Do you also like to do what I am interested in?

Whether you are an exhibitionists kind like I think that I am, or just interested in the subjects beyond the simple towel falling down thing, intermediate or more advanced (in the nutshell e.g. how to make your spectators to be taken by you - so they actually really want you - and think about you and your naked body afterwards - plus value the time while you doing those completely private things as far as; walking around naked or masturbating for someone), no matter what your age is nor what you look like to yourself; I hope you will enjoy your reading.

Perhaps you would even share your thoughts?! Computers with internet are an easy way for sharing experiences, exchanging ideas, tips and tricks, not to mention a few of those juicy real life examples for interactions with whom find them useful. Thank you.

Many of my fantasies turn into my plans so they can be manifested in real. For ages, as far back into the past of my life as I can remember, I've enjoyed taking my clothes off while visualizing someone else was in the room with me. That someone is always dressed.

After I come up with a new fantasy, or vividly visualize some of my evergreen old-good-plays, I enjoy to masturbate about them. Although I like to be watched. Mainly literally so to speak, in the real life, when another person can freely see me as I am walking naked around the room or outside.

I get the spark from -it evolved naturally, I am sorry ... but this is how I am. Like with a need for an exiting hobby, I crave it this way for balancing my normal life.

What causes me the greatest pleasure is if I can do it to myself while another person stands there in front of me observing me with interest. Till I am done with my orgasm, and continues in doing so after that. You can see that this is in a way beyond a plain exhibitionism.

Clothed Male Naked Female (nice and liberating aka C M N F) just like in an erotic fantasy type of story; I am always willingly nude (or naked) and He is always fully dressed. Both of us clearly enjoying the scenario. It can be scented slightly with embarrassment I experience on my part, a bit humiliated from being in the situation, which in fact adds more accelerated pleasure to it.

I started with my towel falling down off me which to my surprise went extremely well! A favorite bath towel can be easily used for a great fun tool.

I ALWAYS choose who can see me naked

Depending on the situation, showing only my nipple, half dressed with breasts out or completely naked, I ALWAYS know who is going to see me. By continuous imagining of what/where I'll be doing, rehearsals by practicing in the birthday suit I became braver. I overcame initial minor fears and built my confidence. It is like with a hobby or with a good acting game to get used to. With patience I have gradually managed to try more riskier things and even more daring than that.

Luckily the amount of thrill with the adrenalin you get out of each case remain the same. Never a dull moment basically. It all depends on how bold or what extreme measures are involved.

How to make someone to think of me nonstop?

What is unconventional morality? ... Non-ordinary virtues? A creative morality?

When it happens only quickly for say 1-5 seconds and that's it, the powerful influence from this short moment of getting exposed always gains a great value in several aspects. After you manage to show your naked body for a few seconds, things can be perfectly built upon for progressing much further ahead. It's easy to understand that from how the person who saw you naked comes across a week later.

Basically I begin with; "OH .... Hi again, howareyou? OMG .... look I'm sorry for that .... when we met last time, .... you know, the day when one of us was naked like the day when we were born? .... I am so sorry ....", etc. is absolutely plenty to say. You'll notice heaps from his signs, the signs are aimed at what was caused.

The usual person loved it. So you can say you did too. A very much so:)! ".... I thought of it a lot actually .... it kind of was a good fun .... Wasn't it? ...."

People do want to get engaged especially so with erotic elements. Or with curiosity (not immediate), exciting attention, often we like sharing such feelings and delightness. Generally higher degree of pleasure or enjoyment gives us higher drive.

Wait for these sings, carefully note them all cause there will be more. Analyze the information from them right away. They can open a new way for you to go further.

What Can Be Done Then? Simply describe having these" bizarrely hot thoughts AS A CONSEQUENCE. You know, thoughts about that you would like to experiment a little if he wouldn't mind or be afraid of. Wait for additional sings or for a question. Cause you could actually very easily arrange for cooking a dinner to him by you!

A dinner? A cup of coffee? FOR What you may ask? Well, e.g. tell him all the following, now or when you know he's ready. Politely say to him for; when he comes over, you would like him to have a great time and to enjoy it(Important!) - then for your complete undressing - the actual cooking (cooking while exposed naked) - then for standing nude in front of him - tossing/twiddling yourself solo - and for ending with a big orgasm concept ... Wouldn't that be a fulfilled promise!? Present rather, but for whom?

Whether you should have shoes on or be barefoot? Ask him for his choice just prior to this special time, when you already meat again, it is a sure way to keep communication going. But, don't forget, also for giving him a little sense of being in control.

People can also extremely rely to those ultimate lust feelings you as the entertainer - presenter - go through during those moments. We discussed that phenomenon already a few times. If not knowingly (still most likely) then in a subconsciousness way. The one who is dressed and watching, senses the ultimate pleasure and the vulnerability at the time of the highest point, from the one who is in the raw - who does the completely private stuff without a stitch on.

Before the preparatory of a theater like event

Having one's own interest in mind, everyone is capable of having exciting feelings as these. Once it's positively beyond the first 1-5 secs encounter of attracting the attention it simply just starts to build up. The varieties are endless.

To believe in such a philosophy, imagine yourself being in a peaceful place with a favorite person who does OMG just the same thing for you. Wouldn't you love it too! People in general do think like that because it happens to be terribly pleasing.

I'd like to come back to the positive "signs to watch for" as mentioned earlier. Not only occasionally, you will hear testifying comments along the lines of, ".... I wish the same thing happened to me every day ....", ".... oh, wasn't that lovely ....?", "Oh My! Lucky me!", OMG I could not be any luckier ....", "Ooohhh You are gorgeous.", "How delightful...", "I didn't mind that at all .... in fact I liked it a lot...", ".... please don't be sorry it actually was great ...." and so on, the flavor of these remarks is kind of evidently common.

ideas: DIY How can I show myself naked easily

The only thing I often wish for is to be in positions like these more often. The roles could switch more frequently as well. Situation's planning and practicing make the lovely happen, when both individuals present are having a special time. Here are a couple of DIY examples for starting up: [making a cup of tea to who fixes your PC] and [a sudden towel drop at pizza delivery]. I was certain I had a talent in regards to exposing myself. Even-though I had to find it within me, not too deep, I couldn't not to try. It was real pleasure to take the steps going from the beginner's times into an intermediate to master staying fully naked for ~ 1-2 minutes plus. And perhaps somewhat advanced while stuck naked (completely & fortunately) for wonderful 10-20 minutes + getting a fabulous feedback.

Don't brake the law

Don't be offensive and keep it legal. I like to be checked out and observed, by a man who has consented to it. Or by two men. If it's to be for excitement with willing participants, then to me it's hot. There are heaps of ways to engage with guys who are consenting. I have respect for others (because not everyone likes the same thing) and, I respect the law. Arranged plays are safe, awaited, arousing, excellent and, consensual way for engaging in exhibitionism and much more without the intent to violate others. These are I think the moral segments for healthy sexuality.
I don't belong between f l a s h e r s. Sexual exhibition should not be forced onto others, it would be very wrong from every perspective.

Wanting to show naked more often?

Things I learned from my experiences, since beginning, are; the key rule #1 with basic arranged or surprising incident exhibitionism is to make any encounters seem for the fun totally unintentional and original. Even when agreed upon before, for each party, the waiting magic and the pleasure rushing element are still there. Hypothetically, no one can take offense following an innocent accident and "I the naked noble" cannot get into trouble for it. And, mainly so, I don't appear desperate following this logical rule. Rather I get all I want...
Well at least somewhat partly, because if I cannot stand there bare of any covering for a longer time, then it doesn't count as the extensive pleasure. I've never dropped my towel out of blue as such. All of my interesting encounters are prearranged (#2*) with adult men who are consenting to it. The key rule #2 it's most ideal to have a good friend who will make life easier. When you both enjoy the same hobby, both of you can get completely naked for third party more often. He or she can always talk to someone else. In duo new plans can be created at leisure much easier for you get to be naked more often, and sharing the help, vise verse of course. A management better than in solo.

Thank you!

Towel fell dot com is related to a very personal satisfaction and for both, Men or Women. While at it; may I ask you for a favor? If you could please help me with editing my grammar here. I would find it very helpful. You could of course be very welcome to post your own writing (pages) among mine on the web site.

On my quest for a nicer page design

My quest for a much better and nicer page design. Looking for some help from a good web designer.

Erotic and joyful consequence of losing a bet

Completely naked and extremely horny as a consequence after loosing my bet. For an hour I talked interesting things about ancient aliens and civilizations with a man while I was naked (he was fully dressed). I became horny. So then for another one hour I masturbated for him while we were both joking. I enjoyed a strong orgasm. Erotic adult joyful stories.

Quietly uncovering my bare body

My cousin was pulling sheets off from my bare body to see me naked. I was in room in bed. She was quietly uncovering my naked body while I was pretending sleeping and I was hard. What a great erotic opportunity.

Exposing completely naked at delivery to your door

Here is one idea for how to be exposed naked to a semi stranger for example when an item is being delivered to your door. You can prearrange to expose yourself nude very easily, someone will happily agree and will want to watch you. If followed, you will be able to appear in nude and do things like that completely naked for not just one to five sec’s., but for considerably several more seconds.

How to make yourself naked for someone’s eyes

I got used to and started to enjoy very much the pleasure from showing myself naked to my sister’s friend when he is visiting at our place. These naked encounters started gradually and progressed into more than a simple nakedness. I am about to start show him how I do my very private play with pleasure while he is watching me.

How to expose fully naked body to another person

How to expose my naked body while being decent so to speak? How to make it happen so that my wet towel falls off me exposing myself completely, my whole naked body, to a semi stranger can stay looking at me like I’m? Often I would like to let my towel to fall off/down on purpose, like in a surprising accident. And consequently take it further when I will be watched playing with myself till I get the highest gratification reward – orgasm. Here is one DIY idea on how to use a towel for showing your naked body. I hope you like it… let me know.

How to show myself naked?

How can I show myself completely naked to some man or woman? Here is one idea for finding a way for how to be desired to showing myself completely naked to someone else. On these basics more progress can be made about how to be completely exposed naked and showing naked body to some other person for a longer time.

My first experience of “public” (semi) nudity

What was a first public nudity, accidentally happening, I have experienced? Read my story. I am usually relatively petite among other people I meet, I am a girl who has a tiny figure, but I can say and also from perspective of other people’s words, I also have a nice, sexy (modest), and proportional figured body. Unique still, in other words.

Naked birthday gift

First I was made to be undressed, as I was standing there naked I was introduced to his friend and like I was, a completely naked woman, I was given to him as a birthday gift. For the evening and for fun but no touching! I had a very nice time and so did they. Totally naked girl standing in front two males who were normally clothed watching her going through a strong orgasm. Erotic story.

Showing off my GF

Showing off my fully naked girlfriend as she is exposed. When the room delivery service would be placing the tray with meal on our room table my GF would slid her towel covering off her exposing herself completely bare of any coverings for the surprise… my girl friend would ask the guy to help her putting the towel back on her shaky body.

Who's behind this blog?

Decent naked but not nude photo.

“Every time I know I am going to undress for someone my whole body is shaking, always the same way. The nerves created by the thrill boost up my feeling of great comfort and desire. During those moments, and then when I am undressed, it feels as if time didn’t exist.” by: Me (Anne) “Playing […]

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