How to make yourself naked for someone’s eyes

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Encounters with my sister’s uni classmate.

Below is what I’ve been up to and here are basics of the idea.

My sister and her friend often study sitting out on the veranda. When he goes inside to her room or bathroom I quickly lean backwards against the sink touching it with my left hand. I am completely naked bowing a little forward showing my whole front. The door is left wide opened. I have my headphones on (to “justify” why I didn’t hear him coming) but still can hear his steps getting closer and passing by.

My eyes are shut. My legs a bit spread apart. With 2 fingers on my other hand I’m madly rubbing my clitoris and taking the pleasure, letting him to see me satisfying myself and enjoying it. A couple of times he stopped. Then he can see me again on his way back. From what he tells me, it appears, he is able to enjoy the spectacle for a few short seconds.

Only once our eyes met. This is a huge turn on for me, I felt like flying in clouds. I wish he was brave enough to walk in towards me to wash his hands or to reach for something.

How bizarre, always after a new encounter, every time I come down he is as if nothing ever happened. He keeps it for himself. I know, in this respect, he never speaks about me to anyone. He got used to it just the way how I wanted him to. After all it wasn’t so hard to achieve my goals of getting to this stage. Did I mentioned that I make him feel happy-lucky too?

At times while only I am at home, when I’m really horny and in that mood (well with me normally that’s about 4 out of 7), I open the door to him having no clothes on. I simply say “Hi …. come in …. just ignore me, if you must …. or don’t ….” in a friendly voice but the thrill I get during these moments is so intense and nerve-wracking literally impossible to hide! He picks up on it easily. The original intention is that if the situation permits I love to stay exposed naked for longer.

The second minute starts and I am telling him about something new I have or herd, mixing a drink, etc., everything that comes and goes is a part of the game. He patiently listens and watches me with interest. He often smiles as we talk. I noticed he is not afraid to look at me and he quite likes it too. The inner pleasure from being naked around him can be so powerful and pleasing that it could make my mind go blank sometimes. He has not seen me coming yet, in the real act I mean with the big-O. He is never annoying.

We discussed me having fun and getting pleasure for myself from playing on my terms, when not forced. Being observed nude and masturbating in front of someone who is fully dressed is the final deal. For me to make love with a guy I have to dearly love him first (BTW he must enjoy some kinky playing too 🙂 ) He understands my desire, agrees with me and is supportive. Mind you I am not the sexiest on this planet but not the ugliest either, just the average.

Is he proud of me? Enjoyed me? Does he look at me with pleasure? I wonder what he really thinks of me. It is like a dilemma. I wish I make him very happy by what he experiences. Actually, if I don’t know the answers I feel hotter and more curious wanting to experiment further and to find out even more. And that’s only one part from the whole circle, of all the bits and drives I get the kick out of.

I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to ask him whether he would enjoy to watch me masturbate. But right from the start until the end of my orgasm. I will probably offer him a coffee, the greatest and tastiest coffee in the world and, i’ll make it when I have already nothing on. As soon as he has it in his hands, it depends on where, if he stands in the kitchen or sits on a sofa, I will stand or sit down next to him and start to rub by clit, masturbate and chat a little about what he thinks of that. I want to have my best time but I will not hurry. If he set on the floor, for the fun of it I would try to make a yoga bridge if i could on the carpet using one hand only. And with the other one I would passionately massage myself between my legs.

Only one thing bugs me about this – sometimes he doesn’t show up in our place for days. Plus, I get the chance only in less than 10% of the times during his visits to manage to get myself naked when he can freely look at me.

**** For me to be able to do this; firstly I learned how to disregard ANY scary thoughts I would otherwise naturally have. For example negative ideas such as “…. this is not normal I cannot do it ….” and so on there could be many. Everything feels incredibly terrifying so to speak. BUT IN THE ACTUAL FACT IT’S NOT. It is the other way around. Instead I go with my intuitive feeling. My intuition strongly tells me; doing this is actually like a gift for the receiving person because that’s what it really is – special, rare, unique, valuable, hot, interesting, unconventional, funny, popular, full of pleasure, erotic, perhaps almost nonexistent – all these make the fast and stressful life we live in nicer. S/he loves it, naturally wants to see you naked. It’s an instinct humans possess, our eyes always search for an erotic glance. We need a real balance in life to perform better elsewhere in an ordinary day. At work or uni, among family and friends, you name it. Therefore basically when I stand there naked (oh finally) to benefit as much as possible I focus only on enjoying those moments. I am often terribly nervous as if not confident in myself. My knees get week and voice gets shaky. Like any human. That positive embarrassment within, a bit like pleasant humiliation, brings the most beneficial and true enjoyment for myself. This is why you could be back at it every new time – just do it and enjoy it! This is what my intuition is telling me. It’s hard for me to describe in writing how it feels once you appear completely naked. To know for 100% what it feels like, one has to replace the shaky fear from undressing/lasting there completely naked for courage. Going through it explains it much better.

What if my intuition was totally wrong? If my insights about the other person were incorrect then the natural outcome will be very simple again; I accidentally got caught while doing my private thing. People play and we do it all the time anyway …. partners or singles …. it’s the gratifying rewards everyone is after.

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  1. How to expose totally naked to a girl?No Gravatar
    How to expose totally naked to a girl?No Gravatar said:

    How to expose totally naked to a girl or a woman I know or do not know for a man can be trickier than it looks. With all the respect women have it a little easier in showing their naked bodies to men. I have been noticing a lady from next door quite often looks down just under my waist area where my private parts are. I do not know why she does it but maybe she would not complain about seeing me naked. Maybe I could be up to something exciting for her.

  2. grimm25No Gravatar
    grimm25No Gravatar said:

    Definitely puts things in perspective. I got in trouble once with hotel security when I was parading around our room in the evening with the lights on, and I was not even completely naked with the curtains only partially open.

    It all depends on the situation and who sees you.

    I’ve got a reputation with the one company that delivers Chinese food. On a couple of occasions two guys deliver the food. The first time I was cautious, wondering if I was being set up for my past performances.

    The rules are definitely different if your man versus a woman. 99% of the time no one ever complains when they get to see a woman naked.

  3. MatthewNo Gravatar
    MatthewNo Gravatar said:

    Hello. I’m a 46 years old man and my partner of 6 yrs younger rather loves to make me strip and pose naked for some of her girl friends at our place. I always masturbate for them. It depends, once a month or once a fortnight and I kind of rather enjoy it. Matt

  4. One-sided nudity - JillNo Gravatar
    One-sided nudity - JillNo Gravatar said:

    My fourth real relationship was with a dominant man who was also older than me. I was terribly happy and in love with him for what he was doing with me and I would do anything and everything to please him so he was more submissive in his nature.

    When I could come to his unit, as the first thing he would make me undress to nude and stay naked all the time I was there. He hid my clothes away. He was always dressed. Sometimes, still down to nothing, he would order me to put only my shoes back on and then he would ring his friend to come to see me. Not knowing who his friend is made me waiting extremely nervous out of my mind.

    From my perspective it feels natural and normal. There cannot be any doubt that his acts of stripping me completely naked and putting me on display for him and his friends pleasure was terribly beautiful and overwhelming experience. I had the most extraordinarily mind blowing experiences while they watched me and talked to me. At that point my heart was so pounding I couldn’t even speak and literally I just leaked and leaked. It truly is a shocking pleasure … celebrate if someone is willing to create that kind of erotic atmosphere for you.

    I didn’t know it was in me until I tried it.

    Unfortunately he moved away 🙁 j

  5. 40's MaleNo Gravatar
    40's MaleNo Gravatar said:

    Anne, What a gift you are, opening the door naked, making him comfortable and letting him know he can look. I wish I had such an arrangement with someone.

    added by Anne:
    Thank you. Sure, but it’s pleasure also for me you know. So, where do you live?

  6. MichaelNo Gravatar
    MichaelNo Gravatar said:

    I took off my pyjamas, to get dressed this morning, and became aware of the muscles in my body – which feeling – clothing can inhibit awareness of. It is a beautiful feeling being naked, so natural, that it seems a tragedy that most humans spend their lives not being naked – especially to others.

    I love the ‘disclosure’ on this page in mental terms too, along with the description of physical nakedness, that is another aspect of the exploration.

    When I was young, I went out of the house naked in the rain. I still recall the pleasure of doing that.

    Thanks for this! I enjoyed it immensely!

  7. FemsupNo Gravatar
    FemsupNo Gravatar said:

    I can understand your desire to be naked in the presence of a clothed man. Is there a style of dress maybe a uniform or a smart suit that will make you feel more vulnerable/powerful. Would you not like to rub your body against those clothes to feel the juxtaposition of your naked skin and the coarser feeling of his clothing.

  8. SusanneNo Gravatar
    SusanneNo Gravatar said:

    Hi Anne,

    your website is a blast! 🙂 Today I’ve tried this for the first time and I’m still totally excited!

    I was wondering how to increase the time being naked. Maybe I could do something like to clamp my hair in wall closet and ask the guy to “free” me? But how could I do that “accidentally”?

    Please let me know if you have any ideas 🙂


    ADDED by Anne:
    Hello Susanne, thanks and how did it go?!

    Clamping hair into a closet door sounds absolutely perfect. Even more so if it got clamped very “badly”, wouldn’t that be lovely. But how to make such happening possible! Maybe close it in somehow?

    Perhaps some technical minds will come forward with few handy and sensible ideas on this?

  9. AxisNo Gravatar
    AxisNo Gravatar said:

    if only there was more women like you… I wish there was someone to allow me to watch something so beautiful. I would love to be part of a moment like that with someone. I’ve always been open to test new exciting things but haven’t found a woman to share stuff like that with… thank u Anne for the hope that I will one day.

  10. DiorNo Gravatar
    DiorNo Gravatar said:

    You ought to understand how you can position oneself (or reposition oneself). Perception in other head is all the things. You want to be perceived by him as the hottest interesting girl that counts.

  11. MaxNo Gravatar
    MaxNo Gravatar said:

    I do love the manner in which you have enjoyed yourself and entertained this man. It may seem, particularly, not that easy to do but you have presented yourself with a great class. Amazing idea! Thank you very much.

  12. basketNo Gravatar
    basketNo Gravatar said:

    My partner and I could enjoy doing similar things for a guy he knows. I like what I read so I am just learning and imagining myself … which makes me feel extremely hot and it is just thinking about these things. Looking forward into our nude-ly erotic experiments.

  13. marioNo Gravatar
    marioNo Gravatar said:

    Hi Anne, amazing site. I finally did it. I got naked in front of a customer! Im a plumber and whilst replacing a fitting behind a washing machine, i “arranged ” a leak that soaked my t shirt and trousers. I asked the lady customer for a towel and showed her i was wet, as she went to get the towel i took my t shirt off and undid my belt, my heart was racing. When she returned with the towel i was very appologetic and she went a bit red but said it was fine, she put the towel on a stool. Standing in the kitchen she saw i was soaked and asked if i wanted to use the tumble dryer. I said yes that would be great , at least i wouldbt be wet all day! She took my t shirt from me and headed toward the tumble dryer, this was thd moment, i turned my back to her as she moved away and i slipped my trousers to the floor and stepped out of them, i heard the tumble dryer door open, i think she thought that the t shirt was the only thing i was taking off , my heart is now thumping really hard. i took hold of my briefs and pulled them right down and stepped out of them. I was fully bent over wearing only my socks, i picked up my clothes. I turned arround holding my clothes to cover my cock. She said with a pleasant laugh “i didnt expect to be doing this today” as she took my clothes she looked a my cock. I reached for the towel and rubbed it over my head and face for about 15 seconds (which seemed like hours) “this gave her the best excuse to look at my naked body. I wrapped the towel losely arround my waste and carried on working behind the washing machine, there was lots of small talk. Whilst i was kneeling or on my back reaching for the pipework the towel would flop open or just fall off, all the time she was watching and she may have taken a picture or two with her phone. After the job was done she made me a coffee and we sat in the lounge until the clothes were dry. As she took them out of the machine i took the towel off to give her one final full frontal view. !!!!! I now thinking up more reasons to get naked with customers.

  14. jerNo Gravatar
    jerNo Gravatar said:

    I went to a pool belonging to all residents of our units and saw 2 very pretty Asian girls being there as well. I loosened up my bathing suite dove in and was fully nude as consequence of my purposeful behavior. You want believe the sensational thrill.

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