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The initial introduction was in Jon’s place where I stayed for this purpose last weekend. His colleague visited earlier that day to pick him up. They went fishing for the whole morning. The doorbell rang and he came in. I was in another room. I took all of my clothes quickly off, naked and surprisingly nervous. Jon almost literally had to push me out of the room making me to meet his friend for I could wish him happy birthday. We had planed ahead what we will do always leaving some place for improvising.

No matter what, it was excellent. They came back from the fishing at noon bringing a couple of fish they caught for a bbq/weber.

The plan was that I go with his friend to buy a few things first and after we go to his place. While Jon was supposed to be not present so he went to his parent’s for a couple of hours. We finished the shopping and I sms-ed Jon just as we were parking in the house garage. He phoned me right back and sort of reminding me that I must undress now as all three of us agreed. He asked me to hand my mobile to his friend to be asking him if I am already naked or just still undressing. The answer to the question was “no”.

It very much helps to smooth and prompt things up by discussing them this way on the phone. Because I wasn’t naked yet, now it was easy for me to say “… ok ok I am onto it … just wait a sec …” I smiled a little nervously and perhaps also rolled my eyes a little.

I put one green bag with shopping I was holding on the floor and began to undress. While still not fully naked Jon did, as he was supposed to, ask “… is she already naked …” his friend answered “… no, not fully …”. I don’t know what he got back but shortly after he added “… about 50 percent at he moment …”.

I was quietly taking it all off listening for and noticing any signals I could receive from each of them. Then he said “… she is now …”, a short delay, “… yes completely naked …”, then after about 5 second he told him “… yes I certainly will mate, ta …” and they hung up.

Jon was actually telling him to enjoy the ‘view’ without any hesitation. Or was it ‘company’?

I picked up the bag, stepped a meter away from where I was undressing, thinking for myself, hu húúúúam I going to be completely naked from now on?“. Honestly, I loved it… the question I had was, does he too? I felt perfectly. This was erotic, a full on pleasure.

I took all my clothes off while we were still in the garage. And I left everything on top of the car. Me being aware of leaving all my clothes behind and away from me, from the fact that I didn’t have them available and I was inside the house, the hot feelings I had at those moments as a consequence from exposing myself naked in this way were extremely huge load. E.g. I filled up a glass but forgot to turn a water tap off. I was in such state of pleasure, so lucky!

Both guys are ultimately free to observe my naked body. With eyes only.

Here comes the start of a special time. Not only for me but for all of us including Jon. In reality I was the only one exposed, completely naked with only my shoes on. Remember my clothes were nowhere close?

One of our deal details we discussed ahead and agreed with was – either of them may stare at me, at any part or detail of my body and from any distance at any time they want. If they do, for any length of time, it will not look silly. Instead, such behavior will be regarded as a curious and polite gesture!

(* Jumping in the article a bit ahead; I tested it with a little surprise; “… Did you guys know I have a couple of birth marks right between my legs? … One is smaller than the other. …” “… Really?! Can we see? …” Because the marks are almost in the center of the area between my crotch and my ass I had to sit on the kitchen bench “… I’d have to sit on the bench and fully spread my legs apart … are you ok with that? …” I leaned backwards with one leg up and with fingers pointed at the area. They were looking “… Yes, I see, I see … they are there … how about that …” They had to be bending down to see better so I leaned more backwards with my elbows on the bench, lifted both my legs up plus as with scissors spreading both completely apart and back again in intervals. “… See them? …” The deal details worked a treat! No touching only visual pleasures. I stayed like that for a while before getting back on my legs. They got a good time to analyze my birth marks and everything else. I also had a thought to rub my clitoris, lightly, as well but it was too soon. *)

He sort of briefly walked me through his house. I also went outside to look around his outdoor entertaining area. It was nice to stand in the warmth of the sun. He turned aircon heating on as we got back inside and together we started to prepare the fish. At some points he did seem a bit embarrassed. I started to feel more comfortable. He is an expert in preparing fish, a Pro, it really tastes fabulous how he makes his fish meals (btw the echo from this day is that next Saturday I am going to learn from him how to prepare and cook the fish. Jon will drop me off at his place and he also takes all of my clothes from me for the day. I will walk to his house without nothing on! Oh my! Two great things again, educating and exposing, in one go in one day.)

Can you imagine that? In summary I am very happy about my birthday day. Every minute felt so good. When Jon came, ~2 hours later, he was changing subjects directed at me; e.g. how is it with females and masturbation when they are on their own and when they simply feel for doing it, whether they can get strong orgasm with fingering, if I help myself from time to time. In conversation we also included now-days society matters plus the fast life we live in, problems, jokes.

We were sitting behind table and eating. We talked for about 2 hours or longer. Discussing stuff at times purely seriously and other times with humor mixing erotic themes in. And, naturally that was perfectly plenty for me to say “… I am rather horny from all this talk, as horny as ever … If you want … I may as well show you what it looks like … Right now I mean …” Then we talked about what I just said in a way it was a new prospect for both of them. You know; “… would you do it? …”, their expressions, that they want to see me to learn something new, and to experience something new, no touching, observing me and having fun. I felt I was truly wanted.

“… But I wouldn’t mind if we all stand when I will masturbate … I like it like that … In the kitchen is better light … You will see me clearly … Lets go there …” As I was saying that I squeezed one of my nipples. They agreed of course.

Both of them started to grab drinks including mine. They were still sitting when I’ve stood up and said in a happy tone “… Oh my gosh I cannot wait …”. This time I started to squeeze both of my nipples, or jutting my breasts by holding both nipples, once pressing knees and rubbing thighs against each other and continued talking. Only one time I softly moaned from the self-inflicted pleasure. “… I’m actually wet. …”

It wasn’t exaggeration, only my happiness. I quietly continued playing with my nipples as we were going to change the place. Even though I felt the heat, I wanted to be 100% fine but I wasn’t…

… in the kitchen; Facing them directly standing about 2 meters away. Showing some considerable true indecision, swapping seriousness for smiles, expressions they could not miss. “… Boys I am a little nervous … please be patient with me …”. Having one sip from a cup of very nice real ground coffee on the bench by my side. I knew everything was up to me now. “… I cannot believe this is going on … And how fast we reached to this? … I admit I am having a really great time and I badly wanna do this …”. My favorite line is “… I hope you will have a great time … so enjoy …”. After that line you always get a signal, or not, to freely start with masturbating.

In retrospect; Personally, after closing my eyes and visualizing a scenarios like this for many times, the best way is to go for it or the whole situation can be easily spoiled. If it progressed up to here, it’s obvious that I am expected to entertain these two guys. Not waiting is the magic for me. Also it is desire of who is watching. Knowing or being aware of these facts helps to unwind quickly. But now it isn’t the time to contemplate, how wrong that would be 🙂 ???!!!

I am also horny. I cannot tell you how horny I am. Can you imagine? I’ve been naked and thinking on erotic levels and subject pretty much for most of the day.

Time for “… 🙂 😉 [quiet smiles and giggles] …” I am spreading legs a little apart. By using my fingers I start right away with rubbing my clitoris. It helps to ask at the same time “… Do you have a lovely view? …” or anything like that will keep a communication going on which is much better than a quietness.

We were standing and they were kind of exploring me and chating about what is going on with me (honestly it’s how I love it the most – if you try the same you will see how lucky you will feel when your observer/s asks you questions while you do it to yourself – can you see why an interaction helps?)

I even postponed it by taking more sips from the coffee and by interrupting with talking. Like, for example, Jon asked if I would also use a dildo sometimes (“… I don’t have any … I like to play with my clit …”) I stopped to masturbate for a while to answer or for an any other quick conversation. You know what I mean, the more time, the more fun, the better.

On the whole it took for quite a while. One time they said one embarrassingly funny thing and all of us we laughed. That made me to turn and walk away from them. As I walked I didn’t stop masturbating. Now I stood in the middle of his main room about seven meters or more from where they were in the kitchen. They watched me from there. Also when I was coming back to the kitchen I continued to rub my clitoris as I was walking, already decently moaned and mumbled from the pure pleasure and playing one nipple or both breasts.

Five minutes before I had orgasm several times I mentioned that I was getting closer to it. The one last minute or two perhaps I didn’t care much of what they say. Although I still managed to give quick answers however without stopping. Except for just a mini stop or two, again on purpose, when I got too close. This way I happened to have three of such last minutes.

They create easily as you know, don’t they? The danger of being simply a very too-too close can arrive at anytime. I simply stopped touching myself between my legs and instead, naked like that having only shoes on, I took both hands up as if hiding my face … bent my knees and in waist a little, turned around once or twice … shocked, smiling and saying “… This is crazy … It’s so strong! … Am I really going to show you this? …” That stops the strong-being close to arousing me for the orgasm, without sending it completely away.

I was only into myself. I was doing my business openly without any ego or social mask. Showing the whole moving picture clearly in detail, how it feels, describing everything I go through, not being afraid to stretch myself nicely – naked – in front of my observer and commenting every 15 seconds on the state I was in if I wasn’t asked for something else. When I entered my orgasm rise I did let them know of that verbally too. I don’t scream but you can hear me.

It was great because I was able to do everything the way I wanted to. After I finished I just stood there and felt like stupid. I wanted exactly this result. It always happens. It is lasting.

The general philosophy could probably be described by; tomorrow when I meet the person who watched me, it’s nice to ‘ask not’ what he thinks of that (or she if a ‘he’ did the same for a ‘her’ because girls love it just the same (some must find themselves in the perspective gradually)). It’s rewarding to hear the postfeedback in form of signals, effects,  in the person’s behavior after a while.

It happened to be really enjoyable experience for us all. That’s it, no touching, you are free to help yourself and you can even create some fun for someone else. Most of that day was a normal ordinary birthday time but at constant occasions they were checking me. It was ‘they were allowed to do so freely’ scenario. It’s loveliest when organized in this way. When I am  known as being someone who has life as anyone else.

The Echo

This Saturday I am going learn how to cook the fish we had as per his recipe. So far the plan is;

1. we’ll get to the similar point when I will play with myself again while the fish will be cooked. Pretty clear:)
2. Apparently all I can keep with me in his place this Saturday is my dildo. That, if I don’t bring it, I will be expected having to massage my clitoris against a kitchen chair and to reach my orgasm that way:) So I must buy one somewhere … or not? … hard to decide now! I can imagine how it’ll be.
3. He will open the door, Jon will send me through his door inside totally naked and I will have only the dildo in my hand. Excellent!!! I reckon I should place it onto the kitchen surface somewhere so when we cook we can both look at it. The fish is ‘slow roasted’ and smoked for about 1-1/2 to 2 hours which depends on its size, which means, I will have a nice long time for playing with myself.
4. Still don’t know how it will initialize in his place. I’d like it to be something silly somehow. I admit it is a good idea with the chair too but…

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  1. hunk48No Gravatar
    hunk48No Gravatar said:

    Anne u are awesome !

  2. steve1No Gravatar
    steve1No Gravatar said:

    Superb erotica, Anne!

    I wonder if it would add to your pleasure if the guys lost control and began masturbating while watching you?

    It’s interesting to read that you chose to play with yourself at a distance of seven meters – I like to be across the room from my couples because I like ‘whole body’ thrills. But with my own lovers that will vary a lot … sometimes it’s just great to get in very close indeed 🙂

  3. RyanNo Gravatar
    RyanNo Gravatar said:

    Why is it aimed so much at women exposing themselves in this life, and not guys? Everything is always about girls. Also, you should have forums up (and BuddyPress!) I could help moderate if ya need any help 🙂

  4. Maxy9999No Gravatar
    Maxy9999No Gravatar said:

    Fantastic reading Anne. It leaves me thinking and wanting more erotic nakedness in my real life.

    Thank you!

  5. joesho4UNo Gravatar
    joesho4UNo Gravatar said:

    I love the fact that your clothes are out in the garage. No retreat at this point. What a great fantasy!!!

  6. Please yesNo Gravatar
    Please yesNo Gravatar said:

    Naked plus masturbating to orgasm birthday gift … wouldn’t that be totally appropriate for me too!

  7. land lordNo Gravatar
    land lordNo Gravatar said:

    Write some more Anne please you slowed down recently. Most of us adults only dream about playing like this, sometimes we dream too much, that is all I have to say. You make excellent observation points. You are intelligent and have perfectly erotic well balanced taster. Friendly entertaining perhaps nourishing approach and this lovely almost glowing character. By looking at yourself you get to serve other guys in a perfectly sensual way. I could consider myself or describe myself as being one of the decent individuals but if I was asked, would I enjoy having a naked sexy masturbating young woman making me company at home, would I answer with yes? You bet ya in a fraction of second I would say yes! To this amazing sexual pleasures.

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