Erotic and joyful consequence of losing a bet

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Here goes a fun section of conversations with my neighbor, whilst consequently, how I spent two hours with him when I was completely naked and he was normally dressed. Who was beautifully entertained and how it all happened?

Before reading any further so the story below makes sense to you;
This paragraph introduces one idea of how to intentionally loose a bet, on purpose, in a way that the whole thing looks and feels perfectly natural. With no ulterior motives showing. However fitting the idea tactically into a situation in an everyday life is or can be tricky. To a moderate extent at least, it would be positive to know the person and having a bit of luck helps too.

Here goes the prerequisite: The Istanbul in Turkey is obviously a spectacular place in so many aspects. It is a very well known city, for its huge culture, architecture and history among other things. It’s very popular tourism destination in Europe and visiting there can leave behind such a strong memories that many people actually regard it as the capital city of Turkey. But of course it isn’t. Ankara is theirs capital. Try to ask people, this is a very common misconception. It could be that other people don’t use nor keep in mind names of either of these two cities at all. When it comes to the country, generally public is aware about the real old archaeological ancient places like the astonishing Göbekli Tepe and such discoveries dating back into the ancient times and we are talking 10 to 15 thousands years ago. It’s easy to start conversation about ancient cultures (huge monoliths, levitation, origins of megalithic structures, lost advanced cultures, unusual original elongated skulls (not cranially deformed) whose have not exactly the same bone structure nor brain space volume when compared with ours currently living here humans, just name it). Once it suits my intention if there is an appropriate situation to fit this idea in, I simply say; what is the capital city of Turkey? If he says ‘Ankara’, or ‘don’t know’, I bet on Istanbul adding that I’m pretty sure about it!
I can bet anything, that’s how sure I am > I will walk around the evening garden with no clothes on if I was wrong (laughing it off – ordinarily). BUT for stating a thing like that first you need some opposing in the air. The psychology is, when you bet something of this magnitude, chances are real that that person will later check this information out on the Internet.

In the nutshell – I managed to loose my bet. Yaaaay!!! I just said I will do it (undress outside) in an evening hour, at dark. Personally, the main aim is now: A something very special to look forward to and it’s just behind the corner …

So, I will have a glass of a nice cold juice again ;-) with another lovely chat about ancient civilizations … which basically I truly enjoy and love. History always brings a longer much more interesting talk if compared with those talks for killing time e.g. while walking on a foot path. Here is a story in detail on how my erotic experience progressed since I made my bet.

I received this message:

> Hello,
> just to let you know that both of these cities are large but it’s the later (link) which is capital. Half Ankara is in Europe and the second half is in Asia, the city is divided between two continents!
> link 1:
> link 2:

To this my reply was:

Thank you for the links. Gosh I never heard of Ankara. Nice find!

I will see you at the bus in the morning.

regards a

The next day we made a theme arrangement for the evening – I will knock on his door to return his 3 DVD’s pack to him, Ancient Aliens Season 1 (as of today, there have been 5 seasons produced for the History channel and DVD). He lives a few houses down my block and across the street. I can see his house front lights from my place when he has them on.

OK, well, how about that, I will be on his door step for the first time. I thought. Until now we only saw each other and talked on our common bus stop, including while walking to/from it on a few occasions or, but only rarely/thrice in fact, also on the bus. In there he brought the ancient aliens documentary for me whose I should watch (apparently) if I was interested in smart stuff learning. I’ve had these movies at home for about 2 weeks and have just finished watching them all. I admit AA were pretty well done plus they contain wealth of information handy to know, all interesting stuff to me.

Today my intentions are – try not to delay undressing.

At home after work; first I took a shower, longer than usually due to my contemplation of how my visit at his place could go like.

Shaved my legs and armpits, slathered on body cream and feet cream. I put my flowery summer dress on. This dress has nice wooden buttons all the way on the front from up top to all the way down and, otherwise underneath it, I was naked. At 6:30PM I walked out and headed to his place.

Knocked on his door … will he invite me in? Waited no longer than 15 seconds till he opened; “… Hi, here I am. See … I KEEP my words. How-r-ya? …”

He seemed happy to see me. I was quite glad about it. Actually, more than glad. “… I brought you the disks back, thank you again … you were right it’s such an amazing stuff to watch! I enjoyed all of the episodes (true) …” Glad to hear that Anne. “… Here is a pineapple juice … do you wanna share it with me? …”. And so, he took me in.

In his kitchen I poured the juice into two long glasses (made from the thick Mexican blue type glass). I had a small sip at which I walked in a direction towards his outside door-window leading into a backyard from his dining area. First I could see his modest outside sitting in there plus a small stairs at the edge and many pots with flowers! He switched on lights outside while we were still in the kitchen.

As always he was warm and pleasant (that’s what I know him as, though still, I don’t know much about this person). We moved out of the house and continued talking about the Ancient Aliens’ episodes and subjects, titles, I had a few questions (obvious with me), that’s what both of us kind of already felt very comfortable with. As they say — never a dull moment.

I was on the outside only a step away from the door when-already he instinctively moved all 4 chairs away from his smallish round cafe style table. I thought … yeah VERY warm and considering of him. It felt pretty welcoming. Yaaaaaaay!

Now I’ve entered a big nerve wracking and, along in the opposite extreme, also a magnetic the-best-ever time preferred by me. I kept reminding myself; Act now … listen and respond accordingly, no delays, it’s a midweek work day not a Friday evening! Basically I went for the future I tried to create by using my visualizations during the whole day today.

Bum bum … bum bum … I could feel my heart madly beating in my neck. It is fantasies turn to reality time! (Why is this my fuel and why do I love running on this energy so much?!)

“… I lost my bet didn’t I? … SMALL PAUSE … is it possible to turn these (verandah’s) lights off? …”

My mind connected to absolutely everything, sounds, visuals, Higgs Boson with quantum not to mention my No.1 steering-wheel … my intuition. What’s his response? (in no way I am answering my own questions!)

For a quick moment, while looking at me it appeared he was processing what I just said. Probably he had a thought, is she going to strip now, or, do I use strong bulbs? Not much feedback in that at all.

He replied with “Ye … not a problem. Of course.” I stepped away from the door to one side so he could pass near me to turn them off. He did so swiftly only with one leg stepped inside the house and then he got right back. Lights inside the house remained turned on illuminating pretty much everything and my naked body they surely would.

From this point onwards, it is not easy to guess what continued to happen. There was a mini twist in developments of the erotic advancement therefore to an advantage!

Secret formula for my true happiness

Obviously because it is unusual I cannot and will not, just like that out of nowhere, talk about my secret formula to my happiness. I can’t just rock up somewhere, meeting various people most of who might be mainstream and say; “… Everybody listen now; I like to undress in company of a man, let him see or study my naked body in detail while I do whatever things in that situation are suitable, and if he wishes to see my pussy from up close I can showing it to him and I will even push-on my clit, I enjoy if he watches me playing with myself, masturbating and going through my orgasm … This is what I love to do for balance in life … Upsy, and now you know my secret formula I’m crazy mad about …” assuming they will understand what I just said or what I meant. But exactly that can be experienced on occasions elsewhere-otherwise …

My choicest and the most desirable part

… just seconds after: I was already buzzing!!! What a best ever thrill. It’s marvelous erotic desire feeling. I am saturated in that kind of a warm cloud. I am terribly horny, but differently horny, this is a much nicer dimension. I placed my glass next to his on that round table and simply undone all buttons of my dress. At those moments as I was undoing the buttons he managed to fit in words “You don’t have to do this!” But the reply from me was “… Maybe I want to … I’m not embarrassed … so why not (and I smiled) …”. Perhaps I said instead “… And what about if I would like to … I’m not embarrassed … so why not (and I smiled) …”. He expressed his agreeing only with one word “OK”. From the tone of his voice, I was positive, he did not mean ‘whatever’ … he was actually saying “lovely”. His facial mimics I picked on suggested the same thing. Easy recollection.
* Have you red my analyses of spoken points page where I describe in detail about using listening skills for picking up on small but very valuable details whose are totally applicable in these or even for other circumstances? It might be a very handy tutorial tool for avoiding many uncomfortable mess-ups comfortably.

This is going to get strange …

… please be prepared for strangeness.

Without any postponing I took my dress down. What a remarkable fast striping with no underwear under, I was naked (completely). I quickly rolled the dress, took off my shoes and I actually walked like that back into the kitchen to put my things on his table indoors. Straightaway I got out again feeling his presence, his eyes on me and the fresh air on my naked body. I was melting.

It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t say at least a couple of illogical things. For whose I immediately apologized; the consequence of the bliss traveling through me. On my part to remain quiet in this step could be rather awkward for him. It feels nearly like being half blank from the load of pleasure traveling through me. For me it’s common experience. If I say e.g. “… I wonder why my brain left me now when I am like this? Hello goat hello erotic girl …” something like that each of us can laugh off which in fact helps a lot.

I grabbed both glasses of the pineapple juice, handed him his glass and I asked:

“… May I walk down onto the grass? (that’s approximately what I essentially promised to do) … pointing with my finger down the three wooden stairs direction …” I walked down he followed after me and we stood on the soft grass absolutely exactly just as I visualized for myself in my head earlier during the day. I could see trees and bushes and also there were some cascades or garden terrace/s at the back of his backyard, not sure about that, but in this spot where we stood there was plenty of light to see my naked body (because I could see him clearly).

I brought the ancient aliens films interest back on again. AA were the possible and most attractive agenda I could think of (it was also in my plan as he knows a lot about these subjects).

All went or was developing according my plans. Already now for much longer than I anticipated (yay again!). I was standing there and talking as per normal, but in totally naked state, barefooted, with this guy for more than one hour. Not unusual for this time of the year, it was a cloudy, a little fresh but temperature-wise still a warm pleasant evening. Rather seriously, we talked about the ancient advanced super beings Anunnaki from Sumerian areas and he could cover heaps on the topic of ancient scripts on clay or stone tablets. Because it could, my heartbeat evened up into its normal beat rate a long time ago. Have I forgot I was naked? Yes I kind of have at a while, surprising. How liberating the garden happened to be!?

Tell me, without sounding obsessed, how to define rationally what I went through? I could feel I was becoming a little wet between my legs. Gradually so, but knowing myself, now my wetness would accelerate. Naturally the erotic aspect caused it. My heart allowed my mind to begin drifting towards my exposed body and him and the whole lucky situation. I was very horny, whole day horny waiting for what’s happening tonight. By my instinct I begun to focus on my body language.

Somehow I had to grope myself. Proceed ALL gently without overdoing it. No good to admit being nor look desperate sexually. (< Those two are just slogans.) I would gesticulate with hands in a mildly different manner, shift my head side to side at thinking intervals or sparingly move my knees away from each other. Either when I was serious or at making fun or to tease a little, to produce some special vibe, I wanted him to watch me. I needed him to notice these movements and essentially my body lines, color and obviously my naked breasts, hard or not-hard nipples and my crotch from the top-to-down angle.

I am not sure why but when I desire orgasm I often swing my head to sides. Crazy. I do not do it so obviously otherwise. It must be the hair awareness in females.

Those are my intentions … he must have a nice time! For me to be naked around a clothed man is an incredibly huge experience for all senses his and my. Not just for the simple sexual outcome. Isn’t it so that people enjoy & value different/arty colorful stuff? Well, I do. Do you explore or are you a mainstream person who is happy with breadcrumbs?
* At the end of the page, unusual behaviors can portrait as special and desired and very highly appreciated. They all depend on combination of things or factors. Full stop.

Thus soon there came the situation at which I finally decided to make another one step further. I said to my neighbor:

“… Strange … why do I feel that this evening is also somewhat EROTIC for me? … (I produced a bit of an intellectual giggle (not too high but anyway most probably it sounded pathetic)) …” I basically PAUSED like ‘whatever’, trying to fix any possibility of if I behaved in an error or as desperate. < This should not sound perfectionistic as people ordinarily create similar kicks on daily bases.

His exact reply to what I said was > I think I know why it’s the case.

From my observations so far, at this point my analysis have shown:

He looked up as if into the sky. He is shy. He could look at my naked body for an hour now. And he did look numerous times. I had several reasons to believe he will be happy to watch me when I masturbate myself (my target). And that he will not object.

On many occasions, while I was talking and staring into darkness, as if preoccupied by what I was saying, I pressed the glass in my hand onto one side of my torso next to my breast (as if I didn’t know). This pushed my breast a little to the other and he noticed even that change in my both breasts. I also uplifted one breast with the rim of the glass. He saw that. My other hand was mostly behind on my waist line. Nothing was hidden. Sparingly (with caution) I gently bowed with my pussy forward as if it was the consequence of gesticulation “… wow this was great in Cusco …”. He was fine with that as well – he followed that with his eyes. I was more and more excited but holding back being anxious.

Other times when I spoke I would lean the glass up against my nipple, gently changing the breast shape downwards and if there was any, he could have seen also my nipple shadow as I was turning.

I loved our conversation. I caught myself touching/curling my hair around one finger. I felt VERY satisfied so far. Was I good to go?

Was he satisfied so far with himself as I was?? With 100 percent certainty I could say he was not annoyed at all. I wanted to masturbate. I was very horny but controlling it. Would it put him in a bliss? So far we had was an amazing evening together.

I could not predict any risk. Now all that was on my mind was; I want him to watch me how I masturbate myself … I wanted him watching me having my orgasm while standing (I always prefer standing and cum like that). The second half – I went for it, the second hour started by saying this line (as I thought of it or predicted):

“… This has made me extremely horny … PAUSE … I’m sorry but I feel like to masturbate … I need to masturbate …”

Saying that line was remarkably special. Like a part of an unknown field for scientists in Cern when they explore the extreme universe depths.

One aspect was rather funny I thought. He reckoned, I want to take my leave home when I said it. Such sudden-change confusions are easy to fix in my opinion. Best is to start slow to progress further but it is not the golden rule; by briefly elaborating about the fact that he is dressed and I continued being naked, which gradually made me naturally horny as the new development, I also changed the topic.

His talking would be hugely valuable now. At this sort of time it helps to joke about myself. it’s like serving him questions for easy answers back … hence speaking. Intelligence is still in the air, remember(?), there is always a F way! If my hornyness vibe with the same measure of my arousal are kept up, I can start touching myself now and again sporadically, which also admits, my situation is serious and that I am not here to fake things.

How to go about it? How to initiate masturbation while the other person is there just to watch me? Well, easy!!! Imagine: For instance he says “gosh you are in trouble” or “I can see you struggle” et cetera, anything of that kind will most probably suit beautifully … I will answer with this “… Yes exactly right (!) …” in a friendly-smiling & suffering-like happy mode – while exactly at the same time … now I can grab my crotch and hold, bow very little forward while still holding/squeezing myself between my legs, grabbing a fresh breath and making the quick unexaggerated sound “… Ah! …”, modestly! I release my hand, PAUSE, straighten back and pronounce “… Uuuh excuse meeeE …” while making the same serious-smile on again. Nobody probably answers this in a way which could be predicted. He said “that’s fine”. Which is plain in character, understandably so for the situation, but it is definite signal or combination of signals for going ahead.

Remember the classical Roman oxymoron and adage ‘Festina lente’ = “hurry slowly” to get further approach in an early stage? All this happens in a short fascinating moments. He was not revolted not even minimally. I could not sense any disapproval there therefore I had the signal that I was fine to proceed. I knew he was surprised and intrigued.

I grabbed my hair at the back and in 2 seconds let it go again to move with my hand down putting it on my tummy “… This feeling is beautiful …” now he smiled rather more so. I slid my hand to my pussy area bent fingers towards it to completely encase it and in a moment moved the hand back onto my belly “… It feels so nice in here …”.

I put my hand back down, grabbed my whole crotch once more and with my fingers on I squeezed them by pressing my legs together. I was standing almost straight slightly sideways to him. My front is completely exposed and he has a perfect view on me on the whole.

I didn’t move from that posture and I said “… Can I masturbate? … Would you mind if I did? …” at the same time I made a move with the hand, suggesting as if, going to lift myself up and squeezing myself between my legs hard. He replied “no … not at all”.

“… It’s crazy …” I said and wiggled my fingers over my clitoris plus swapped my knees one behind the other and back like they were before. He said “well … no wonder … it must be (his PAUSE) … I understand”. Effectively I was given the permission. This was the moment when I knew for 100% I am good to begin with masturbating BUT ALSO that this right now is NOT a moment for waiting nor for chickening out, basically start or not, use it or loose it!

“… I’m doing it … ahmmm … I massaged my clit a bit more … I’m so going to do it (my voice was shaky) …” I said and stepped to a side with one leg spreading both legs apart, still standing sidewards to him but not completely in line side by side.

I noticed him looking at my face and to me it did not appear strange at all. I was still making only those slow circling movements around my clit area and we were both chatty. Although my breathing was mildly deeper and not exactly even :-))) … surely I wasn’t hyperventilating (just joking …). What do you do when your finger rubs your clitoris? …

I stopped rubbing and put both of my hands on my glass “… Can you hold my glass please I don’t want to drop it …”. He took it from my hands; I said just “… Thanks …”, and squeezed both of my nipples, twisted them hard and pulled my breasts forwards “… Woooow! … niiice …”. Then I put one of my hands on my hip with elbow backwards (this automatically forces my breasts outwards much better) and with my other hand I started to finger massage my self.

I was rather horny at this point. Sometimes, it depends what mental state I am in, I could cum/have orgasm very quickly. Even surprisingly quickly (which would be a shame now). I was prolonging what I could this time because I was able to and free to do anything bad. “… this is so good … PAUSE (bowed my body nicely forward) … aahh … I have such a good time …” straighten back, stopped for a 3 seconds to smooth my hair with both hands, turned right towards him and got to it back, masturbated horny as I can be.

“… I hope you can be patient with me …” he was delighted I could see that on him. He agreed with me that it is time for I made myself feel better. Or “… What could be the time? giggling …” and so on sometimes I paused to ask (to delay things). He was OK to look at me anyway and he did not hesitate. With a horny voice I said while not stopping “… It’s nice that you look at me … it’s very interesting when you watch me …” huge treat for me and for him giving us both a great pleasure. I was at the peak almost.

“… I am very close … I think it will be a strong one this time (orgasm) … aaahhh …” I wanted to cum in front of him inside in the full light so we both could have a much better thrill from it. “… Can I finish myself inside? … to have the orgasm inside under a light? … ohhh … I’I’I’I think it will be a strong o’o’one …” I was talking while I was rubbing myself full on.

He led me inside. I had a short break between outside and inside and hence between my legs too. Tonight I masturbate in two phases. It’s stronger and more enjoyable to calm down in the arousement first, say dropping it back to 2 out of 10 (or 3/10), and then from the fresh start reaching the complete orgasm in full in one go. “… I enjoy being this horny … I am having such a massive pleasure … thank you so much …” He agreed and said “likewise” in other words basically meaning, he was having a ball together with me. “… How is that?! …”

“… Can I resume please ;-) … I’d like to cum and then send me home finally …” I begun lightly massaging my clit in the house now and while having my hand between my legs simultaneously I walked towards the entrance door … not stopping fingering myself. I the corridor a garage door was opened with a good light plus plus spacious in there. So I walked in and masturbated in his garage making sure he was standing opposite about 3 meters = 3.3 yards away from me with the direct best view. “… Do you mind if I have my orgasm here? I will be on my way home after … still I am a bit ashamed …” again we had a good quality laugh.

Displaying symmetry in my posture

I told him “… I am readyyyy … are you? …” then I begun to work on my clitoris controlling the orgasm progress for any spoil in it must not occur. Properly full on, legs not so far apart, standing in my always intended straight posture (like on a ruler), changing between eyes opened and eyes closed, considering not to be unnecessarily loud but you bet I was not hiding what I gradually went through and how it felt. Hes stood facing me just the way I wished him to.

Minute into the final. Other hand above my hip and in style. From time to time I bowed forward exposing my breasts with pussy even more. I knew I need just half a minute more and that is when I will be having a nice strong ~20 seconds long orgasm. I told him that.

The best part was – I was able to look like this:

  • I was totally exposed in light
  • I was barefoot (my dress with shoes were elsewhere)
  • I held my complete and naked front stable (and visible) for him
  • My horny face was clearly visible to him
  • I was standing with my legs straight and only 2 feet = 60cm apart
  • I had one hand put on my waist side/back area
  • I masturbated/fingered my clit furiously now and that way I was exhibited

Facing An unknown wonder is one of THE main ingredients. The situation that existed between us at these moments now obviously required just to allow me to reach my cumming. I prolonged for far lot longer I could have wished for and I’m so extremely happy about that! I have been naked already for more than one and a half hour since I undressed. When I did we were outdoors (- only I got fully naked & while my guy was dressed -). He watched my skin, hair, everything by now.

NOT to intimidate him at these moments, by any means, I start to stare downwards onto the floor only. This was exactly how I entered and went through my whole and strong orgasm. “… I am about to cum > Watch … PAUSE (masturbating) … … Ahhh … ahh … ah …” on came those hardly manageable inhales as I was in the heaven. PAUSE and I produced another quiet but totally torturing orgasmic tough sexual “… OHhhhhh HMmmmmm! … Yaaammm …” I had a megalithic orgasm.

This orgasm shook me, changed my normal face into an orgasm hammered face and took my breath out properly! But I did not bend. I managed to nicely keep my whole body straight plus slightly bowed forward. It looks the best I rehearsed it in front of my mirror ~ 100 times (I could have bent to one side but only a very little bit. Not forward to hide.)

At the orgasm’s end I brought my legs together and squeezed myself between my legs with the same hand I used for masturbating “… Ohh my Gooooodness … AHhhh …”. I observed my hand whether it’s clean “… All good … I’m done …”. Then, actually slightly emotional (caused by the pleasure from this marvelous achievement [not because my cum-time-suffering hormones]), I walked into the kitchen dining area where my dress + shoes were. Only now I realized how cold my feet felt.

Still naked I thanked him for the most wonderful evening and he thanked me as well “… You are welcome …” I answered making sure I did not say “my pleasure”. No hugging. He is a VERY NICE gentleman 50 to 55 years old. His wife left him a while back for another younger guy she works with. When he told me about that I sort of felt sad for him. The dress I wore to his place had to go back on me and while putting also my footwear -on me feet I commented about the time once I noticed it on his wall clock (“… not too late yet! …”) and left/walked back home.

Recapping how this all started:
Ones before a semi friend I’ve met mentioned he was into the program “Ancient Aliens” from History TV channel. Therefore I looked at it on youtube, and found it a very interesting documentary by me too (inclusive of many series in several seasons). He lent me its first season on DVD so I could watch the episodes at home. We chatted about these topics. I lost my wicked bet and consequently fulfilled my promise. Is there perhaps more to come? At the moment my intention is to say to him “… I must be careful not to enter any bet again …”. What can arose from this evening, such which would not be a kitsch?

In style I never sat on any of those four chairs. All this took place yesterday (but add to it some of the prerequisites and tactical intelligence planning).

Seduction technique guide.
  1. joesho4UNo Gravatar
    joesho4UNo Gravatar said:

    Wow!!!! I am reading this at work and now completely unfocused. Thank you for that. What a brave moment. In particular the ability to stay in front of him and to delay, delay and more delay your orgasm. I will not forget this when I travel. If a beautiful woman wants to make a bet, I will immediately agree.

  2. AnneNo Gravatar
    AnneNo Gravatar said:

    Thank you!

    PS – I still need to proofread it a few times to fix my grammar and perhaps make it shorter. Won’t have a chance for making it happen during this weekend 🙁

  3. bigztkoNo Gravatar
    bigztkoNo Gravatar said:

    Nice loved it an I sent you a massage on your gmail.

  4. bigztkoNo Gravatar
    bigztkoNo Gravatar said:

    I loved it by the way I sent you something on your gmail.

  5. lilman_lolNo Gravatar
    lilman_lolNo Gravatar said:

    Hi Anne, first off that story was amazing and perfectly wrote. I am new to this kind of nudity and I have to say wow great job on everything. With that said I am a 19 year old virgin male and I have never masturbated as I see it being pointless but I would like to see you right about going a substantially long time without masturbatory to see how you do and the different things you feel and think during the process of waiting when you really want to and the feeling of finally releasing yourself.

  6. ChefNo Gravatar
    ChefNo Gravatar said:

    Terribly erotic and awesome reading. Now I do not know whether I am extremely horny or just intellectually inspired. I did not have to push myself reading! Its actually amazing what hobby you have, I have got much clear idea about it, will try some things on my own. I think with my older colleague it will go right, she will be glad to see me naked or more of me.

  7. BethNo Gravatar
    BethNo Gravatar said:

    Oh my goodness! What a thrill I wanna be a part, the part which is naked. I know I would gradually reach orgasm and long one even without touching myself.

  8. DamintriNo Gravatar
    DamintriNo Gravatar said:

    Aaaah! 50 shades of Anne 🙂

    I will never be on the receiving end of this beautifully dramatic
    Story…it may be because I want it to happen so badly!

    You inspire me to get naked xxxx

  9. JamesNo Gravatar
    JamesNo Gravatar said:

    Anne – beautifully write. Loved the way you express yourself – pure, authentic and creative. Would love to do such a bet with someone like you. I think I might give a little more encouragement and describe how much I enjoyed looking at the various features of your body. I would want the girl to be as relaxed as possible and feel free to take her pleasuring as far as possible. I would also ask if i could photograph her for later viewing pleasure. And i would see if she was interested in doing this at other locations. I might also ask if i could touch – to feel how wet her pussy was for example – without interfering with her pleasure. And i would doubtless let her see how aroused she was making me. Love to hear more. James

  10. AnneNo Gravatar
    AnneNo Gravatar said:

    Hello James, thank you! How would you touch me – to feel how wet I was between my legs – without interfering with my pleasure I am having?

  11. ElaineNo Gravatar
    ElaineNo Gravatar said:

    What occurred after? I am contemplating something similar now.

  12. Hector35No Gravatar
    Hector35No Gravatar said:

    I truly love this. For the longest time I had slightly wrong way of thinking things regarding sex or sexual pleasure. Enjoying the fun to the max is part of us, we cannot deny that!!! I am male 26. Now I would like to be an exhibitionist, something I could be scared of a little but I will eventually do with a help of someone.

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