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“Every time I know I am going to undress for someone my whole body is shaking, always the same way. The nerves created by the thrill boost up my feeling of great comfort and desire. During those moments, and then when I am undressed, it feels as if time didn’t exist.”

by: Me (Anne)

“Playing an enthusiastic photographer is a perfect cover for a voyeur. Being a hobby exhibitionist is a perfect opportunity for becoming a good friend with the photographer. There’re very few things that are more fun than accompanying a beautiful woman who enjoys showing her body. I’m fortunate in having run across my true friend.”

by: A visitor of towel fell dot com

My photo 01 Photo of me 06 That is me dressed or bare naked pictures.

44 pictures of me for my readers to look at 😉
To download them; add your nick name > email and submit below. Then click on the download-link in the email which comes to you automatically. Simply extract the zip folder to open them.

(Zip folder contains .jpg photos size 958x1235px each ~150Kb)

  1. peeterNo Gravatar
    peeterNo Gravatar said:

    Any more? Text & Photos

  2. georgeNo Gravatar
    georgeNo Gravatar said:

    Wow, you’re making me smile on this side. I just stumbled onto your site and you have made me think a little bit harder which is not common for me. Nice to see people are comfortable with being naked in front of others.

    BTW, you looked awesome and would love to see more. Your other pics are a bit small. Would of been nice if you added them in full size.

  3. AnneNo Gravatar
    AnneNo Gravatar said:

    Hallo George,
    Thanks for reading and for leaving your nice note.

    You mentioned “… you have made me think a little bit harder …” could you please let me know what you thought of and why? Can you also elaborate about that?, it would be a much needed feedback for me.

    I know, I am trying to find a way for how to protect the original sized photos, so the resolution quality stays high as is. I think I did find one way but I need to test it first. Otherwise people could start to resize” me or in a falsehood misuse them, which is mainly what I want to avoid!

  4. EvertNo Gravatar said:

    Hi Anne,

    Nice site, and a VERY nice girl! 😉

    Seeing your pics makes me (and probably everyone else who sees them) long for more… Keep up the good work! 😎

    Added in by Anne: Thank you very much for your lovely words Evert! I wish you’ve equally enjoyed reading all of my pages as well!

  5. DonNo Gravatar
    DonNo Gravatar said:

    Hi Anne,
    Great job!….your photo review was a real treat. I also relate to your writings as far as the exhilaration of acting out those fantasies. Unfortunately, the doing of it is not as ‘acceptable’ for us men. You ladies (particularly the beautiful ones like you) can act on your impulses and generally be applauded and appreciated.

    Anyway, thanks…..you certainly are “eye candy”

  6. AnneNo Gravatar
    AnneNo Gravatar said:

    Thank you for you lovely words Don (those on the other page as well.) Maybe we have somethings in common, don’t we?

    Speaking from the ladies’ perspective, we enjoy seeing naked men too. How could we not?! I really mean dressed women and a guy undressed is hot. It is just the same for us too. If you like it, look at it from within the woman, can’t she like it as well? For the first start, or ever after, it’s the best with an older person I reckon. A birthday present of this kind, or for making someone who is sad happier again, when arranged in advance, anticipated – positively waited for by the lookee, cannot go wrong. A friend who can creatively arrange this for you is a gold mine. Especially if you can give a hand to each other with the same. You know what I mean, things get a lot easier without being tacky or difficult (if that’s what you meant by “not as ‘acceptable’ for us men”.) And in the other way around you could be arranging a similar scenario for her later a next day after you both discussed it. For an idea how does a BBQ for your old mate and she is naked with you sound? It’s special. You just need to find her, the right/active one who’s tuned to the same interests like you.

    * This should assist :
    Like me, write about what you’re tuned into. She will look at it, if appealing she will comment below your article for you. If with something relevant it could be the spark for both of you. Regarding the “exhilaration of acting out those fantasies” you mentioned, Could you please visualize and think through a scenario and put the whole lot in writing? ; E.g. if there’s a planing involved before, the actual theater thing and end it off by describing feelings you have about it after. A nice long witty page says heaps. I would be so happy and it would be wonderful to have something catchy to read, from the opposite gender, here on the blog. 12% of visitors spend 1 hour + in time reading these pages so you’ll receive some replies. Good vibes.

    Warm regards,

  7. MartinNo Gravatar said:

    Stumbled across your site while procrastinating, and it’s proving hard to leave, some interesting concept going on!! Thanks for your openness, it is an inspiration (not necessarily to get nekkid in front of people, but to go out there, be yourself and not hold anything back).

  8. modelnude4uNo Gravatar
    modelnude4uNo Gravatar said:

    The stories and ideas here are right along the lines of my favorite fantasies!

  9. zeaksNo Gravatar said:

    Nice stories, I’m not sure how I stumbled onto your site, but it caught my attention and I ended up reading them all. Your pics are nice too, though as George said, full size would make them even better. Thanks

  10. zapNo Gravatar
    zapNo Gravatar said:

    It’s a great shame that women are able to use such tactics and get away with it while us guys just risk being accused of pervert or deviant behaviour like we’re all dangerous criminals. How about some ideas for the guys to ‘accidentally expose without causing shock and awe’? Keep up the good work Anne, and hey, how about you just release one shot of you naked in a better resolution? watermark it =0)

  11. AnneNo Gravatar
    AnneNo Gravatar said:

    Guys, I will only email that type of photo or photos. If it’s to be larger.

    Hi Zap, thanks for your nice note. It is not so much true that men aren’t desired this way. Welcome to a woman’s dream, you are in the demand … interesting just the same way as women are to men. You may evoke the same feelings in girls, if not stronger.

    Have you read through How to expose fully naked for another person article? Around mid page I intimate to guys specifically. You need to become more active guys in reading as well. Please share/exchange ideas in written form … I will email you above mentioned photo THEN.
    Look, I also acknowledge you in a page about How to show myself naked?. It is dedicated to Men as well, equally, you will find it mentioned in the writing in there! Perhaps most people perceive details easier from pictures or videos, I understand that, often I am the same … a picture instead of thousand words. But it is only on a photo. It feels so much better to be naked and looked at in real. Or to watch someone naked noticing what they experience. And I must not forget, on each article on the right hand side there are these two male and female symbols ♂ ♀

    It depends how the individual is coded :) Sooner or later you can make some right-for-this girl enjoying herself by watching you (or later on could she be interested in showing you to her friend when she celebrates or if she was sad? If you two are patient? In duo such arrangements can be done much easier.) Realistically it starts with contemplating with logic and by seeing the whole thing in the frames, that is how we get everything clever in life. Not only with fantasizing about being naked. It’s how, when and where it is done for your private theater to be interesting. I know that once the other party feels the lust it can develop further. If you like read between the lines in the second article (link above) talks about this.

  12. zapNo Gravatar
    zapNo Gravatar said:

    Hi again Anne, Thanks for the rapid response to my note. I apologize, I admit I didn’t read much of your articles before posting because it did look at first glance as it was aimed for the ladies only. Whenever I get an opportunity to be seen naked ‘accidentally’ I grab it. I am always looking for new ways to do this. Your fabulous towel-drop game is great and I use it a lot already. When I have more time I shall write in with some of my actual experiences which might help others looking for new ideas.


  13. zapNo Gravatar
    zapNo Gravatar said:

    Apart from the falling towel idea I discovered that if you have shorts or joggers with the elasticated waist you can replace the elastic with some kind of chord or string which looks exactly the same but it has no give in it and so when you relax you can make them fall down easily especially to give a view from behind which is less overtly sexual. I tried this at a picnic area using a barbeque and making sure no minors are around. I made it clear they were loose fitting and by keeping on pulling them up in an annoyed way I hoped to attract some interest which worked. When I had my audience I allowed them to fall down completely while I was busy with the food and I then turned around in a natural coy way to see who might be looking and then through careful planning she got a look at my front as well. After that is up to you what happens.

  14. JillNo Gravatar
    JillNo Gravatar said:

    Hello Anne,
    first of all I’d like to say a big thanks. From reading all of your articles, starting for the first time a month ago, ever since, being nude in front of somebody who is dressed lays on my mind. I must have had it in me. I actually wanted to do something about it. And now by adopting one of the ways you described, well, I finally’ve done it!!!!!!!!! And it actually worked great for me!!!!!!!!!!
    Prior to my first experience I hesitated. As if I entered some kind of resistance zone. But to me it never felt as something to be reluctant about, rather in the opposite sense. There was a support line under for keeping me up.
    One nice young man from my work came over to clean and speed up my computer. It was snowing out very nicely and I had it nicely warm inside. He came a 1/2 an hour ahead! I thought he’ll come when I’m in the shower. Therefore I said to him; I was about to shower myself but I’ll make some hot tea first. I put a few biscuits on the table. He was opening my notebook. Perfect! Then I went to take the rest. I took a few deep breaths to relax and walked out the kitchen. Shortly after my towel intentionally dropped off down from me as I carried the two cups of tea with a spoon on each saucer next to the teacups. I can definitely say we both enjoyed what is happening at those moments. I myself a lot personally right from the time when we arranged his visit. In the afternoon we met in our gym from where I left ahead and he was about to come after that. Simply it was magic! Being totally exposed naked in front of him seemed as if I was here naked and in pleasure for ages. I knew that at least until I expose to him, the first and most crucial thing was to concentrate on behaving friendly and as normal and natural as possible. I said to myself that if my behavior changes I definitely won’t progress in doing this.
    As it happened I stopped said omg looked down smiled it off and continued walking towards him. I took my time during which he saw me everywhere. Well, here you have your tea Peter. I loved every moment of it. What a power! Still shaking when thinking about it in retrospect. Most importantly the whole scene came out as planned totally natural. Having had shower after I exposed and he saw me naked was probably better, that way I had time to think what’s next. Now I’ve been thinking about how to progress further from here. I want more now. We’ll see what could be done. I can say I gained heaps more confidence from it.

  15. FortblueNo Gravatar
    FortblueNo Gravatar said:

    You’re simply beautiful Anne! Do you have plans to upload more photos? They are amazing!

    Anne added: Thank you Mate. I will, but I’ve got too much work currently, first I have to pass all exams well.

  16. EmeraldNo Gravatar
    EmeraldNo Gravatar said:

    I realize that is somewhat a matter of mine too. Nevertheless what, I am exploring establishing my own such relationship, personal, consenting, like yours with your friend or Jill’s with her man who is looking for her landscapes and that’s how they’ve met. And was wondering just what will my essential setup with some woman be?! I am assuming creating a similar mutual and erotic relationship will require a lot’s of patience, calmness, as well as lots of thinking, contemplating, to build it up. I am not quite socially active, I can say, over the years my work made of me somewhat a lot less articulate man. However to my advantage, I can carefully analyze information and give my ideas a thoughtful consideration. Any sort of additional recommendations or assistance for this endeavor will be appreciated. What can I say?, appreciate it already!, thank you.

  17. bnoodNo Gravatar
    bnoodNo Gravatar said:

    Hi Anne. Love the site. Disappointed that the link didn’t work for your pics. I see you live in Queensland. Same here. Would love to play out an accidental nudity scene with you.

    added by Anne: Thanks Bnood. I made a couple of tests. The link works fine for me. Any hints on what play/s?

  18. ahoj from SuzeNo Gravatar
    ahoj from SuzeNo Gravatar said:

    Our real estate man will come for inspection this Thursday, he sent letter ……. so I wonder whether I could surprise him by having shower and mainly I wouldn’t mind at all if I could walk naked around with him while he’s inspecting our place. Juj it is impossible not to think what it would be like having nothing on …….. except perhaps earrings. Your idea to listen for signals sounds very promising and seems the only solution I assume …….. I could be naked plus completely wet when I answer the door but don’t know what then. CROSS FINGERS superstitiously so I will workout something.

    I cannot WAIT to read more about your experiences with nakedness. I mean, you just know how to express these feelings a polite like act can bring to who is naked and to who is watching I guess. There is so much I’ve thought of. Already a few ideas spin in my head on what how or where I could undress to show myself …….. to be caught. Each of these erotic experiences or embarrassing moments I suppose must be so unique. Certainly you put a new twist on what I’ve thought a lot about. I don’t believe I’ve in fact read anything so close that would do these sort of experiences as great justice as you describe them.

  19. JamNo Gravatar
    JamNo Gravatar said:

    Considerably, really the sweetest ideas on this notable topics. I harmonize with your ideas and conclusions Anne and I will thirstily look forward to your phenomenal ideas and all incoming writings about your erotic nudity and nakedness. Admirable work and much success in your adventures!   Please excuse my poorer English as it is not my originally first tongue.

  20. steve1No Gravatar
    steve1No Gravatar said:

    Hi Anne,

    well, it’s a sexy delight to find we share the same pleasures and I’ve enjoyed reading other visitors thoughts too :)

    As a man I obviously have to be very cautious about being naked and masturbating in the ‘real’ world. It has to be consensual and adult. But I have friends who share these thrills and sometimes hook up with couples to perform for the pleasure of the women. It’s incredibly exciting to have an attractive women eyes glued to me while she is making love.

    I do find the most arousing situations are somehow slightly impersonal – just lust meets lust … to me that’s gourmet sensuality just like the culinary art in cooking, erotic in the better extreme. My first encounter with my current couple was one of the most arousing experiences of my life – the three of us were instantly desperate to get it on but beyond that knew nothing about each other:) Another very provocative situation is during photo-shoots – I’ve done erotic modelling – and the presence of an attractive assistant really does raise the temperature!

    That brings me to your beautiful photos…quite professionally done! It’s a beautiful thrill to see you enjoying your sensuality so deeply…hope you’ll post more one day!


  21. Mr AnonymousNo Gravatar
    Mr AnonymousNo Gravatar said:

    What a great site !!

    Personally i prefer the watching (or reading … 😉 )

  22. niceporeNo Gravatar
    niceporeNo Gravatar said:

    Naked or clothed on your pictures, you are very beautiful. And the reading of your writing is ecstatically erotic and catchy. Going to try somethings myself.

  23. PetraNo Gravatar
    PetraNo Gravatar said:

    I thought I was weird … for insanity or what? I enormously enjoy to live the immense erotic tension which revolves around the simple ‘not having clothing on’ nor ‘nowhere clothing available’ not allowed to cover myself. When a guy or guys watch me. Call me a mad for I actually feel this beautiful shiver all the way down my spine. Purity. It feels no desperate. Worst … but in a wonderfully pleasant way.

  24. TexasdrakeNo Gravatar
    TexasdrakeNo Gravatar said:

    I’m a amateur photographer who enjoys photographing nude females. Always thought the nude female body as a work of art….you’re is without question. :)

  25. AlexNo Gravatar
    AlexNo Gravatar said:

    Anne, sorry about my poor english, I´m from Brazil and english is not my native language.

    I loved your site: photos, texts, ideas. We share the same thoughts and desires. You are in my favorites and I’m already anxious for some updates!

    Wish you could delivery pizza to my place one of theses days and you were doing it completely naked like you are on your photos. Ta

  26. JohnNo Gravatar
    JohnNo Gravatar said:

    Being photographed totally nude is a rush. You have to be an exhibitionist to enjoy it but there is nothing like it. Thanks for sharing. Wanna know what’s more of a rush? Being photographed nude with someone else :) try it.

  27. RinaNo Gravatar
    RinaNo Gravatar said:

    It’s really awesome that someone like you is into this sort of arranged nakedness! I’ve always kinda got turned on by the idea of walking up to a strange house delivering something and opening it up to a woman like yourself. But on the other hand it needs to be with some sort of consent too. I would get an insta-boner! Sadly, I can’t do this sort of thing, since most delivery men are well, MEN. :/

  28. SirSyNo Gravatar
    SirSyNo Gravatar said:

    Hi Anne, love your stories, they so fun and sexy but also very innocent which makes them very appealing, look forward to my email containing your pics.


  29. Marcus 72No Gravatar
    Marcus 72No Gravatar said:

    This is a great site and your pics and your stories are highly arousing!

    I have a neighbor who often seems to dress in view of her window, occasionally putting her bra on in full view, other times standing in her underwear. She also never draws the blinds in her bathroom and often has the window up when she gets out of the shower. It looks innocent, but now I wonder if it’s done deliberately and she gets a frisson from it. If she does, good for her – I do too!

  30. AnneNo Gravatar
    AnneNo Gravatar said:

    Marcus, oh lucky you aren’t you. It is quite possible that your neighbor knows EXACTLY times when you are at home, and plus on top, when you could be most possibly free or available to watch her when she is naked. Just from observing you. She sees you. Simply remain incognito. I mean, my advice is do not change your behavioral patters all of a sudden. If she is into such, you might see her progressing also into masturbating for yours and hers sexual pleasures. She makes her moves it seems to me. And yes, what she does will look to you always innocent because she is clever, and most importantly, she is driven by it by a huge invisible force. It is only one logical scenario.

    If she was me, I would have you knocking on my door soon enough (for example to fix my kitchen door hinge, while me having my towel wrapped around my wet hair naked and assisting with the work. With a permission after politely finding out … obviously.)

  31. Mike HuntNo Gravatar said:

    “Anne” please update more frequently ! Great pictures of “Anne.”

  32. Mike HuntNo Gravatar said:

    Marcus 72, I think Anne is correct in her logic. Take full advantage of your viewing. When I lived in Manhattan I used to see the woman across the street in the next building taking a shower and walking around naked. The women above her use to stand in front of the window of her bathroom nude. It never got dull. Every time I saw them naked it was like the first time. Enjoy.

  33. JanuszNo Gravatar
    JanuszNo Gravatar said:

    Hi Anne, hi all!

    What a great site to share some naked experiences! Just like others I found them, not sure how but I love it! Also have another great way on how to “naturally” get naked in front of opposite sex. I did it and it worked for me.

    I placed an add on local Craigslist asking a woman/women for help. I wrote about terrible bet I’ve made with my buddies while being drunk. (i bet for Brazil to win against Germany in world cup soccer game. In addition if they loose by more then 3 goal I agreed to strip fully naked in front of a female stranger and take a picture of me standing next to her). I explained that I cannot back up from the bet and I’m to shy basically to just ask random girl on the strèet. To make more chances for my plan to work out I added that I’m the only person that will get naked, also there is no need of her face being in the picture.

    Well, Brazil lost 7:1! By the end of the week I got a few positive responses. These girls actually watched that soccer game or searched for the scores outcome. Nice heh! After exchanging a couple of emails I went to this girl’s apartment. She had a female friend as a “photographer”. The both of them giggled non stop making me blush from excitement! To add more tension/pleasure to my naked adventure I stopped at my underwear pretending to back out so the girls would convince me to get fully naked! What a rush of emotions, from embarrassment at first to joy, fun, and being vulnerable! It was fantastic!

    Guys, scenario like this is doable, all you need is a little thinking!
    Anne, please let me know what you think of my idea?
    You are the expert!

  34. YesNo Gravatar
    YesNo Gravatar said:

    This is the very topic which is very near to my heart … Take care!

  35. KenNo Gravatar
    KenNo Gravatar said:

    Hey Anne. Just wanted to tell you, I found this site a long time ago and loved it but lost the link to get back until now. When I was here last I downloaded your pics and enjoyed them a lot. Somehow when I saved the zip file, it was saved in an unusual place on my computer and one day when I had some friends over, I found your pics and opened it to see what it was. Well I ended up showing them to everyone and then emailing them to everyone as well. I just Thought you would like to hear that they where and shared as I know it’s a turn on to hear.

  36. Hey Anne,
    I found your blog through searching google for girls who walk round naked and i came across your page and what a amazing website/blog you got going on, I loved your photo’s you are a very beautiful attractive gorgeous girl. I would of liked to see more photo’s of you naked. i live in the UK if i lived in your country i would of loved to meet you and get to know you. i love what you do and hope to see more content on your pages :)

    From Jamie (In England)

  37. AnneNo Gravatar
    AnneNo Gravatar said:

    Hello Ken, “I just Thought you would like to hear that they where …”

    They were what? Wondering what’s the percentage of your friends who actually enjoyed the photos. For me it is, the encounters, more personal. Sometimes easy – sometimes not so easy. Not everyone is on the same boat.

  38. AnneNo Gravatar
    AnneNo Gravatar said:

    Hello Janusz, a well-thought-out plan. You made me think of another but quite similar idea I need to develop further now. The photographer, did she use yours or hers photo camera to take the picture/s?

  39. TJNo Gravatar
    TJNo Gravatar said:

    You are amazing Anne, I love this site. please keep up the fantastic work!!

  40. SpartanNo Gravatar
    SpartanNo Gravatar said:

    Hii Anne,
    You are Really Beautiful and you have great assets. Keep us Updated about your new feeds or Blogs. and btw you are doing a great job using the website.

  41. Maxxxcunni74No Gravatar
    Maxxxcunni74No Gravatar said:

    Hi Anne I’m loving your blog that I came across can you tell me if can ask? Do you have to create these scenes let me call them ” nude bombs “, very sexy by the way, cause I haven’t seen your nude photos yet and after reading what you wrote I have all these images off your naked body in my head, thank you for that. Back to my ?, do you need to do this exposing to get yourself in the mood and is the sex more intense afterwards?

  42. Marcus 72No Gravatar
    Marcus 72No Gravatar said:

    Anne and Mike, thank you for your replies. It had been a while and I thought the nudity had stopped or that she was being note careful. Then about a month ago the lady took in a parcel for me while I was out. We briefly chatted when I went to collect it. That night she undressed completely in front of the window with the lights on! BUT nothing since then. I did masturbate furiously after seeing that though.

    Anne, I wish I did live opposite you, I think I’d do nothing else!

  43. AnneNo Gravatar
    AnneNo Gravatar said:

    Thanks Max, well … from my personal perspective it is purely just the being nude (extending the duration of being naked) and later a masturbation … all that while … someone is watching me. I like if I can undress while a guy is watching me. I want to be naked around him and, if he enjoys me being naked (perhaps having ONLY the shoes on or nothing at all), in other words when he looks at me more times without being shocked or uncomfortable etc., then it becomes the best of all for me. Very rarely I am into making love afterwards. But of course the masturbation bonus is surpassing. For me incomparable to love making and much more outstanding.

    It often requires a fine tuning not only preparation. For instance how do I assist a man for instance to paint a room and how do I tell him I wanna undress and work like that naked? … so among other things he also reckons he is fortunate. It is not possible without favourable energy. However it might be possible to create favourable conditions for that. So, the situation is that he remains dressed and I remain naked and we carry on with the work. If that continues going well, e.g. we both work (normally) for an hour+ or a half day, he feels relaxed and watches me everywhere, it usually gets straightforward easy to put on a gradually increasing play of getting hot (horny) and later ask if I can masturbate, have a quickie like that. If THE permission is granted to me, then it becomes totally easy to proceed playing horny while going on with what we were doing, as before, except adding the aspect of touching myself on n’ off at the same time (rubbing my clit here and there and prolonging again till he gets used to it.) I am not at all playing being naive. But playing being mindful, calm and natural “… such is life and body needs …”, especially later when I cum with a paintbrush in my other hand … the orgasm should be always intense and serious. This is THE fun for me.

  44. AnneNo Gravatar
    AnneNo Gravatar said:

    Hello Marcus, interesting, … what did you chat about with her while you were there?

    > “Anne, I wish I did live opposite you, I think I’d do nothing else!”
    Yes of course why not?! Would you even organize different/new situations for me??

  45. Marcus72No Gravatar
    Marcus72No Gravatar said:

    We chatted about the fact that the parcel came from Australia and had been through customs. She was very smiley. But now she has put up a curtain in the room where she changes so I don’t get to see as much…

    Oh yes, if you lived opposite I don’t think I would ever stop coming up with scenarios. Like offering to help with odd jobs around the house for you, asking you to lol after my place while I was away so you could get “caught” when I returned ….and how I would love it if I somehow got to catch/see you masturbating as you suggested she might! How would you play things with a neighbour like that?

  46. AnneNo Gravatar
    AnneNo Gravatar said:

    I looked at your previous comments, possibly you could be in luck there. If she has a curtain on her window now, probably she just got aware of you with you knocking on her door – worrying she might have taken it too far? Unless it’s a coincidence, say she needed to sleep longer etc.. You will find out. But if she liked it or truly enjoys it, soon she may resume showing herself. Sometimes after that, turn off your lights occasionally and watch whether she wants to find out what you do, or just whether you have lights on at home. Which would be a huge hint. And a big potential to achieve more from there.

    Otherwise contact is crucial. And communication. Then slowly, gradually, some good ideas can come into the light and turn to somethings. If both of you could chat and she was smiling, so there is a start. I would say first she must be interested in talking with you at some stage. These are the things, at least for the starter. That is if nothing was going on through her head from her own perspective (without you evoking it … though it is always much better to think that such chances would be small to none. Just simple imagining does not help, but can assist in creating situations … if you believe in quantum mechanics.)

  47. Marcus72No Gravatar
    Marcus72No Gravatar said:

    My theory is it is not aimed at me or any individual but is a kind of general exhibitionism. I just had the best morning view of her in the bathroom. The window was pulled right up and she managed to flash her bare ass, pussy and one boob in the gap as she was drying herself right next to the open window. She even stood full frontal for a moment or two at the window to close it, giving me a longer look at her pussy and her naked profile through the frosted glass.

    My other theory is that her husband put the curtain up! So the show was over by the time she went to her room, but it was a show worth watching. Turned me on massively.

  48. DylanNo Gravatar
    DylanNo Gravatar said:

    I would love nice videos of you if that’s possible if not pictures of you masturbating is fine.

  49. AnneNo Gravatar
    AnneNo Gravatar said:

    Marcus, there you go interesting development. You make me view my website more often which I like.

    If she opens the curtains and shows herself naked again maybe you can be positive that she actually likes it and has fun from doing so (not simply incident). You might learn more but things can take longer, or appear totally different, if there are various natural behavior influences coming from her husband.

    Can you tell if she already somehow knows or senses that you are looking at her which is why she shows herself naked to you? Which would be ideal wouldn’t it. Another option is at the moment she just fantasizes about being seen naked (I do it often especially so when developing in my mind and then rehearsing new ideas) … whilst the true realization that there is someone on the other end who is watching her, in the real act of being seen naked and still safe, is not there? Yet :).

    > … it was a show worth watching. Turned me on massively.
    Ahh yeah DEFINITELY high value stuff!

  50. Marcus72No Gravatar
    Marcus72No Gravatar said:

    Thanks for replies Anne. I saw her on the street yesterday with he husband and she totally avoided eye contact. I think your theory that she is getting a thrill from the idea/risk of being seen naked, but the thought an actual neighbour is watching is too real and uncomfortable. There have definitely been a couple of times when she seems to have been looking across my way, but it has never felt like a show, more like her either being careless or taking a risk she may be seen than wanting to be seen by an actual person. Maybe the bathroom window, where she can’t see out but others might see in, is a safer option than being nude in her room. I just go another flash of her lower body through the open window!

    PS Dylan – I’ll see what I can do pal ;

  51. StuartNo Gravatar
    StuartNo Gravatar said:

    Hi Anne, I tried to join so I cold post my own experience but was unable to. So I thought I’d share it here.

    One of these two friends is someone that I work intimately with. We live in the same building where my window is right next to the entrance. When you’re approaching the door, if you look to the right, you get a direct view of half of my bathroom. Twice in the evening, I would leave the light on in there which illuminated the bathroom as brightly as a tv screen when anyone walked past it. I sat at my desk against the window, working while I waited for her to come home. When I saw her car pull up, I would quickly step over into the bathroom and slip my clothes off, grab a towel and pretend I was toweling my hair off while standing in full view of the window, at a slight angle away from it toward the sink. I would try to keep my head turned slightly under the towel to catch her walking past and see if she glanced over or not. The first time she didn’t, and the second time I couldn’t be sure. This wasn’t as satisfying as I had hoped it wold be, so I made a change.

    It wasn’t enough to simply guess whether or not she had seen me. Because I was surprising her at a distance like this, I wasn’t able to enjoy the look on her face as she took in my stark naked body (or confirm that she had). So I came up with a solution. I set my iPhone up right by the window to capture her walking past and at the same time, I had my laptop on the desk turned toward the bathroom, capturing me.

    When she came home that night, I started both cameras and slipped into the bathroom. As she approached, I walked into view with my towel as if I had just come from the shower and was about to wrap it around myself, but was struggling with it. I heard the door catch and knew she had passed, so I turned off the light and went to the video to see if she had noticed. As she had walked past, her eyes first darted briefly in my direction, noticing the light, then snapped toward me again and held their gaze until she was out of sight. I could see the surprise in her eyes and could tell from the look on her face that she was not expecting to see what she did. I checked the video of me to see what she happened take in at that exact moment and confirmed that she looked over just as I picked up the towel and started to put it around me. She was out of sight before it ever closed in front of me. I got more turned on than ever because I was finally able to see the look on her face as she enjoyed my completely naked body, “accidentally” displayed before her, thinking that I had no idea she was watching.

    This is step one. Now that I know she has seen me for sure, I can take steps to progress the situation. I’ll wait a bit, then enter a similar scenario–though maybe this time I’ll allow myself to make eye contact with her as she passes; then I have an opportunity to apologize and see how she felt about it, see if we can take it anywhere from there. Or maybe I won’t. Perhaps I’ll let little accidental showings continue and see how often she starts looking over on her way in, how long she lingers, how long she stares.

    It’s a phenomenally erotic feeling–not the usual kind–when I run the video back and see the moments when her eyes took me in. So glad I have that to go back to even if we don’t share future “towel fell off” moments.

  52. sureshNo Gravatar
    sureshNo Gravatar said:

    hi anne i saw u r pics u r a nice girl with good asset i like to share some of my real things in this site, like i posed nude in running bus and train, and in open place on national highway, and raiding bike with my tool out side

  53. AnneNo Gravatar
    AnneNo Gravatar said:

    Hi Stuart,
    Interesting way to collect your knowledge data to be sure. So if you know she has already seen you naked, next time I would try to have a long singlet or t-shirt on to be just so-so covered while brushing teeth for instance. To see me like that second time, not naked. She might even knock on your door after that. You know asking for something to borrow or for a help. Next time naked again and same brushing teeth. If she has been looking often means just one thing. Next time you both talk she may bring it into conversation, start to talk about it herself. This would be probable. What she saw or something similar in the concept. If it’s close to her hearth that is, you might be lucky. Then if you patiently listen to what’s on her mind, starting a naked talk of some (suitable) kind, responding only to that and listed more, better to stay one step behind her in the conversation sense, so your suggestions are around 1 degree less explicit than hers (she can’t get shocked then), you could somehow smartly offer a naked dinner cooking for her etc..

  54. AnneNo Gravatar
    AnneNo Gravatar said:

    Hi Suresh,
    Thanks. It is possible to upload new story pages also for members easy but to allow/give this new ‘Author’ account with the publishing tools like I have I would need to know the person more closely. Can you email initial articles at the beginning?

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