How to show myself naked?

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How can I show myself naked?

It’s easy as 1-2-3

Below are the DIY basics as I see them and here is how complicated I can make it.

Applicable for women and men. Would you like to get completely naked and be watched like that? Want to start with experimenting, but don’t know how and where? Good news, it’s easy. Find someone consenting to it.

“Ok, I know …. but how”, you might ask?

Just do some initial planning for yourself. All you need is to pick someone you think you could trust. When you know of somebody then:

#1. Choose a time and a place where this person can catch/spot you fully naked “by an accident”. Room, bathroom, kitchen, wherever.

#2. Prolong it once you get caught. Do not run away nor hide instantly when it happens. For example have some items in your hands whose need to be put down before you can walk away. Walk exposed not too far from him, act semi-proud of your situation and you can say “…. ups sorry ….” before disappearing. That’s it. When totally naked, 5-10 seconds will seem as very-very long time to you but will be more than sufficient.

#3. Staying strong and not covering your body with hands during those 10 secs will place a lovely bug in his head. Sort of hard to forget after he clearly saw everything. Now: later on, again best if in a private environment, meet the person and apologize briefly but in a friendly fashion. Wait for an answer. If it’s cool just say “…. Good …. If you see more of me like that it’s because it is just too hot* …. which was the ONLY reason why I was nude ….” (or replace * with; too humid, sunny, nice and windy and I love the wind on my skin, dark and I like the freshness of the evening air on my skin, etc. what ever suits you better.) Also this time, wait for the answer. If it’s scented with ‘cool’ meaning again only say “…. Good thanks I will enjoy it ….”. Sense his answers, you will understand more about how much you can trust him if you listen well.

Keep It Simple Smarty – KISS
After each stage and in No.3, wait for the ‘cool’ type in responds. They work as signals for you to go further or not going anywhere. Without a clear positive signal you could desperately push it and end up showing yourself naked like as if you were desperate. Each signal suggests you the next move. If for instance after the

“…. Good thanks I will enjoy it ….”

follows a cool type signal you get, it almost sounds like he is asking YOU to say

“…. Fine then …. just give me a second ….”

It comes to there very easily. Fit in one last line

“…. Are you provoking me? …. I told you I enjoy walking naked around …. I will do it! ….”

It is the last answer you require before you can fully expose. You would then be the winner so do not wait any longer. Now you can say:

“…. ALL RIGHT …. thanks, give me a second ….”

He gets marginally scared from what you said. Just go and take it all off right now. OK. Now you are naked. I know I am naked, so what’s next?! … you may say. Well, you are doomed now and all the hell breaks loose ( sorry I was just joking here :) ) In fact, this is the time when you are supposed to enjoy the thrill to the fullest. Be happy, enjoy! Before walking in:

“…. OK! …. Ready? …. Are you sure?! …. Please don’t get any wrooong ideaaas ….”

Appear in front of his eyes and TRY to behave as per normal. Don’t talk about your state. Continue doing what you were doing prior getting undressed (cutting vegetables for instance). If you felt too ashamed you can always walk away for a bit to recharge your confidence “…. Moment, i forgot something ….” and return with your phone, sunglasses or lipstick on plus showing to be even more happy from being able to be completely naked around the place. If he had a silly comment, in such a case look at him and say:

“…. Maybe i’ll go to dress up again ….”

that on its own will teach him the lesson (excuse me for the lack of a better term but some matters are better strict)…

In life somewhere during communication you get those signals after each significant step is made so simply analyze these and go for it. Those who like to think outside of their box are always capable of having extra great fun. Things can be done easy, but also easy things can be turned again into being difficult. It only depends on who does it and how. Or how much you want it and how much you intend to succeed at making things you never knew how to make successfully. There will be the time in these situations when your own heart goes bum bum bum, horribly bum bum and you will be naked at the same time; I certainly don’t back off because actually that feeling is why I bother. What can be done then(?) is I guess up to me. First of all I am not there with a complete stranger whom I just met a week ago (which would be way to wrong – I want to be accompanied by a dressed guy for a long time not just in a flash.) Instead of running to hide as a rescue, more appropriate for blending-in would be telling him “…. are you enjoying Mate? …. because I kind of do :) …. it’s somewhat different too …. when you are here …. you can be gazing as much as you want ….” You never know, a perfect relationship can evolve for you and him or you can have a great fun for yourself just from this.

What could be the best/appropriate time and place for showing yourself naked?

Any new ideas crossed your mind?! Please write down any points you could think of and pls submit them below. Original or useful suggestions will be proudly added into the text on this page. Anyone could adopt the extra help from you cause showing yourself completely naked isn’t always that straight forward (if it’s to be marvelous for everyone involved.) Planing and creativity is needed – just because looking at her/his naked body is often desired, it doesn’t mean that undressing is automatically always expected.

Seduction technique guide.
  1. How can I show myself naked? From a male in Brisbane.No Gravatar
    How can I show myself naked? From a male in Brisbane.No Gravatar said:

    Invoking her and his passionate senses! Interesting ideas for this narrow subject. I have realized a lot thanks to reading every advice and members’ comments in here. It is helping to see success stories from others perspective, thanks for all of that. Showing my naked body to another being fascinate me > and vise verse > occasionally I would like to watch a happy naked girl doing her ordinary things either in my presence or when she’s not aware of it. I am a guy in my 40’s > related questions on how can I show myself naked in front of someone or how can I find a suitable woman whose senses are being turned on this way > one dressed one naked scenario > are on the rise in my mind. It’s almost like a hobby to me. Passionately your friend, Frank. Cheers

  2. Naked behind her door line.No Gravatar
    Naked behind her door line.No Gravatar said:

    I’ve been visiting quite regularly for a year. Reading and reading, looking for new ideas in the content and at home after, whenever in the mood for, practicing and practicing. I am not anyone special, only an ordinary fun loving Sheila working full-time in a large business office which is perhaps somewhere close by you. Overly I have 1-1/2 year of experience in showing myself naked (doesn’t it sound interesting or even funny?) – I can say I already had a few nice times at my place. I enjoy read everything here and picking up on that specific deep strong inner feeling created by these activities. You can describe it very closely. And also I’d like to share my related experiences with other readers. So here I go with my input…

    Planing ahead to show myself in nude. Waiting for THE time. THE fun aspect resulting from the actual exposing of my complete naked body. And then after it happened. The overall feeling from each of these is very special. A very difficult to describe in words for me. Though you can bring it pretty close Anne.

    To enjoy the success much more, first I had to learn how to stay calm. It took a bit of practice on the way however it wasn’t too hard.

    It is a work in progress so to speak. Below is continuation to my initial feedback I posted a while back. Further below in this comment I describe the second a more erotic stage of my, or better to say, our progress (sorry if it’s too long I wanted to write more details.)

    A unique kind of relationship developed between me and the manager of our townhouse complex … it is only me who shows naked body in the full glow. I benefit so much. The time length of me being naked always varies and I can perfectly relax while I am undressed around him.

    It was only today morning that I said to him “being naked like this when you are here makes me very excited”.

    He didn’t answer that one but he certainly could hear me though. I noticed a little grimace in his facial expression. And that’s it, now I am left with it…

    All what we are up to when we meet, or rather to define what is distinctively different compared to the other visitors I usually have, is based on that I am without any clothing on. We do a bit of that and bit of this when he comes. Like with a trades guy. Improvements inside my unit and we also go out. Through my rear glass door the little garden I have at the back is 80% hidden and safe. We behave like in a normal, everyday life, except that I am naked.

    It’s an amazing experience. It’s like obvious that I must be naked even though we never discussed why. I.E. I am totally naked having only shoes or sleepers on or am without them. If he is saying something, I usually stand towards him facing him as I am purely naked. When I speak he listens politely but he also likes to scan me from top to bottom. Two times when he got here and was already working with plants, I opened and tried to meet him while still normally dressed. After saying Hi I briefly looked around asking “is everything safe?” He even double-checks the state of safety for me and after symbolically approves. I began undressing placing all my clothing on the outside furniture while at the same time we spoke matters related to what we were up doing that day. I took my clothes inside, hid it well and brought out 2 cups of coffee.

    Soon there will be nothing more to do in my place, a smaller touches perhaps. We email to each other what could be improved and to organize when he will be coming. For instance, we replanted one of my bushes to position it better. I was very happy about relocating it because the plant was already quite grown. I prepared a quick meal for us as well. He stayed that day for two to three hours. When he was leaving I actually thanked him by giving him a warm hug. Pressing my naked body on him gave me that cooling sensation on my skin. It was the only physical contact we ever had.

    But here goes; after today I emailed him a slightly differently flavored text. For the first time I talk about, ummm, erotic matters you may say. “Often when you’re here I feel too hot. Please don’t think that it is a problem because it really isn’t. I am very thankful for everything you do for me.” Then I went on with whether he would mind or not, if it comes on me like before, if I will masturbate to orgasm next to him. While we work on something. Instead of me just being naked.

    Each time before we meet we exchange emails first to make the timing concrete. So wonder what his response to this will be now. Surprisingly I’m literally SHAKING IN MY BOOTS. Hopefully he accepts my proposition. When he replies the way I anticipate, to take it further I still wish to RE: include what I truly dream off nowadays:

    “… when the work is more complicated for me … when a skill is needed and I can only help with passing you tools … if I can help myself and reach my orgasm I will(gladly) I will have a bit of time for playing with myself … I must explain …”

    Not sure whether this is a crazy idea or not. I am aware I must progress gradually for it naturally manifests in full. You’d probably need to read whole of this to find out more details about us to understand more to perceive it. What I’d like to achieve is I can decide on when to start to rub my clit as we interact. At any time I want. The reason is to bring the encounters into a new dimension.

    I will concentrate on his job, acknowledging what he does, but he will also notice how hugely horny this woman is. Whether I only pass him tools at that time or when we work together on something. In other words I will be able to openly masturbate with one hand, not hiding the pleasure I am experiencing, either while I am working or in taking short breaks.

    There’s more: I intend to masturbate in intervals, postponing my orgasm. Each time I get close to erupt I will stop. One in one – concentrating still on what we do together and being extremely horny as well.

    I will … continue to talk about the work we do as a priority (for which this obsessed mid aged female thus will impress as being also a good companion for a handyman) but also, with much lower profile, I’ll fit in describing of how close I get every-time I touch myself or what type of pleasure I go through when AROUSED.

    I won’t stop myself only once towards the end when he can focus on me one hundred percent. Having the orgasm by some awkward way would be nice. Like in a surrealistic movie is worthy. For example we are standing 1-2 meters from each other, both of us hold a mug with tea. I bow my body forward towards him while rubbing my clitoris until he finally sees me reaching it and going through my orgasm. How would that be if I massaged my-between-legs area against a chair? I picked up on it in one of your pages. Why not some day later? It unbelievably hard, comical and long too. Maybe, I would love if he positioned me to watch me the way he likes, if he prefers.

    * If anyone thinks that I anticipate it too much then you are 100% correct!

    ** I already posted about how all of this initially started. In short;
    I had two days off. My car was in closed garage. He was doing his job assuming I was at work. It was quick for a novice like me but because several scenarios already occupied my brain, I can say that they helped me to managed it well this day;
    I spotted him coming gradually towards my place so I lied down naked into my banana chair at the back, with a book I was reading besides me, waited for him, and upsy, he walked in on me. He was All Right! And I played only a little shocked. The final finish tasted incredible.
    (The rest about that particular time is in my first comment – the final finish tasted incredible and I was in fact on my way.)

    Expose yourself fully naked and after be more desired to show naked body again.

    IT WORKS!!! The planned initial encounters, similar to prerequisites *, they really smooth up the road for the much bolder second tries. ( * required necessities, some prior conditions )

    So, what has happened after that?

    Well, I was more fearless to go for the more daring try.

    Some weeks ago I was cleaning outdoors while also he was out. We chat normal stuff and I asked him if he would be so kind to look at a leaking hose connection for my washing machine. It was a normal thing, no giggling or anything of that kind. Later on I went in as it was getting too hot outside.

    I was taking shower, starting to contemplate what I will do ones he comes, when I suddenly herd somebody is knocking on my door. Just a minute prior … I knew, somehow subconsciously, that he’ll appear just now.

    THIS WAS rather unplanned but it ended to be THE BEST TIME !

    I stepped out of the bathroom naked with no any towel in my hands, nor on me. Like that, totally naked I opened the door showing only my face from behind it. He already had a small tool box with him.

    “Ah great thank you so much”. I said his name and without having anything prepared, “look I am completely wet as I was just having shower … do you mind to come in right now? I will appreciate it … (he shook his head to yes, pausing and shaking again saying ye) … OK please come in but I have nothing on so if you don’t mind THAT ? .. I am fine with it.”

    Hiding behind I opened the door. He walked in, then I closed it.

    Wasn’t it his lucky day again ? My too ! This actually can be easier to do than what it seems. And that’s without dressing dowdy 😉 What a thrill in the real. It seems to be EXACTLY so; if you get him ready before, it cannot go wrong.

    Immediately after I closed the door: I was covering my breasts with my bare hands, looking at him, I said, “I am not suggesting anything but, will I be in a trouble if I stay like I am? No? OK then … of course, … let’s see the laundry problem.” (I also pronounce some other nonsense I don’t remember any more but it was something in terms of “open mindedness”.)

    I walked in front of him, shamelessly as possibly as I was able to. I focused on behaving just like I would be if I wasn’t naked. Basically, mercilessly to my own self I tried to ignore the fact of being naked next to him, it helped me to chill, not to look fake and to cope. As we went down it was the time when I freed my breasts for good. Throughout the whole deal I found gesticulation with my hands is a very good remedy for situations like these (just to protect or improve a bit of integrity).

    “Here it is look, I had to put that jar on the floor for the water drips into it. I’ve noticed it first about two weeks ago.” He tried if it’s tightly connected. “… ‘It will be only the rubber gasket in there, I’ll have a look.’ … Are you sure, you don’t mind me be like this? ‘No.’ Uh no worries then. It’s just too hot summer”. I even grabbed the jar to empty it and put it back on the floor.

    He had one glass of water I offered him. Both of us remained friendly and I could say in sort of a happier mood. I stayed naked for slightly less than half an hour. Which would be extremely long to ask for. It was visible that he did like the whole idea.

    He had to get the gasket first. When he was leaving I joked that when he brings the spare part I will welcome him in the same way. Naked again. He said ‘any time’. “Fine … Purely Naked” I said :) And so it happened. I wasn’t wet from shower as before. Just naked plus with some jewelry on. And by the way I always trim and shave between my legs but not completely everything, I still leave a lovely eye-catcher portion on.

    He never questions why I want to be naked. Or why I like to be naked because obviously I want to enjoy these experiments. I never ask him whether he enjoys it. Have you ever gone suntanning while gardening totally naked; 1. With a fully dressed man there with you? 2. With a fully undressed woman there with you? He comes for a coffee often, incognito. He helps a lot, honestly he truly does a lots of work at my place.

    It was him who brought that special atmosphere to the whole thing. An old age sense of decency is always present. It sort of evolved in. He is allowed to look at me at all times. E.g. I band down when he is behind me, to us both it doesn’t matter that I can see him looking at my parts there. I turn to him and he can freely check out my breasts or confidently study nipples on them if he wants to. That’s the general feel, it exists but we never comment much about anything private. What I get the biggest kick out of is when I am outside naked and I don’t have any of my clothing anywhere around me. Purposely I leave it behind and as far as possible for I don’t see it. Best if it’s upstairs! Knowing that I have nothing to cover my naked body is significant for him as well, it really does get pretty into mind. To me it feels something like being lost in a heaven or at least it must be very close to it. I guess what he thinks is that, logically, I am going to stay only naked with him there.

    We’ll see how we go with THE next step. Can’t wait!


  3. The philosophy sounds not too bad, rather promising. ValNo Gravatar
    The philosophy sounds not too bad, rather promising. ValNo Gravatar said:

    I mustn’t forget to add. Referring to the article above; The idea of get caught naked first and then have it easier or easy next time, with the same person, it actually does work. I’ve contemplated it numerous times. I cannot say what his thoughts were immediately and some time after he saw the naked woman in her outdoor banana chair (which is me.) Were they maybe …. an innocent accident? I certainly hope so and it does appear that way from what I was told. Nevertheless, although a little afraid, I found some courage to act naturally and, as required by this philosophy I managed to do it in my first time. I should also say that I badly wanted it too.

    Wonder what would crystallize if I have had my eyes closed and the earphones on “to justify why I couldn’t hear him coming”. He could turn back and I wouldn’t know. But he could stand there and watch me for longer. There is not only one way so who knows. I think it was for the best that we both acknowledged and settled it.

    The second time, roughly around 3 weeks after THE first encounter, it went for me as if I had it nicely served on a decorated golden tray. All I offered was ~ look I just had a shower therefore I am naked but you can still come in. He felt differently about me resulting from already seeing me nude (and stuck) before. He happily agreed to come inside. Val

    Added by Admin: Hi Val, this is great outcome. Please let me know how the latest progress goes for you, for you both. I will link your 2nd text to your 1st comment. Thank you for the update. please feel most welcome to register and write/publish your own articles instead of just commenting. I sent you an email, Anne.

  4. Beata n' Ron about Creating teasing or humiliating but pleasant feel type of atmosphere by showing myself naked..No Gravatar
    Beata n' Ron about Creating teasing or humiliating but pleasant feel type of atmosphere by showing myself naked..No Gravatar said:

    My husband and I we often talk about daring actions ideas places but so far we have not done anything outside of our own circle. As for myself, the thrill from exposing naked would definitely satisfy me if that someone is eager to see me and was not unsuspecting. I agree with you on this Anne. Sexy birthday gift for a lonely friend or colleague anticipating it is how to approach what we want too now. Even though success can be built up on a quick starting point as well, just like with anything else in life, just want not to fail in first instance. First the embarrassing moment as the consequence from getting purposely exposed naked, which should also cause that vital spark. Then progressing further from the initial TRIAL to the desired longer time exposure if that 3rd stage went well. Interesting questions: how to make myself exposed for someone else but in harmony and how to last fully naked for a longer while.

    Has anyone done that? Any witty, lively, intelligent ideas to share, or what was it that sparked it off for you? My head is full of this subject right now.

  5. glennNo Gravatar
    glennNo Gravatar said:

    i like to take it all off in front of others and just be seen totally naked is an awesome warm feeling and sensation for all my senses!

  6. Showing completely naked to someone visiting me.No Gravatar
    Showing completely naked to someone visiting me.No Gravatar said:

    Showing myself completely naked to someone else and how to do it efficiently so the other person finds it suitable interesting or tempting, is something that is very often on my mind. Why not to show naked to my visitor. thanks Mike

  7. Devotion to nakedness.No Gravatar
    Devotion to nakedness.No Gravatar said:

    I would scream “help i am naked my towel fell down” but then it wouldn’t be a good idea would it, to frighten him or her for no reason, when all is already so good.

  8. KarenNo Gravatar
    KarenNo Gravatar said:

    Being watched completely naked without any single clothing piece on, which is now laying down on the floor but a close by my legs for the further captivating effect, and having that fun at the same to how you are describing above … just thinking about such erotic scenario makes me horrendously stimulated. I like your honesty and openness. It’s extremely tempting and sort of warm too. I really want to be watched completely naked in the same ways now!

  9. garthNo Gravatar
    garthNo Gravatar said:

    i love getting naked mainly when I am naked outside for him

  10. Naked girl after her towel fell off.No Gravatar
    Naked girl after her towel fell off.No Gravatar said:

    I very much enjoyed reading your writing. Especially the suggestions on how to go about showing myself naked but still be in a good light after in happens. To be honest your ideas are very inspiring. I feel where you are coming from. Now I want to be the naked girl after her towel fell off. I think I will try to be caught naked standing in bathroom at least with a body lotion in my hand or in some place at home somewhere else. Or in some similar way as long as it works well. Oh this feels so very tempting! I want to experiment with this and badly so.

  11. ... he is looking at me naked.No Gravatar
    ... he is looking at me naked.No Gravatar said:

    It was already almost dark outside. I was lightly dressed watering herbs along our house side. My husband noticed a boy from next door was secretly watching me. A young man rather, he didn’t know that we knew he was spying. The window can be about 10 meters away, 32.8 feet, from where I stud. Instantly we did get the idea I could expose myself fully naked to him from the place where I was. In fact, strangely or not, you probably know what I mean, I was so driven to do it that it made me feel on the spot extraordinarily special, nice, you name it. By slipping it down I took my short dress off after I sprinkled some water over it. Still holding the hose running and being completely naked already, except sandals I had on, I walked back a few steps to put the dress away off my hand but then I returned back right away. I was maybe over-watering the plants but for this particular reason I couldn’t care less. It surely felt as a great fun to be watched naked like that for quite a long time, it went on till it got dark. Oh my he sees me naked, my shaky knees, was what went through my mind initially. To stabilize took me about 10 minutes, gradually I got relaxed. Naked standing / posing for the guy watching me! I undress for him more often since that day. When we notice he is or would be waiting we go for it. He definitely thinks that we don’t know that he knows what I do, thus we keep it at ≈ hypothetically ≈ as us being unaware. I have no any doubts he enjoys watching me naked and this is even though he can say hello very politely.

    My husband loves it enormously! He reckons that the whole atmosphere is amazing. So far he can only look at me being dressed or naked doing something or standing outside but we’ve been thinking to advance these encounters further.

  12. ReesyNo Gravatar
    ReesyNo Gravatar said:

    Just desire to say your pages are astounding. Simply excellent and I assume you’re an expert on this subject. Like a romance writer. I would be fine with you present and your permission to look at watching you. Thanks a million and please continue this tremendously enjoyable work.

  13. hypnotized & inspired by You!No Gravatar
    hypnotized & inspired by You!No Gravatar said:

    Women Who calmly enjoy being seen are the Goddess. There is a special dignity and courage to a Woman who allows You to see calmly as with the Woman who openly showed Her Goddess revealed attributes to Her plumber. There is a graciousness and kind healing that emanates from a Woman who permits and encourages a man to give himself an orgasm while watching through Her window… All of these freedoms, graces and sacred healings are Wonderful! All of You are Goddesses! Alas, the time is past when I could safely seek the comfort of gazing gratefully upon one such as You. Here in Denver/Boulder Colorado; the law is so heinous here one more charge for watching without carefully obtained permission would mean life imprisonment. It’s been 13 years since I have freely watched, and 18 since I’ve made Love. I must seek other inspirations. Be most wonderfully Blessed and Appreciated!

  14. loopsyNo Gravatar
    loopsyNo Gravatar said:

    I’d like to be naked by accident to a women, how should I go about this and not cause any trouble?

  15. live televisionNo Gravatar
    live televisionNo Gravatar said:

    How to show myself naked to my neighbor? Or how to show myself naked to her when she is at home alone, how to prompt her then to look into my windows when I am naked?

  16. shy oneNo Gravatar
    shy oneNo Gravatar said:

    I want to show my tits to my neighbors, but I am shy. I live in a semi-detached house, on a busy street, with no backyard. How should I do this? I don’t mind dares, but I don’t like pains.

  17. designer of cloudsNo Gravatar
    designer of cloudsNo Gravatar said:

    I’ve been thinking how to show myself naked to my neighbor a mature real lady who lives alone.

  18. yansen rNo Gravatar
    yansen rNo Gravatar said:

    I would like to show myself naked, legally, but as a man, BTW I’m 48 yrs and physically fit, I’m unsure as to how this will be received. ???

  19. LeaNo Gravatar
    LeaNo Gravatar said:

    Hi, any idea how I could show myself naked to my English teacher?

  20. RonaNo Gravatar
    RonaNo Gravatar said:

    Anne, I really enjoyed reading it, very fascinating, you may be a great erotic author one day. I can see it happening. Thanks for a marvelous and sensible tutorial!

    I have a decent gentleman neighbor, I don’t know how exactly yet but yea, I believe I could strip for him to make both of us happier in that way. I think he would enjoy seeing me naked only need to figure out how to ask. Time will see where it takes me but I can certainly envision that this should be happening this month.

  21. Glasgow CabbieNo Gravatar
    Glasgow CabbieNo Gravatar said:

    Hi Anne, I have come across your site following an incident that happened to me the other day and have been delighted with it. I have been interested in showing more of myself for a while but never had the opportunity.

    I was having a bath and heard a knock at the door. I pulled a towel around myself and went to answer. There was my neighbor from the floor below, a good looking girl in her mid 20’s. She had water dripping into her bathroom and was trying to find out where it was coming from.

    I was standing at my front door talking to her and made an effort to tie the towel behind me. After about a minute talking to her I could feel the towel start to loosen but instead of securing it I let gravity do its thing. It must have fallen to around knee height before I managed to grab it and replace it.

    I just said “shit” in the most embarrassed voice i could muster. She replied with a smile and said “don’t worry I didn’t see anything” which I’m sure wasn’t the case.

    After that we continued to talk as if nothing had happened but all the time I cannot stop thinking about how great it felt.

    Since then I can’t stop thinking about how I can get that rush again but as it was not planned it may be a while before luck comes my way again.

    Thankfully the leak was not coming from my flat (apartment).

  22. StarKladNo Gravatar
    StarKladNo Gravatar said:

    I am a lifelong nudist, and I am totally comfortable with other people seeing me naked. There are so many wonderful ways to do this! 1) Visit a nude beach or nudist resort; 2) Volunteer as a life model for an art group; 3) Join one of the dozens of online groups where you can post nude photos; 4) Casually mention to a friend that you are interested in posing nude. Almost everyone enjoys seeing other people naked, so all you have to do is drop a discreet hint!

  23. oeinaeNo Gravatar
    oeinaeNo Gravatar said:

    I love getting wrapped nude in a towel and flash my ass cleavage while moving around innocently.

  24. I’m a boy, young man 22, how can I be seen by neighbors next door naked plzzz fast as possible. Her or her mum. I am pretty sure they like me already.

  25. AnneNo Gravatar
    AnneNo Gravatar said:

    Hi Cabbie, would it be possible for you to meat this young woman somewhere around the building you both live in? Obviously to start talking anything about what happened would be a mistake. But if you concentrate on what she is saying, if she is into you or thought about seeing you in that situation, something could develop. Read the page on “how” things can progress further.

  26. NikaNo Gravatar
    NikaNo Gravatar said:

    Amazing! I must go into this stuff! Just cannot think of a scenario or where to start.
    When I am at home alone I often visualize someone catching me naked while I masturbate in one corner of one of our windows overlooking our garden and further out is a forest. At times I’d do this twice a day no wonder it is so hot and I just love it too much … always getting great and strong orgasms is a bonus.
    Usually I step for a second or maybe two secs outside onto the balcony to have a bit of a nicer experience. Other times I am naked as I’m putting clothing on the washing line. Although no one can see me there, unless someone was with me, but still the feelings from being naked outside are amazing.
    I become so horny. It is very pleasant but sadly there is nearly no chance, out of the blue, heaven-sent anyone could see me doing that.
    For me the actual imagining is the strongest part. Who knows why am I writing all this here.
    If I could really get caught.
    Then held naked in a some ‘who cares that I am naked type of situation’. And later, to make everything complete as part of the fun I would be asked or made to masturbate till I cum while being looked at plus chatted with my observer = such would equal to something terribly fantastic.

  27. Caught by the cleanerNo Gravatar
    Caught by the cleanerNo Gravatar said:

    I train at my local gym mon-friday everyweek, each morning there is a cleaner who cleans the changing rooms from 7am-8am. After a few weeks of been in the changing rooms whilst she was there I thought I would push my luck and let her catch me naked. She was very shocked and stared for a second then covered her eyes and apologised with a giggle. I have since done this a few times and she had got comfatable with me and doesn’t react in the same way infact I now stand naked talking to her fully naked for up to 10 mins. One of the times I even had a semi nearly full bones. I don’t even really go to train anymore it’s more of a challenge to see what I can get away with

  28. PeterNo Gravatar
    PeterNo Gravatar said:

    Hi Anne, I read your articles on a regular basis and even reread them several times. Your humoristic style is pretty witty and definitely extremely hot. Keep up the good work!

  29. AnneNo Gravatar
    AnneNo Gravatar said:

    Thanks Peter. Nice to hear that from you. I will submit my new experiences soon for you.

  30. AnneNo Gravatar
    AnneNo Gravatar said:

    What is she like, older/younger than you? What do you speak about with the cleaner? I was wondering what could be done with this type of scenario. Definitely outside of her work though.

  31. Caught by the cleanerNo Gravatar
    Caught by the cleanerNo Gravatar said:

    In response to your question Annie she is very pretty and always came across a little shy I’m now thinking this is not the case or she would have fled. She is younger i would say 19-20 though that can be confirmed Tuesday Monday haha. And we just chat about anything she will just keep talking and talking I feel I need to give the conversations a bit more purpose and see where I can take this scenario do u have any suggestions.


  32. AnneNo Gravatar
    AnneNo Gravatar said:

    Thanks for calling me Annie.

    Well, here is one of my ideas as to get something going (or not) and if appropriate for the situation … you already get naked in front of her. Would you be able to really distinguish how she enjoys looking at your naked body? That from being polite (at her job or she can be too friendly also). What was she like when you started chatting each time?? You could watch for signals given by her and in fact read heaps from those signals. What feeling would she express after you say with a slight down to earth smile for example “…. oh I must freeze sorry … it’s as if something wants to grow down here ….”? (u might come up with a more suitable line obviously!) Say it while looking down at yourself very briefly and right back at her again after you said it. Not to miss to note 100% of all her responses what they give away from her. Suitable would be, prior that moment, if both of you talked about her hobby if she does have some, or what she studies or what she is good at or enjoys doing the most.

    Analyze; did she like what you said? Next time with that knowledge you could easier be able to fit-in asking her for some ‘totally meaningful’ assistance or favor to help you … with that what you already know she is good at. It will make sense. Promise some VALUE to her. Such as “You will be politely assisting her naked and even make her a nice tea.” From my experience it all feels so much better if the other person has to wait for this time a couple of days at least. More fantasy is involved. Can you built it up in such a way where she wants to help you plus to see you naked … while she will need to wait ~2 days? :)

    Always without a visible unpleasant psychology manipulation attached!

  33. Caught by the cleanerNo Gravatar
    Caught by the cleanerNo Gravatar said:

    Hi Anne, firstly my apologies with the name dam auto correct!!
    Your message was very interesting and got me thinking about or previous conversations, I’m sure she enjoys the naked interaction she is always the one prolonging the conversations and I always catch her looking down when she thinks I’m not looking.

    I seen her today but the usual conversation went down!! I will be at the gym again on Thursday and I’m going to put a few things to practice from what u say. I have got a semi whilst talking to her before and she had a big grin on her face so I’m sure she will go for it if I asked for some assistance.

    I will message back Thursday and let you know what happens

  34. Caught by the cleaner (update)No Gravatar
    Caught by the cleaner (update)No Gravatar said:

    Ok so I said I would give you an update today on what happens with the cleaner.

    So today I did my usual thing shower, naked etc and the cleaner came over and starts talking to me the usual stuff. So I thought I’m gonna do what Anne suggested. And Anne ur a genius!!!

    We were chatting, and I dropped a line that could have completely backfired which was “does me been naked make u feel awkward when we chat”? Well couldn’t have worked better. Her response was “no, not at all. You have a great body and u ain’t shy about it”
    My response was “you ain’t just got got to look at it you can touch if you want” she responded “ohh”. She moved in and touched my chest. I had just worked out so was looking pretty pumped which was good lol. She moved down to my abs and I couldn’t control my dick anymore it started to get harder and harder that hard she couldn’t not notice lol. She said “can I keep touching” and I responded “anything u like”. She grabbed my cock in a second!!

    She started stroking it really low she said “wow it’s getting harder, I didn’t think it couldn’t get any harder and giggled!! She kept rubbing it and at rocking faster and faster it had gone to far I was gonna cum and I wasn’t gonna try and stop it!!

    It felt like 3 months of cum build up (the time we been chatting) was about to burst out!! My cock was twitching she knew what was about to happen she took my dick in her mouth and took the whole load there was that much some spewed out the corner of her mouth, but she didn’t wast a drop.

    Anne thanks your amazing 😉

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