My first experience of “public” (semi) nudity

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My first ever experience was about ~10 years ago. I was an exchange student in college, and have 2 roommates.

My 2 roommates were also exchange students from different countries, one from east Europe (really tall! wish i had her figures), and another from south America. I am relatively petite among them. Even though they were exchange students, they quickly got boy-friends within the first 2 to 3 weeks of stay. Their bf were muscular and tall! I was the only single girl in the apartment.

It was a hot summer. One day after school, we decided to go to the swimming pool at our apartment to swim. My 2 roommates’ bf joined us too.

I wore a white bikini with some simple pattern. It’s not the sexy type, but more like the one which athletes wear in playing sand volleyball. It has a pad at the top piece to cup the breasts (because my figure is petite — needed them to look bigger). My roommate, as usual, what they wore were a lot hotter than me. I am a swimmer, so I jumped into the pool and started to swim. My roommates and their bf were sun bathing or chilling in the water near by. After a 10 laps or so, I stopped and came out of the water to drink. Then I lay at the lounge chair to relax and enjoying the sun. It felt good, and I fell asleep quickly, and slept for at least 10 to 15 minutes. When I woke up, I went to get some drink again. I noticed that one of my roommates’ bf kept staring at me. I acted normal, and turned to the side to check myself. Oh gosh, I just found that I lost one of the pads which cup the breast! I didn’t even know when I lost it. The pad became heavy after it’s wet. It must be during the vigorous swim or when I got out of the water. Feeling so embarrassed, I walked along the pool to see if I could find the lost pad, but on the other hand I didn’t want them to know I was looking for it. The pad was nowhere to be found. My nipple could be clearly seen on side which lost the pad, because the bikini was white and wet. So embarrassing indeed. Especially because It looked weird to wear the bikini with just one pad. So I decided to remove the other pad that was left there. What else could I do? I acted normal. I jumped back to the water and swim again, because I thought the water could cover my body. But as soon as I jumped into the water, the upper part of the bikini slipped up, because without the pad, the bikini became loosen. Luckily I could pull it back down while I was in the water. So I guessed no one really saw that. Because I was afraid it would loose again, I decided to get back out of the water (this time, slowly). I sat back on the chair, noticing both nipples were stiff and this time, both of my roommates’ bf were staring at me. They started to walk towards me, from a few chairs away, and chat with me. They were standing while I was still sitting there. I felt so uneasy at first, but after some conversation and jokes, I became more relaxed and kind of forgotten my situation. We stayed there until sunset, then went back up to our apartment. After I went back to my room, I stood in from of the mirror to check my appearance. And I just realized that my nipples not only showing through the wet bikini, but could be clearly seen from above if the angle is right, because the bikini became kind of loose after the pads were gone. I started to remember that while the 2 bf of my roommates chatted with me at the pool, they could have had a good view of my elected nipples… For some reason, that thought didn’t make me embarrassed anymore, but I felt kind of excited and wondering what they were thinking now at the living room.

So, this is kind of my first experience of “public” (semi) nudity, an accidental nudity.

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    My first experience of “public” (semi) nudity – like it a lot.

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