Exposing completely naked at delivery to your door

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Actually I used to day dream about this easiest and effective situation involving delivered pizza or other meal and a large bottle of soft drink to my door.

Unforeseen situations happen often in lives of active people.

It can be any other item a friend sends you or you send it to yourself to your door. A meal delivery might sound as the easiest option, BUT, more original ideas work better; such as “…. when the perception is ….” if I was not at all aware that my door will be knocked on then “…. I was only being surprised ….” as it was unexpected and it happened JUST when I was only in my towel with nothing else on me. Otherwise naked (and hiding my desires.)

And that is logically how I had to open my door. Surprised, interrupted but trusting and friendly, instead of desperate.

Nothing extraordinary, however, until poor me I get unlucky by an accident again. My towel falls off to the floor and I become naked and stuck. Still standing. Needing some form of a help. Well, sort of…

Here goes logistics on WHY and HOW I DO IT; during the day or early evening, being totally naked in front of a fully dressed stranger or ‘that semi mate someone’ whom I picked or who was suggested for the job.

Before I continue any further, there is one more thing which I would like to mention, or to confess my weakness (not weakness-for, rather it’s about my natural fear, not being brave enough meaning); I feel a lot more confident if the person to whom I am about to show myself naked is much older than me. This makes it straight forward somewhere between easier to easy. In general if our age difference is 10 years + I have enough/instant courage to simply stand totally naked, like a mule, in front of him and wait for his directions *. Because of this it did happened that I was able to remain naked onwards and once even hug one guy at the end while we both said sorry to each other. I loved iiiiiiiiit! Out of nowhere we were actually chatting about our personal stuff, all of a sudden like friends! I completely ignored the fact that I was naked, I was myself, smiling, soon enough I kept my hands behind my back, later I began bowing my whole nude body’s front forward towards him, etcetera, but he didn’t completely ignore me if you know what I mean. It felt gr8 and liberating. Gentleman in his late 50’s, cannot be better. This is perhaps “Who I was born as” – by William Shakespeare
(*) RECEPTIVELY – in another article I write about these important where-to-go-from-here-signals and how useful they can become.

Will I be completely naked? For how long?

Fasten your seat-belts, we’re taking off now!

About the how long time subject: When it comes to the time-length of being purely naked and shown a that situation basically, this on this page is a way for a lot shorter time than that described in my “getting exposed fully naked for much longer time” article. However practically, this kind can be easily practiced very often. What the game looks like and how I was rehearsing to make it work for me perfectly? Well, not much practicing and not previous experience is required.

What the game looks like and how I was rehearsing to make it work perfectly? Not much practicing and not previous experience is required.

We have quite many restaurants around in our town that do home delivery. If I didn’t mind to pay for the food every time, I could ring a different place 3 times a week for whole month while all delivery staff will change everywhere and I won’t meet the same person again.

Beginning of a huge rush feeling that I get and keep:

So, there goes; I call for instance a pizza place. I order one pizza and a large bottle of drink. Just after I order by phone I jump into the shower to wet myself up.

When the doorbell rings, all very nervous I take 15 seconds and open the door by making just a small gap.

I look outside as if from behind a corner playing un-trusting instinct check for who is there. When a delivery guy is standing out I mention “oh great … you are fast today!” trustingly opening the door at the same time. When the door is completely opened I am looking in the direction at the food and quietly say “gosh I am so hungry!!!”

Nobody from outdoors can see straight to our entry doorway area. The porch is completely hidden. We have a second security-screen door (this door is left always locked but for my purpose I keep the key in.) I pose there with one towel barely large enough to cover my torso showing a bare strip along one side of my body and another wrapped around my head.

I have to make almost an exaggerated effort in effect to keep the towel on me. * To make everything appear innocent I hold my wallet in one hand above my breasts nearly on my neck as if I was trying to cover my top better. My other hand unlocks and while opening this screen door I ask “how much do I own you for the food?”.
( * Other times … I unlock the screen door then fully open it and while asking the line “how much do I own you for the food … same as last time?” I’m turning back to make couple of steps to grab my wallet from my bag sitting close by on the chair. And again to make everything appear usual I hold my wallet in one hand around my breasts area covering my private parts.)

Maybe because I am there already almost naked often the tone in the answer for “how much money” has a surprise like sound.

The towel that barely hides my private parts won’t stay over me for much longer! To do so the towel is not folded in locked position it stays on me temporally only by being simply overlapped and held in place only by being under my right armpits. It’s the magic towel camouflage knot that actually looks proper! I also hold the wallet in the same hand.

I am standing there with toes touching the door line and facing the delivery guy. I reach for what he holds by my free left hand side. Simultaneously or with a little delay I prompt him to handle out to my other hand also the second item. Body language or saying politely “i’ll take it ta” does it.

Clumsy a bit on my part because of the wallet. The effort I am making to keep the not long enough towel in place is somewhere between extraordinary and exaggerated. Mind you luckily not for much longer!

Now with all items in my and his hands I whisper something along the line “thanks for that”. When I am returning both hands back towards me I uplift my right elbow which is the trigger for sending the towel down. With my hands full nothing can be done about it, the towel falls off always very fast, without a compromise, leaving me exposed completely naked standing there to face this man.

[what i love about releasing the towel is that it just goes down downright unconditionally – don’t forget it’s the magic towel knot – your set free wrap just drops down!]

“Aaaaaaaaah my god … nooooooo. My gooooood …” (keep your voice always pretty down it creates private atmosphere.)

To be able to remain in this horribly fantastic position as long as possible I do few things. While the towel is falling down I wiggle very slightly by gently moving with one knee and pressing it immediately back to the other; that explains my natural attempt or hope for keeping the towel on me. For him to make his very private sketch of my figure more comfortably, all this time my eyes focus only downwards on what has happen to me. Bringing the items I hold in my hands closer to my body, moving my knee and looking down while producing the sounds effectively pushes my whole front forward. All of my features, my face, crotch and breasts get exposed in detail. He can freely look at my front, at close range, as I bow there-forward for him.

3 + seconds passed and I am making half step backwards turning from the guy searching for a place to free my hands. Saying “ooooooh this is horrible” the first logical place I can think of is as close as possible to the towel. Or how about the chair. Unaware in the surprise from being at this situation, that my bag is taking the small space on the chair, I extend my situation again by 5+ seconds. Just a couple of steps from it further from the door I bow way over at my waist (this time in the opposite way) to place food and the wallet on the floor. Being completely naked I am giving him again an excellent view of my legs and everything else from behind, the whole crack or my back and hands perspective.

I leave the lot on the floor and walk towards the towel. Grab it, putting it back on me too high clumsily standing sideways. Then looking all shocked I tell him “Listen … I am so sorry … I don’t know what to say”. I am basically partly exposed.

Guys always reply by saying things like don’t worry that’s ok it can happen to anyone, etc., some things like that.

I bend down for my wallet, showing off again a bit more of my naked body but this time through much larger bare strip between one side and my front. He watches me with his big eyes. I give him a nice tip.

Then I smile on and off while saying very politely “hey … look …(pause)… I had a thought … that a situation just like now rarely comes up, … now I don’t know if I should feel bad or not about what just happened … I would like to apologize to you but don’t know what to say right now … could you please keep this for yourself?”

The answer is always along the lines ‘yes sure thing relax nothing happened’ or ‘sure I will, BTW I wish more deliveries were like this one thanks’, ‘must have been embarrassing for you wasn’t it?’, ‘what a surprise’. Most guys might not say much but they sure can get their point across only with a little point or comment.

I always have million ears at these last moments and process all his words fast in a flash. If he asked for another time or, even if he liked it, it is a signal for me and I make sure that he hears me saying: “What about if a next time I rather open the door to you without my towel on? How would that be? … I smile friendly…”

What ever his answer was I only say “… ok …” quietly but with a mini exclamation mark in that OK and I analyze the information after that when there is more time. It feels good if I see that it fits my system. At the end of the next visit one can always say/ask for more again: “… in a way … this feels quite good. Actually rather somewhat more liberating … special … did you like it too … or not? … how about this … maybe next time, i’ll do it BUT only maybe, I could even masturbate? 🙂 … how about that? … Gosh! … sorry I’m so nervous …” You know that kind of scenario; when he comes I am naked on my door step again “thank you for the meal – I feel so hot I can be done in 2-3 minutes – do you want it? – because I kind of do”. Or such lines. Then the time can grow to 4-5 minutes instead. While this theater goes on a simple saying “… sorry …” a few times in an embarrassed tone and asking ‘wondering’ questions in the sense of “… how does it look? …” or saying “… please give me another minute …” and then “… I am close! …” pays of real well. And also, from either view, makes the performance more interesting.

There can always be a next time preplanned. How would you like to see me tomorrow? With shoes on? Oh, plus holding something in my hand? Hmmm, any ideas, desires, a hidden fantasy?

Watch a few short videos how it’s like when naked at a door delivery.

As I see it for these reasons an ideal would be to have a unique but true relationship. For instance; your friend could always have a friend, or better know of someone, who’s birthday is coming up and who feels lonely lately. The person would enjoy an arranged day time with your nude company. You being nude, oh my. Perhaps more to it but only unconventional activity as mentioned earlier. Just by watching your naked body and appreciate having been allowed to freely look for details @ everything, including noticing your state from self-gratification reward or rewards (satisfying desires – how would that be for a private fun gift party for both and your friend?). A sharing relationship to suit both because that way the lust satisfaction can be arranged much easier and, more importantly, a lot more frequently. We live in a busy and fast life something has to balance it!

THEREFORE here is my ad … consider me as not having that friend as yet and also at times bored but not always desperate! “… Is anyone out there? …” (Someone thirsty for this kind of fun but normal/responsible in sharing the management work. Preferred much older age from my, say between 35-55, and analytical mind is welcomed. Ad placed as of Jan. 2010).

Anyway. I eat most of the food but never drink soft drinks, it doesn’t cost a lot so it’s worthy. The fun on the whole never looks exaggerated, and the results are so great!!!

Seduction technique guide.
  1. from a lucky guy ... potentiallyNo Gravatar
    from a lucky guy ... potentiallyNo Gravatar said:

    A young lady from the next door neighbors walks through balcony door out stark naked usually she briefly waters her pot plants before going back inside. I can tell you it is wonderful spectacle to view when she faces my direction! I wish she was up to it more often when I could notice her.

    I am looking for a woman who would enjoy showing herself to me in the altogether over a cuppa tea once a week. Of course also a monthly would work nicely too … basically will be greatly appreciated by me. Are you there? (a bit of a desire to look from close at everything …… 50bphr[at]gmail[dot]com …… “decent”). Thank you ahead. Frank

  2. AmolNo Gravatar
    AmolNo Gravatar said:

    I liked your story a lott..
    its too hot.. I like when my wife exposes herself to ppl… we will be following these ideas for us now..
    thanks 🙂

  3. HannahNo Gravatar
    HannahNo Gravatar said:

    Anne. Thank you. Please don’t change a thing in your text because it’s perfect!

    It’s originally written. Very hot and tempting. Described with such a fabulous erotic feel to it. I like your style. To be honest I had to take a couple of small breaks while reading. I was imagining things and also tried how it is on real with the towel falling off me. That towel really falls down very easily if one wants! There you go ……

    I agree it has to look purely natural or it’s too tacky otherwise. I am not going to deny that I found myself sitting here naked while continuing reading (slightly moist and hot) due to my pulse being much faster. To visualize easier how it feels and to brink it close I may masturbate about it in a short time. I wish someone knocked on my door right now. I think I would be able to open it purely nude as I am …… I am in that stage right now but that wold be wrong.

    If I could …… I’d like to place my ad next to yours. Would be nice to find a guy with a similar view so we could share.

    I must completely agree with you that we live very very busy lives on this planet. Something has to create the balance and enjoyment.


  4. DebbyNo Gravatar
    DebbyNo Gravatar said:

    I went through absolutely everything on your pages founding them inspiring amazing and so are you. Very enjoyable loved it thank you. Somethings only not all ideas were new to me. Basically I searched for – erotic story i was naked and he was fully dressed – scenario because I like it a lot myself and wanna know what others think or do at home.

  5. JeffNo Gravatar
    JeffNo Gravatar said:

    Love your stories very hot and erotic. I am still waiting for the download link to look at your pics. I think it might be broken bc it’s been two hours. You’re hot. I might read your story again when I get those pictures. I can’t wait to see them and see what pops up 🙂

  6. Naked for a delivery person. Naked on the door line.No Gravatar
    Naked for a delivery person. Naked on the door line.No Gravatar said:

    Naked for a visiting person can look at me. Completely undressed naked standing on a door line and talking with someone … there are somethings special about that I agree!

  7. Naked talkingNo Gravatar
    Naked talkingNo Gravatar said:

    Naked dropping towel off to be naked while talking with someone must bring such a huge rush. Either for the dressed person who can see the naked one in the close proximity or the one who is standing there fully naked and accompanied by the fully dressed. I must try it asap.

  8. towel dropNo Gravatar
    towel dropNo Gravatar said:

    wow this is such a turn on for me, i wish i was a delivery guy and got a naked lady in front of me. i’d probably pass out with excitement though haha. If anybody in england is up for it let me know. Cheers. Craig.

  9. nakedNo Gravatar
    nakedNo Gravatar said:

    Cool, but I tried to watch your video and it just DIDN’T WORK :-O quite annoying arrgh

  10. Outside my door and naked? Oh yes of course. I sometimes walk out my door naked in a hope somebody close by will see me. Here’s my example (btw what’s yours boys and girls); We live in a unit with common stairs case and corridor in each floor. When I’m coming home, for the purpose I take my shoes off outside and leave them there away from the door. The distance between the shoes and the door is somewhere close to one meter. 30 minutes after, or earlier or much longer it depends, I fully undress and then holding only a towel in one hand (not being wrapped in it only holding it sort of hanging down) I open the door and step out at whim like I am to take my pair of shoes inside. It really is a pure exhibiting accord in a harmonious feeling and action. I go for it with confidence but without knowing if anybody was around who could see me. Naked on a whim like a silly or blind without seriously thinking about consequences would be the right description. While I am outside I ignore noticeably looking around but I could definitely spot somone being there if I wasn’t alone. I simply grab the shoes, step back in and close the door. I masturbate about those moments and the feelings I had before at the time and after. A few times I kept the door opened standing behind it until reaching orgasm. I enjoy to visualize my secret wish that I was caught and left kept completely naked for long with some stranger. My partner does not know about it as yet, although I wish he already did and that he was into organizing similar kinds of experiences for me. This is not acting from desperation. I know deep down that I just enjoy it immensely. I get wetter and later still wish there was some more. So here we go naked and loving it must be the final words, after the door opens I go naked outside to have a little fun.

  11. Naked and walked out ... by male.No Gravatar
    Naked and walked out ... by male.No Gravatar said:

    A very nice in her appearance roughly in her 40’s and oriental looking lady delivers telephone food orders in our place. This is from a specific restaurant and they have my patronage for a couple of reasons. On about a fifth time; I made sure it was her and on my doorbell ringing I opened naked. Still not showing completely my whole body /I chickened out/ I moved left to hide behind and said “sorry I thought it was my wife and I was just about to have quick shower”. She actually giggled and at that time uuf felt rather lovely. As I was giving her the money /had coins ready on purpose for anything would take longer time/ I must had been handing them to her clumsily because at least half of the small silver ones fell on the ground. Imagine I am naked and I walked out picking up the coins with her. She was apologizing same as I. From my sudden excitement my stick grew up. Not too visibly though. But still, it was noticeable and I saw her as she looked at it one time but it could have well been more times. I mentally sort of started to worry about the size change. Being still naked outside my home, out of my dwelling, I did give her the change, both of us we were more than smiling. I then walked inside, the amount was all right according to her, I only said “please this never happened” and she left after have a nice evening to each other. It’s strange how easy it happened and it was fantastic time. Now listen to this, in 3 or 4 minutes she comes back, she is smiling and she gives me my docket, says bye and goes down /bye like this with a twist: bAaAaye hihi /. I am left with no idea about anything so I contemplate if I shouldn’t tell her the favorite line sooner than later “when you in next time I will stay naked for you for that fun again” if I go to pick up some food there and watch what her reply to that will be!

  12. grimm25No Gravatar
    grimm25No Gravatar said:

    Hey this is Grimm’s gf. Yes this reminds me of a relevant event. We ordered pizza one night at my place as he was over for a week. I jumped into the shower and my bf did not bother to tell me he was going to go to the store to get himself some beer. Well, when I heard the phone ring a dozen times, I got out of the shower and answered it… Only to pick up and the delivery guy was calling asking if we were home. I quickly grabbed a towel, only holding it sort of hanging down covering one of my breasts, dripping with water and hair wet… When I went to the door, he glanced for about a few seconds and then handed me the pizza looking straight at my naked body and a towel barely covering anything but I stayed casual. as i turned around his hand intently held the door open and he was starring while i get the money from my purse. My bf came back and standing behind the guy he goes “ehmm! excuse me” lol. Delivery boy seemed so embarrassed as bf makes his way inside the house and i walked straight to the kitchen. I was so horny that night. It was absolutely gr8 for each of us I believe.

  13. grimm25No Gravatar
    grimm25No Gravatar said:

    This definitely became my favorite game to play. At a hen night me and my girls telephoned for a pizza. As a dare I opened it in a towel wrapped round me, as though I had had to get out of the shower. The girls were hiding. I accidentally on purpose allowed my towel to fall, so he got a good look at my bosoms and everything else. It was a turn on to see his face. We then telephoned other pizza places and took it in turns to do the same. Dropping the towel to reveal all. I told my bf. He thought it was great. Wanting to know which of my friends had shown themselves and wanting me to describe their bodies. I did and we still see them.

  14. DamienNo Gravatar
    DamienNo Gravatar said:

    So I brought this up to my girlfriend one day over at her parent’s house, and she was game so we ordered this pizza and she went to take a shower, her phone and the door bell rang at the same time, she answered the phone and it was her step sister at the door basically screaming let me in. She said “grrr, fine im coming im coming” so she went to the door in the towel, she made sure it was on her good. As she opened the door her step sister was like >.>..ok I guess you really did need a few minutes to get ready, and as she swung open the door, some keys off the back of the door on the key rack fell off, so she squats down, not thinking in her short towel to pick up the key, totally flashing her step sister, her sister is all glued to her between her legs, as she grabs the keys and comes up, the dead bolt was out of the door, caught on to her towel some how and pulled it down as she got up. Once she was naked, mind you I was literally right next to her, her sister and I, our eyes were just fixated on her sexy body, starstruck if you will. Instead of grabbing the towel, she knew what I wanted :P, she ended up putting the key back on the rack, with people walking by looking into the apartment, then she squatted down again, and grabbed the towel, and wrapped it the long way, by putting it behind her back then around the front to close it, she then stepped out of the way to let her step sister in lol. Now for me this was probably the hottest event that I’ve ever actually witnessed, and the best part was her embarrassment was legit, and not planned, and the fact her step sister was checking her out completely the entire time, not covering her eyes, looking away, or embarrassed, but turned on as well at the sight of my sexy girlfriends abs and petite b cups. It was surely a day to remember, and I have this website for my inspiration, and future fantasies to be fulfilled.

  15. Naked and erect for maidNo Gravatar
    Naked and erect for maidNo Gravatar said:

    I have previously enjoyed walking around naked in public areas but have generally been quite careful not to get arrested for it lol! Although I did once walk out of my house at 3am stark naked for myself and up to the main road 5 minutes away, and then just a bit along a main road with no cars driving past. My walk took around 20 minutes in total, completely starkers and a long way away from the safety of my front door. No cloths on me and in dark in bare skin it’s fantastic feeling.
    This was such a thrill but I wanted to try something more intimate and up-close, so while on holiday in Crete recently I would go back to my room each day around the time the maid was due to visit. About the 3rd day I timed it perfectly as she was in the room next door, so I stripped naked and lay on my bed thinking about what was to come. I became very aroused as I waited and so for extra effect decided to wrap a hair band around the base of my penis and balls, then twisted over and around my balls. This made me extra hard and perfectly displayed! A few minutes later there was a faint tap on the door followed by the door opening, and the maid walked in with her mop and bucket. My heart was racing in the next room of the apartment but I managed to compose myself and walked casually into the room where the maid was, and said “oh I’m sorry…good morning!” and laughed, all the while still walking towards her with my proudly erect member thrust forwards and upwards by my improvised cock and ball rings. She took a good long look and smiled, saying “I’ll come back later” and backed slowly out through the wide open front door of the apartment, watching me the whole time. As she shut the door behind her, I could hear that she was still on the front step several seconds later, so I walked to the front door and opened it wide, and took a step outside so I was stood out in the open with her on the step in all my naked, aroused glory and casually said “are you sure you don’t want to come back in now? I really don’t mind”. She smiled very broadly and just stared at my throbbing shaft, and after a few moments said “no, later” but made mo effort to turn away, so I stayed standing there and said “OK” and after what seemed like an eternity she gathered her stuff and turned to leave. “bye then” I said, still standing outside in full view. She turned her head for one last look and we both laughed, and then she walked away and I returned back to my room where I instantly masturbated and had the most intense orgasm I have ever had.

    This is definitely something I will do again and recommend it to anyone! And yes, it is the best when arranged and awaited by the viewer.

  16. Exposing my wife.No Gravatar
    Exposing my wife.No Gravatar said:

    I terribly enjoy exposing my wife to my friend. It is fun capturing what she feels like. She gets a little nervous which she says is giving her kick out of it. Only prolong nudity as long as possible and conversation. We haven’t tried masturbation so far but it is going be suggested to her as well. You are gorgeous! Rich.

  17. 40's maleNo Gravatar
    40's maleNo Gravatar said:

    That is one very well choreographed show (or is that showing) that you put on for your lucky but unsuspecting delivery boy, Anne. Traditional wisdom was that one pretended not to notice, or just looked at you in the eye. Do you find that your unexpected nakedness causes some awkwardness for him?

    added by Anne:
    You haven’t read completely everything yet perhaps, and also maybe I need to write much more; the “unsuspecting” left me longer time ago. The “choreographed shows” are now all planed ahead. Often the planing takes time, for it to take place and be consensual is always tricky, though it is all very enjoyable part of it. For example I have to do things nude after I loose a bet (I have a few stories to write about this). Or it’s dark on a short walk “… it is quite warm, nice and fresh … would you mind if I felt the air on my naked skin for a while? …” There are varieties of challenging ways to be taken seriously. The unexpected aspects on both sides are always present and so is the awkwardness. Do you ever fееl the ѕame?

  18. just in caseNo Gravatar
    just in caseNo Gravatar said:

    I was just reading some of the stories last night for the first time. I couldn’t stop!

    I find the towel drop scenario and other “accidental” wardrobe malfunctions a huge turn on. I guess you could call me closet exhibitionist although I’ve had a few experiences when I was younger that are noteworthy, I haven’t tried anything like this for a long time. Perhaps if there is any interest I will post them here another time.

    So today I’m thinking of all of your excellent stories and I got hit with a great idea that might add a bit of creativity to the towel drop. I thought I’d run it by some of the seasoned professionals here and see if it might be something you want to try.
    Strategically sew a loop of thread or elastic into a towel so that it is big enough to fit around the door knob (by now you might see where this is going). Now you have a special towel to use for your “accidental” exposure fun. When the doorbell rings and you open the door, and as you’re talking to the delivery man/woman, “Are you sure you didn’t include the anchovies?” you secretly slip the loop around the door knob. Take the delivery (in both hands of course. Wouldn’t want to drop it.) and as you turn to get the money, the towel is ripped from your body. Instinctively you turn around to retrieve it but your hands are full so you can’t cover yourself.
    So there you are, hands full, embarrassed, facing a stranger at the door giving them a full frontal of your incredible anatomy. Now, you might want to recompose yourself, sigh and say “This just hasn’t been my day” and calmly ask the deliverer to take the food from you for a moment while you try get your cover back. But try as you might you are unable to free it from the door. After a few moments you’ve become so exasperated you just give up with a shrug and say “Oh, screw it!” and decide to remain naked throughout the rest of the transaction. After all, you’ve been exposed for over a minute and what the hell, they’ve already seen your goodies. So, acting as if nothing were amiss, you turn to get the money allowing them to watch you walk away and then return and you can both have a good laugh.

    If anyone wants to try this and post the results here, I’m curious to see if it will work. I guess by “work” I mean that it will look like a complete series of mishaps that leave you naked in front of a stranger for a nice long time.
    Cheers 🙂

    ADDED by Anne:
    Justin, are you talking about my “incredible anatomy”? 🙂

    This is actually so good! What’s your occupation? Your idea with the string and the loop is fabulous. It is doable because it is real. I like it because it’s sort of technical but also because you used logical thinking. Yippee! Yes threads on one side in a towel, or in a sarong, can be made loose easily I guess, my beach towel shows signs of a split like that. Tangle the ends of the strings together with door keys with one hand. “Oh, screw it! … please excuse me for this … etc.” I imagine this could be adapted to various situations. In the garden at the back when grass is being mowed?, I would have to be helping.

    Thank you for the handy idea! When you can contemplate another such situation/s … I am here to read about all.

    Thank you for your input it is valued. Who wants to try this???

  19. Rob the Pizza ManNo Gravatar
    Rob the Pizza ManNo Gravatar said:

    OMG I have officially found my favorite site. I worked as a pizza delivery man for a decade and everyday I hoped I would have an experience similar to what happens with towelfell.com. It is, I’m embarrassed to say, my fetish. Just watching these videos make my heart race, I sweat and my throat goes dry. I yearn for more. I have since retired from delivering but if I thought it was possible for this stuff to happen to me, I might think about picking up some shifts. I live in Columbus OH and would happily deliver to some lovely ladies. Are there arrangements for these sorts of things? Thank you, you are such a sweet, seductive & erotic girl.

  20. Andrew A. SailerNo Gravatar
    Andrew A. SailerNo Gravatar said:

    I like what what some girls are up too. Such smart reporting and all the work! It’s erotic. Carry on the excellent work girl. You have THE style! I am sixty years young.

  21. JannetteNo Gravatar
    JannetteNo Gravatar said:

    Wonderful and erotic entertainment ideas for me and my partner, exactly what we needed he would gladly enjoy to show me purely naked to strangers (at the same time ordering me to do normal things such as to bring him shoes or make coffee/tea, while I’m naked it immensely helps me to get through easily when he orders me to behave normally as if I was normally dressed, nice and remarkably hot feeling). Thank you heaps, will let you know about how we are progressing with these new ideas of yours because so far I haven’t masturbated as yet which I would really enjoy as well of course!!!
    I always get really terribly horny & naturally really wet. It is usually his colleagues or friends that I have to undress for, mostly acting loosing some bet, and a couple of them repeated a couple of times. Having have to masturbate for both of them could be a part of my fun punishment sounds it could work well and quite easy — with just a tiny nano protest, firstly before I must undress & secondly before I must masturbate.

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Decent naked but not nude photo.

“Every time I know I am going to undress for someone my whole body is shaking, always the same way. The nerves created by the thrill boost up my feeling of great comfort and desire. During those moments, and then when I am undressed, it feels as if time didn’t exist.” by: Me (Anne) “Playing […]

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