Exposing my GF to the Room Service

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I have this fantasy to expose my girl-friend to the room service guy/gal.  She is in exhibitionism as well. So what we have decided that when we call the room service, she would just come out of the Bathroom wearing only towel.

Can you guys suggest that what should we pretend or do to let her drop her towel and become nude in front of both of us with the door open? Any one with similar experience, please share with me! … Visit part 2progress made with success

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  1. Kamila and DaveNo Gravatar
    Kamila and DaveNo Gravatar said:

    I am reading your message to my man at the moment and he’s saying he can only wish to be that room service guy so he could do the pleasure for yous. I guess /rightly/ what he means now is his own pleasure. We can think of another similar scenario for you. When the service comes in your girlfriend sleeps in a bed fully uncovered and naked. If it’s not early in the morning but afternoon or rather evening instead she could be sleeping totally naked in a single sofa chair. Your coffee will be placed on a coffee table that is located between the chair and entry door. TV is on and on the table there are 2 previous coffee cups to be taken away and 2 glasses /1 of them half full/ because you celebrated your ? anniversary. She was celebrating just a little more, /apparently not in real/. You could mention when calling pls ignore my girl friend if she isn’t too decent. Spread her legs apart. Go to shower or elsewhere alike. Call out, come in and please ignore her /again when the door is opening/!

    What do you think of the idea? We think that the towel off is better for a plumber or electrician and for someone you already know. We hope you’ll let us know how you went hunk48.

  2. Wife sharing fantasiesNo Gravatar
    Wife sharing fantasiesNo Gravatar said:

    A good idea to show my hot-ass blonde wife’s body to a delivery man: she could wear a form fitting long tank-top or one of my t-shirts and go to the door, I would arrange some furniture so she would have to reach up to the the cash, therefore making the shirt ride up her butt and giving the guy an amazing view of her round, white ass cheeks. Also, I would put a vibrator or dildo casually somewhere in view of the guy, perhaps even on top of the furniture and she can knock it down while trying to get the money.
    Of course, she would pull the shirt down, pretending she forgot she was commando, and just making a silly excuse to the guy and handing him the money, maybe even dropping it, so he would bend down to get it and look at her legs and pussy as he gathers the coins and bills. I can see her getting on all fours, trying to get the coins and showing her nice, round butt to him, then she would curse and pull the back of the shirt over her ass again.

    What do you all think of this one?

  3. AnneNo Gravatar
    AnneNo Gravatar said:

    I second your idea of having a dildo casually placed in a visible place. Next to a flower pot for example or on the floor among shoes. I am working on something.

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