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“Every time I know I am going to undress for someone my whole body is shaking, always the same way. The nerves created by the thrill boost up my feeling of great comfort and desire. During those moments, and then when I am undressed, it feels as if time didn’t exist.”

by: Me (Anne)

“Playing an enthusiastic photographer is a perfect cover for a voyeur. Being a hobby exhibitionist is a perfect opportunity for becoming a good friend with the photographer. There’re very few things that are more fun than accompanying a beautiful woman who enjoys showing her body. I’m fortunate in having run across my true friend.”

by: A visitor of towel fell dot com

My photo 01 Photo of me 06 That is me dressed or bare naked pictures.

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  1. StuartNo Gravatar
    StuartNo Gravatar said:

    Hi Anne, I tried to join so I cold post my own experience but was unable to. So I thought I’d share it here.

    One of these two friends is someone that I work intimately with. We live in the same building where my window is right next to the entrance. When you’re approaching the door, if you look to the right, you get a direct view of half of my bathroom. Twice in the evening, I would leave the light on in there which illuminated the bathroom as brightly as a tv screen when anyone walked past it. I sat at my desk against the window, working while I waited for her to come home. When I saw her car pull up, I would quickly step over into the bathroom and slip my clothes off, grab a towel and pretend I was toweling my hair off while standing in full view of the window, at a slight angle away from it toward the sink. I would try to keep my head turned slightly under the towel to catch her walking past and see if she glanced over or not. The first time she didn’t, and the second time I couldn’t be sure. This wasn’t as satisfying as I had hoped it wold be, so I made a change.

    It wasn’t enough to simply guess whether or not she had seen me. Because I was surprising her at a distance like this, I wasn’t able to enjoy the look on her face as she took in my stark naked body (or confirm that she had). So I came up with a solution. I set my iPhone up right by the window to capture her walking past and at the same time, I had my laptop on the desk turned toward the bathroom, capturing me.

    When she came home that night, I started both cameras and slipped into the bathroom. As she approached, I walked into view with my towel as if I had just come from the shower and was about to wrap it around myself, but was struggling with it. I heard the door catch and knew she had passed, so I turned off the light and went to the video to see if she had noticed. As she had walked past, her eyes first darted briefly in my direction, noticing the light, then snapped toward me again and held their gaze until she was out of sight. I could see the surprise in her eyes and could tell from the look on her face that she was not expecting to see what she did. I checked the video of me to see what she happened take in at that exact moment and confirmed that she looked over just as I picked up the towel and started to put it around me. She was out of sight before it ever closed in front of me. I got more turned on than ever because I was finally able to see the look on her face as she enjoyed my completely naked body, “accidentally” displayed before her, thinking that I had no idea she was watching.

    This is step one. Now that I know she has seen me for sure, I can take steps to progress the situation. I’ll wait a bit, then enter a similar scenario–though maybe this time I’ll allow myself to make eye contact with her as she passes; then I have an opportunity to apologize and see how she felt about it, see if we can take it anywhere from there. Or maybe I won’t. Perhaps I’ll let little accidental showings continue and see how often she starts looking over on her way in, how long she lingers, how long she stares.

    It’s a phenomenally erotic feeling–not the usual kind–when I run the video back and see the moments when her eyes took me in. So glad I have that to go back to even if we don’t share future “towel fell off” moments.

  2. sureshNo Gravatar
    sureshNo Gravatar said:

    hi anne i saw u r pics u r a nice girl with good asset i like to share some of my real things in this site, like i posed nude in running bus and train, and in open place on national highway, and raiding bike with my tool out side

  3. AnneNo Gravatar
    AnneNo Gravatar said:

    Hi Stuart,
    Interesting way to collect your knowledge data to be sure. So if you know she has already seen you naked, next time I would try to have a long singlet or t-shirt on to be just so-so covered while brushing teeth for instance. To see me like that second time, not naked. She might even knock on your door after that. You know asking for something to borrow or for a help. Next time naked again and same brushing teeth. If she has been looking often means just one thing. Next time you both talk she may bring it into conversation, start to talk about it herself. This would be probable. What she saw or something similar in the concept. If it’s close to her hearth that is, you might be lucky. Then if you patiently listen to what’s on her mind, starting a naked talk of some (suitable) kind, responding only to that and listed more, better to stay one step behind her in the conversation sense, so your suggestions are around 1 degree less explicit than hers (she can’t get shocked then), you could somehow smartly offer a naked dinner cooking for her etc..

  4. AnneNo Gravatar
    AnneNo Gravatar said:

    Hi Suresh,
    Thanks. It is possible to upload new story pages also for members easy but to allow/give this new ‘Author’ account with the publishing tools like I have I would need to know the person more closely. Can you email initial articles at the beginning?

  5. spikeNo Gravatar
    spikeNo Gravatar said:

    Hi anne,
    first time visitor here but long term accidental nudist. Love the site and evryones stories!

    My favourite recent accidents are as follows:
    I live ina single story house where you have to walk past the master bedroo window to get to the front door. We get quite a lot of door knockers for buisnesses and charities so there is a pretty consistent number of young lady travellers earning a bit of cash to vontinue their trip. When i spy one working her waydown the street i take myself off to our en suite to take a shower. By the time im all wet and ready i listen out for the front gate to open then get in position. My technique involves timing it just right so that as i walk back into the bedroom, head covered in a towel drying my hair the lovely lady is treated to a full frontal view of my manhood, with me ‘non the wiser’ of my watcher. I continue out of the room to finish drying and dressing. The best of these experiences is always when she stays and knocks on the door anyway and i can see the big smile on her face as she does her work thing, glancing occationally at my now covered cock a i pretend to not know what she is thinking about. Ive experimented with being in the bedroom with my head in the towel heading back into the en suite where i can stand in front of the mirror giving a great reflection show still ‘unaware’ that im being watched.

    My other favorite recent showing was whilst visiting friends. When coming back to.their place we saw that the neighbours daughter was on the phone sitting on their deck. I jump in the shower getting ready to head out on the town,open the window enough that i can be seen through the window whilst showing. When getting into the shower i take their small mirror and pretend to be checking my skin but really checking to see if she has seen me.
    BINGO!!! She has a hand over her mouth covering a big smile and is telling whoever is on the other end of the phone. I turn around to use the shower gel making sure she gets the full frontal shot of my now semi stiff cock. I turn around and have my shower,making sure she is still whatching, im sure she must have more than one pic by now as i turn to use the gel. I’m SOOOOOO fucking horny now my cock is throbbing and as hard as ive ever felt it. I shampoo up my hair and then turn to put my head backwards under the shower to rinse, showing my audience that i knew she was watching all along and thati very much appriciated her time.

  6. MattNo Gravatar
    MattNo Gravatar said:

    Hello Anne

    I just want to say that i admire your courage. I also love to expose myself nude(via photos), but never managed to show also my face.

  7. jayInMtlNo Gravatar
    jayInMtlNo Gravatar said:

    Absolutely gorgeous pics Anne.

    I would love to walk in on you while you’re taking your clothes off, and quietly admire your body, before clearing my throat to get your attention 😉

  8. Beata (from CZ)No Gravatar
    Beata (from CZ)No Gravatar said:

    Well I sincerely liked studying all your ideas. The erotic tips offered by you are very helpful for good planning. I am almost one hundred percent certain I will be able to masturbate for one of my colleagues from my work. He is much older than me, he always seems gentle enough, and we have already talked in the past about something similar … he would like to just watch me just being naked around him. We did not talk, however (yet), that I would orgasmed myself for him. I definitely want to do it. But currently I do not know how to bring that naughty conversation back to perspective. Will let you all know how it went I hope soon.

    Could be that this kind of in indecent-ness is a new normal standard for some? Look my desirable-thing is; I wish I could walk and stand around a man fully naked while we are up to doing anything meaningful together. Like that for a longer time. Similarly to some of yours erotic activities Anne. I would have my shoes on or could be barefoot if not too cold. Only small amount of jewellery on me (just earnings and one ring) and totally naked, him dressed, we would do some task(s). Oh how powerful that would be for me to come over and completely remove all clothes than stay undressed during whole that time. It’s astonishingly staggering just by thinking about it! Well, than towards the end, I would totally enjoy standing next to him naked like I was, he would be just gently touching my back and waiting while I masturbate through to my orgasm. I certainly would be another huge one. Maybe even two long orgasms who knows what comes out. I must do something(s) about my desires!!!

  9. AnonAnonAnonymousNo Gravatar
    AnonAnonAnonymousNo Gravatar said:

    Hi there. Read your site and I like it. I feel guilty but I like it. A lot. So, I had an idea. That I kinda wanted you to approve and give your thoughts.

    Female lives opposite. About 50-60 years old. Not attractive in the slightest. But the situation is. Most days and nights she is in her kitchen, slight light shining, but not so much that she can’t nose out her kitchen window (as she often does). I only do this at night because it’s when i feel my safest. So.. midnight comes around and I turn my kitchen lights on full so everything is lit. I also have a blind that is pulled down but only half way so I know she can see at least the top of my mid section down to my shins (the most important part if you know what I mean.).

    Now.. I can’t make this in anyway obvious that she is about to see everything. Ass. Cock. Thighs. Abs. Back. Etc. I don’t want her feeling bad, or alarmed… I just want her to secretly enjoy it. I don’t want her telling the neighbours. Just to enjoy it. Now although I can’t see her, she can see me…so I strategically place my phone (dual camera, one facing her, one facing me) on the window seal, hidden so she does not know I can actually see her.

    Now I don’t know why I feel exhilarated.. I don’t fancy this person, and I don’t want to see her (maybe on the playback of the footage.. maybe see her change her behaviour patterns when I’m all out naked of doing something to suggest it’s going that way… I. E. See her stop completely doing what she’s doing… or.. stop washing up and just stare).

    The things I have though of is.. do the washing up.. and halfway through take my top off.. then see her reaction from play back… If it’s good.. I. E. She Is still in her kitchen washing and still looking out every 10 seconds… then I will get the wash basket and put it on the table.. (to signal that I’m doing the washing)..fiddle around with the washing machine put some clothes in.. then take my socks off… Whilst watching the camera of her to see if see is looking and if so.. is it a good look or bad look ( bare in mind she cannot see what way my head is facing so my body could be facing away from her but looking in the direction she is standing in her kitchen)… of its good… take my trousers off and stand in my boxers…

    By this time she should be thinking.. ” okay he hasn’t noticed I’m here… He was washing up.. now he’s doing the washing the clothes.. His socks are off, his trousers are off.. next I will see his whole sexy body… do I stay and watch or do I leave.. but he can’t see me so what harm could it do…”….

    This is my plan.. it hasn’t happened yet. I did one thing a week ago, same setting but just did the washing up with just my top on.. she looked and stared… u could see she noticed my doing the dishes with my cock out. Surely she must now know that it is possible she can get another sick of the secret and venture without ever getting caught… or feeling bad.. or guilty.

    So.. what do you think?

  10. SandyNo Gravatar
    SandyNo Gravatar said:

    One pretty young housewife lived across my apartment one floor above me. I made my plan to expose myself to her. I had noticed her in the late evenings after returning from work when she used to work in her kitchen which was one block opposite my rear bedroom. Usually she used to look in the direction of our building but I was never sure whether she ever noticed me. Once I returned from work in the evening.It was already dark outside. She was in her kitchen as usual. I first opened the window of my bedroom in darkness without letting her know. I could see she had not noticed any movement in my room. Then I switched on the lights in the room and quickly entered the adjacent bathroom without switching on the lights inside.Through the glass panes I started observing her. After a while her attention was caught to my bathroom but there was no one. Then I came out of bathroom and entered the bedroom again and spent some time pretending to do something. Through a sideways glance I observed that she was looking at me now. Then I switched off the lights for sometime and repeated the same thing to catch her attention. By now I was sure she was looking firmly into my bedroom as she was working in her kitchen. Now I decided to play my game. I entered the bedroom fully illuminated and stood below the ceiling fan with my back to her. Slowly, one by one I started removing my shirt first then trousers. Now I was on my undergarments. I risked a glance towards her and could see expression of surprise but noticed that she didn’t go away and continued to look at me. This emboldened me further as she was not offended. I was afraid she might call her husband and complain but that was not to happen. After a while I removed my undershirt and now was on just my underpant. To check on her expressions I again pretended to do something backside. I could see that she stood firmly there without doing her work and expecting more. Now I wanted to remove my underpant and expose my self stark naked but I couldn’t dare. Some how I gathered courage and dropped my underpants and stood with my buttocks towards her. I already got a hard on but turned towards her and pretended to relax under fan for some more seconds then rushed to the bath. I saw her expressions from bathroom and got my orgasm.

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“Every time I know I am going to undress for someone my whole body is shaking, always the same way. The nerves created by the thrill boost up my feeling of great comfort and desire. During those moments, and then when I am undressed, it feels as if time didn’t exist.” by: Me (Anne) “Playing […]

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