towel goes down. After, when you’re finally naked how you wanted to be, you can shake as much as you want. In fact even if you dropped one tea on the floor accidentally it would be perfectly justified, but yet pity, for you want the attention not on the broken cup. Also make sure the tea or coffee is tasty because you want everything with having lasting and positive oppressions. If you go out with him after the tea, remain normal, if possible let him feel he was the owner of those moments.

From encounters like these things can be built up – read about in text on home page.

Seducing tutorial video.
  1. MikeNo Gravatar
    MikeNo Gravatar said:

    Hi, your approach is beautiful and inspiring. I can barely sleep at night thinking about what i could do too. I kind of like to be naked on the open same like you. Thanks! Mike

  2. SarahNo Gravatar
    SarahNo Gravatar said:

    There is absolutely nothing at all wrong with masturbation or such activity however it’s always best to keep in mind that out there there are also vulnerable human beings who may be hurt and also bad people that might hurt me. I am always careful. I discuss everything before and better in details. A conversation of any kind can be enjoyable too, it all depends where all things lead, it’s fundamental, isn’t it? If I do masturbate in front of other man later he can become interested to have more. Like he would want to have sex with me. DA?! Let’s take it further shall we? He must enjoy what I do. Meaning in this respect, he also must like to watch with the full stop after. And apply those senses. That is the orientation. There can be more though, but if there will be more later on at some stage, we both must talk about it and agree upon that before so both of us are comfortable. Having an understanding partner is also a great way to go and maybe the best one. I do not want to get hurt and don’t want to hurt anyone. Prior to all, it’s best not put yourself or some guy at risk and most importantly not to do anything against the law. I am still young and I have never been hurt by anyone emotionally or physically in my childhood. My parents have always been wonderful couple and brilliant friends to me. Unless I was influenced by the current global society and the global life stile. I am simply kind of addicted to masturbating for someone who like to watch, in peace, harmony, mutual enjoyment and I very much enjoy also making beautiful love as well. For me all of it is liberating. For a sceptic; I can repeat over and over again, I cannot see a dark period or nasty time in my past. People in general work hard and than they want to enjoy variety of things they deserve. I too like different, unconditional, jazzy, things in life that bring the extra fun, experience, skills, interesting memories, into it. When I feel that someone is watching me that turns me on, it feels special on different levels and in so many aspects. I can recognize that you are the same. Thank you.

  3. TracyNo Gravatar
    TracyNo Gravatar said:

    I have finally-finally done this and even though my heart went bum bum bum and more terrifying bum bum I managed to hide it — my first time was quite nice I must say. I don’t like to use big words too often but this was enormously special.

    Yesterday afternoon one of my colleagues from another section at work popped in to help me with my laptop.The real thing wasn’t exactly what I was imagining but close. When my towel dropped he stayed serious but he watched me and also grabbed his tea from my hand.Not a bizarre or uncomfortable feeling about it at all . When I go through it backwards it appears he seemed to like it . Shortly after I drove both of us in my car for work training and we talked friendly.

    I truly wish other possibility or ties could evolve from here.I am thinking of somehow telling him the same stuff as you do (above) because I would like to masturbate for him terribly now ,with his eyes glued on me hopefully , updates are coming…

  4. rachnaNo Gravatar
    rachnaNo Gravatar said:

    I and my husband has planned to show my naked body to milkman who is coming at early morning, while every woman is bathing & come out is hurry in half bathed with water on body & only wrapped towel & while taking milk on pot due to some mistake the towel falls down to ground & give him little time to view full naked bare body.

  5. ValNo Gravatar
    ValNo Gravatar said:

    Hi to All, I am in too … I have joined the club just now.
    A two hours ago I was putting washing out, naked but unseen, safe around this spot is hidden dead end. I noticed our area manager (about 5-7 years older man than me) has been spraying weeds around the complex and he was about to progress to us soon. Nude in my banana-chair, the only possible covering I had available was my towel which I purposely left on a table next to a book but about a meter further away from me. Soon I could hear he’s getting closer. Between him and me there was only one small patch he could stop at for a while, or, he gets straight in to find me. I know that may seem like a too little issue for fretting, but in my case, just being uncertain about THE timing it certainly raised my heart pulse. It was like “Gosh I cannot believe this.” Anyway, it didn’t take long. I somehow got an idea for the meantime. I started to play with my hair – lifting it making it into new ponytail. And that’s how he first saw me. As he walked in he had me directly in his vision. I was laying there completely naked waiting for this guy so he can see me, catch me, just like that ! I simply jumped up and wrapped my towel around me. We apologized to each other and almost laughed it off. I didn’t go inside to hide, instead I sat back in the chair. from the first thoughts I sensed he was kind of pleased from what has happened.

    I am definitely not as pretty or young as Anne is but sort of I can say the same about him. What a thrill ! The erotic feelings I experienced were great before it happened and they remained also after ! He was clearly able to see my full front and back and later I was there wrapped up. More details … a short pause occurred from the point of time he first saw me; first he noticed me laying down, I turned my head and then I stud up, having my legs from each other with the chair in the middle, facing him in a good angle, both hands still up quickly finishing my ponytail, I was purely completely naked. On such type of display. Only after I turned backwards and wrapped myself.

    Don’t know what’s next at this stage but I wish something is in the stars for me. Normally when I see him outside we usually have a short quick talk, regarding simple daily matters etc., after what I already gave him he seems to be much more friendly now … which I hope will be promising in not too distant future. I am giving it some time but I think that I have the first part behind me.

    * Val’s new amazing comment about her latest progress.

  6. How to expose naked to another person?No Gravatar
    How to expose naked to another person?No Gravatar said:

    Often i have been thinking about how to expose myself naked, completely naked that is, to another person. And be looked at like that when I am naked I want to be watched by some someone else. It comes in waves on me and it’s great. I haven’t experienced it real as yet but I will. Thank you, I really much enjoy reading your very stimulating ideas. Sue

  7. OliverNo Gravatar
    OliverNo Gravatar said:

    A similar encounter happened to me actually on my job a week ago. I was then and still am completely mesmerized from it. On the second thought, and third, I love what happened. I am a handyman and I was fixing doors and windows for a family directly in their place. Two and a half days job. The second day the lady came back home earlier. When I was putting one curtain back on its window she was around the living room wrapped in a biggish shower towel. She helped me with putting the curtain up. Me on one side of the window her on the other. I may have thought to myself “wow, I am lucky”. I think her age is somewhere between 45 and 50 maybe. Right, seconds after she stud up on the chair her towel dropped off her. The only thing she said as she was naked after her towel fell down was oh excuse me. Sort of laughingly about herself it felt to me. And continued with hanging it on. Naked without anything on her. I couldn’t not hold back my attention. I still cannot believe that I was totally quiet. Was I in a shock? Maybe yes because I was already noticing her when she came into the room. While she was looking upwards I looked at her naked body. She was right next to me.

    For me it was extremely powerful experience. Later on it crossed my mind. She probably posed nude for me on purpose. Could she plan this so quickly.

    And also!, at the time when she came into the room in that towel she asked if I wanted coffee. Basically soon to be without it absolutely naked, something is telling me she knew it. I didn’t want one but she made one cuppa for herself and maybe never had it.

  8. Naked dropping towel off me down for my friend-s.No Gravatar
    Naked dropping towel off me down for my friend-s.No Gravatar said:

    I too want to get completely naked after dropping a towel off me for my visitor can stare at me. I am sure it’ll feel as if for the longest time ever to be like that. I am into showing myself in a nude a big time now. I can barely hold back that excitement. I’ve been thinking about it and it’s a truly amazing feeling just from the visualizing of myself. I once witnessed as a guy’s towel fell down after he had a swim, he was completely buck naked and also he lost his balance for a second. It would be very hard to forget that day when I saw him. What happened to him was most impressive to me, on the other hand. Thanks a lot 🙂

  9. the boredom is cutNo Gravatar
    the boredom is cutNo Gravatar said:

    There is one ancient method, a love story like this, that can get you looking and enjoy another woman (or man for women) in so many pleasant aspects. It was not discovered until the first explorers from Europe began to descend onto the African continent. Theses first visitors took back these secrets, plus many other, but kept them to themselves.

  10. Need a help ideas to succeed.No Gravatar
    Need a help ideas to succeed.No Gravatar said:

    I need help, desperately. I’m a teenage between 16-17 years-old. Every week we have a lady who comes to my dad’s house to do cleaning work. She is always nice to me. Now for 1 month every week I get naked in front of her, and she says that at this age I should’t be naked as some one else can come in and see me ( initially I used a lot of technics-tactics including the towel. Firstly I contemplated details and then it worked ). I normally go and ask her ( while wearing a towel ) if there are clothes for me while she is ironing them when she is not finished yet so I’m in the room where she is longer time. I give her the towel so that she can put it on the sun ( this is what she says ) and she gives me the clothes usually it’s t-shirt and shorts and trousers. And she never, or only barely, looks down on my private parts during the time and I’m standing a meter or so from her or when she looks it is always only for 1-2 seconds at maximum. Is it perhaps that she does not like too much of erotic stuff? She still looks at it. And one more thing, heh, I only leave there from the room early … only when my penis is about to grow up so it’s not obvious. When I feel warm my penis is in a greater shape and when I feel cold it quite shrinks but I do not bother with this I just am there as it is. She shows a very little interest. I’d like her to look at my stick more times.

    How do I do that? Another thing Anne I’d like you to give me more ideas so that I can be naked in front of her. I’ve been thinking of new ideas during the week days but would appreciate an additional sharing. ONE DAY I would enjoy to masturbate while she is watching me. The first time when I walked in naked I think she quietly pronounced oh or wow word I’m not sure now. And that day she looked at me twice, once as I was walking naked towards her and once when she hand me my t-shirt.

    MOST IMPORTANT: I would like you to give me or her a situation where she could give me a bath and touch me but with an excuse that she does that.

    PS: usually I have 15-40 minutes in every week to do all this. Please help me with this if you can.

  11. BettaNo Gravatar
    BettaNo Gravatar said:

    Naked with towel on ground
    I went outside into the garden and with my eyes first closed, then with eyes opened, I tasted that being naked with a towel on the ground feels truly magnificent / with a bit of a walking on grass it got me very nicely hot! I enjoy being horny like this, that happens often and I don’t mind that.

  12. LisaNo Gravatar
    LisaNo Gravatar said:

    I almost made a silly error, Why would I be wrapped in a towel if I was just changing clothes? It could clearly looked to him like I just saw him and quickly conveniently let my towel fall to the floor. Partly what makes an interesting woman so appealing is her absolute faithfulness to her partner or even friends. But deep in here she is still like anyone else.

  13. W-VNo Gravatar
    W-VNo Gravatar said:

    Here is an idea that my husband came up with – on the spot… We had vacationed on an island with a nude beach and made a lot of video. So we put together a typical vacation video to share with friends, and at the end, after about 5 seconds of blank space, we added our “private” video – of me giving a naked tour of our villa, just for us.
    A few weeks later we were visiting with some close friends and after dinner showed our vacation video. When it was over, my husband tried to stop the video, but didn’t push the right button on the remote in time and right there, in front of our friends, was my naked self opening our villa door, inviting them inside! He then pushed stop, so they saw only a few seconds of “private” video… We all had a good laugh – but the fun part came when we left for the night. My husband “accidentally” left the video in their machine… which meant, of course, that after we arrived back home, several miles away, we had to call and let them know… Our joking back and forth was all they needed to know that we expected them to watch it… This gave them plenty of time to enjoy my “private tour” as much as they wanted… My husband went by a few days later to pick up the video and our friend (the husband) of course enjoyed the show. For all we know, he made a copy 🙂 It was the beginning of a whole new level of friendship. For several days afterward he jokingly referred to me as his “freeze frame friend.”

  14. LisaNo Gravatar
    LisaNo Gravatar said:

    Today will be the day. I wont pretend, if I might face some sad rejection I will cry and that’s typically me. Cross fingers.

  15. MichaelNo Gravatar
    MichaelNo Gravatar said:

    I am trying to find a website where I can post naked pictures of myself for ANY WOMAN to see. And if their interested they could contact me for chat or fun. And I do show face and all,and when I say all I mean every inch of my body. If you know what I mean !!! I feel desperate !!!

  16. BDKNo Gravatar
    BDKNo Gravatar said:

    Is there a name for this? The thought of a woman getting turned on by letting someone see them and pretending they don’t know or that it is an accident takes me to a different level!!!! I need to know more. lol

  17. BrolgaNo Gravatar
    BrolgaNo Gravatar said:

    I’ll never forget long ago I attended a party. A pretty women with an amazing figure wearing a short mini-skirt bent over in front of me, removed her underwear and gave me good look at her part between her legs. She never spoke a word to me, but it was an amazingly powerful and erotic experience.

  18. AnmolNo Gravatar
    AnmolNo Gravatar said:

    I really want be naked in public but getting nervous and thinking about what people will say about me.
    But now I have planed to do this in front of a girl directly.
    Please give me some tips to do this without nervousness, to overcome nervousness I experience when it’s coming to it to show myself.

  19. JeanNo Gravatar
    JeanNo Gravatar said:

    You’re very intelligent I love you so much.

  20. marioNo Gravatar
    marioNo Gravatar said:

    Just about to do towel drop whilst hanging out washing, may film it too..

  21. RicNo Gravatar
    RicNo Gravatar said:

    I’m always nude at home, and always answer the door that way. I have been caught masturbating 5 or 6 times. I always knew someone was coming, but continued so they would see me stroking my cock, regardless if they were a man or woman.
    I also post on the local Craigslist, being sure my face is recognizable. I’m in a small town, and I am sure many people I know have seen them. I went to a party one night, and my ad was open on the computer for everyone to see. I was happy to see friends clicking through the pictures, talking about them, laughing, and asking me questions.
    It is actually quite easy to expose yourself to thousands of people. I contacted a Tumblr page owner, and just asked if they would post my pictures. No problem, and now they are there for all to see and share. I enjoy it when friends find them, and when I hear from others who have seen them.

  22. dssNo Gravatar
    dssNo Gravatar said:

    As a male, I am afraid to expose myself, though I would love to. Many years ago in college, I lived with three roommates- one was an attractive but quiet girl of 19. Linda was into morning exercise and would always wake up early and go jogging or do calisthenics outside. I too, being a good nerdy student, got up early– to study. One winter morning, I went out to the apartment front room to get some coffee. Linda was laying in the middle of the floor, wearing a long, thick robe. She was attempting to do sit-ups without her feet propped under any furniture. I had seen her do sit-ups before with her feet under the sofa. She was struggling as she was counting 21, 22, 23. I look back on this moment and now realize that a girl of her fitness level would not even struggle in the slightest doing sit-ups without foot support. Anyway, when she saw me, she asked if i could hold her feet down. I obliged and walked over to her feet, kneeled down and put my hands on her feet using the weight of my upper body to hold her legs down. Her knees were not very high at the start (advanced sit-ups as she was good at it.) She said she had to get to 75. With my help she starts cranking them out quite quickly. I noticed that her rear end was inching a little closer to her feet as she got to about 50. I also noticed that the early morning sun was coming directly through the window shining right on her covered knees and her bare calves. As she gets to about 60, she slowed down, saying “wow, this is tough this morning.” She really started struggling with each additional sit-up. However, I had seen do 100 many times. It was right about then that I noticed her knees were really high putting her thighs and her calves at a 45 degree angle, and her knees were spread about one foot apart. I had a direct view of her crotch in the bright sunlight. I was nervous when I saw everything and gave her direct eye contact in my nervous state, but she had her eyes closed and said ” the sun is so bright.” It took her at least a minute as she struggled to do the last 15 sit-ups. I looked back and forth between her bare, spread crotch and her eyes the whole time. She never once looked at me. I could see every detail of her most intimate parts spread quite well with my face just 18 inches away-for a good amount of time. It blew my mind, as at the time I was a good boy, rather naive, never had a serious girlfriend and never really looked much at porn. Linda lived with us three nerdy boys for one semester until her father bought her a condo. Her dad brought a pickup and one of my roommates and I helped with loading the truck. As they drove away, my roommate said “I saw her everything.” When I asked about what he meant, this is the story I got. He said he woke up in the middle of the night to go pee a few weeks earlier. He noticed her bedroom light was on and the door was cracked open a few inches. He said when he came out of the bathroom, the direction of the cracked door allowed him a view into the room. He said her arms, head, and shoulders were completely under her bed and she was looking for something under there. She was wearing a nighty, but her rear was directly up in the air and the nightly did not cover anything. Bare ass and crotch is all he saw. He told me her “crack was wet and red and it was right by the door!” Linda was a pale-skinned blonde. He never said much else about it-even when I asked later. I never told him my experience.

    At the time, I did not really understand what was going on. Now, thirty years, many girlfriends, and two wives later –I do. Linda was an exhibitionist to the max. She had answered our room for rent ad in the university paper. We were three dorky, nerdy, good students. We had always wondered why a beautiful girl would choose to live with us. She did not talk much, although very polite. We never saw a boyfriend or even many of her friends. She kept to herself and dressed rather conservatively. But she liked to show off to nerds- not just standing up or a nipple peak down the blouse. She liked to give full-on spread crotch shorts for extended periods of time at close distance without disturbing the viewer from viewing. I realize now that these two episodes took careful planning and preparation. My viewing had to have the exact proper angle for the direct sunlight without my back blocking it. She also had calculated the rise in her knees to give me the robe opening needed- probably took practice. My guess is that she was masturbating the night my roommate woke up- explains the wet and redness. She probably quickly got into position before he left his bedroom. I never asked the last roommate if he got a show- I am sure he did.

    I still get excited thinking about her actions. I wish I could do the same without fear of being arrested.

  23. AnneNo Gravatar
    AnneNo Gravatar said:

    Hello Dss,
    I can see you had there quite a rich experience and so for the other roommate. Thank you very much for sharing! I see why it’s easier to expose to nerds. Even though they are smart and they perceive matters or details fast, they do not question things much. Instead they contemplate what happened and appreciate it. If I am correct.

    I must completely agree with your definitions; ” Linda was an exhibitionist to the max”, “She liked to give full-on spread crotch shorts for extended periods of time at close distance without disturbing the viewer from viewing”. But she is very smart herself. Obviously she must have precisely calculate the angles of the morning sunrise along with how she was positioned on that floor/spot so you get the best light and clear view on her how she wanted. Naturally she had to keep her eyes closed due to the sun. Truly nicely planned clever job. She would have rehearsed this to some extend. Both lines the 1st “wow, this is tough this morning” (prolonging) and then 2nd “the sun is so bright” (reason to shut her eyes) seem premeditated and nice. She had great idea. Equally, I’ve been thinking now, gradually because her legs bent to the 45 degree angle – I guess by progressing to that state (“inching a little closer” as you put it) must mean if it were not your hands getting shifted towards her while you held her legs, it could have been only her body sliding on the ground in your directions. Which was what distance, about 45cm = 1-1/2 foot long? This could as well slip beautifully higher the thick robe she had dressed on her hence uncover her even further for you. She trusted you and she was into it. Shame she had to move out. An arousing curiosity, she preferred to show her crotch mostly (though judging only from these two occasions), I prefer to expose completely but also to stay naked for as long as possible, we are all different aren’t we!

    > I still get excited thinking about her actions. I wish I could do the same without fear of being arrested.
    Another approach would be if you work in two, where you with a friend would plan things and arrange a time with a third person who would appreciate having you naked around. If it’s classified as an original gift or an erotic treat which the 3rd person feels about ‘why not I deserve it’ whilst knowing you have to return any kinky favor, it fits in all right and things get moved on easier too. It works the best all parties get the nice body rush.

  24. SeantbirdNo Gravatar
    SeantbirdNo Gravatar said:

    I have enjoyed being naked and having girls and women see me my whole life. A years ago my sis-in-law called one morning to ask if we had a belly pack she could borrow. I told her “Sure, some on by. I’m just getting ready to shower”. After I showered I puttered around the kitchen waiting, I saw them come by the kitchen window. The front door opened and I heard her girlfriend (she was in her lesbian phase) call out. I told her the pack was on the back of the chair (it wasn’t). She called out that she couldn’t find it, so I was “forced” to come out and look for it. I rushed out and looked on the chair and then I had to look around to find it. She stood there staring! I finally found it and handed it to her. She took it and left. Later my sis-in-law called my wife and told her “we came by to pick up the belly pack and Sean was naked! He knew we were coming. Lora went in and he came out with no clothes! I asked Lora what she saw and she said “I saw everything!!!”. My wife just laughed and told me about it. She knows I like to be naked. It was fun!

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Decent naked but not nude photo.

“Every time I know I am going to undress for someone my whole body is shaking, always the same way. The nerves created by the thrill boost up my feeling of great comfort and desire. During those moments, and then when I am undressed, it feels as if time didn’t exist.” by: Me (Anne) “Playing […]

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